The Shell – A weird life story

A short story about how can we all be connected and how people find true love. Love stories spanned in time, with destiny bringing all together. I assure you it's a bumpy ride. :)


3. SNAP!


– Gooooooood morning world!

I said loudly as i stretched and get off the bed and went straight to boil water for the coffee. Don’t you love coffee, the flavor of the fresh crushed beans who meets the hot water melting and mixing in a smooth dance of senses.

Wait !!!

– Where is she?!

Heart was pumping. It’s too late?!

One hour later…

– I missed her!


Thinking about the encounter with Mrs.Hackelby i started to make all sorts of scenarios of what had happened. How can a paralyzed person can get a wrist wound? Doc was not very surprised, why am i the only concerned?!

The Police Station was as boring as a building can be, a dusty car in front with one head light broken but the logo was fresh painted so i’ll excuse them.

– Hello!

– Just a minute!

[SFX: toilet flushing]

The Police Officer exit the lavatory, slow as a sea lion, fat like a sea lion but with very sharp looking eyes, it is not the stature but the look, you wouldn’t want to mess with the aquatic creature.

– What you need, youngster?

– My name is Mark Lecter and i work with the “Thousand Oaks Hospital” and “Saint Mary Orphanage”.

– I heard about you….i’m watching you……

He leaned on the counter, eyes fixed at me.

– I’m flattered, but you have pretty nice looking girls around here.

He’s face went like stone. I’m screwed.

– Hahahahahahahaha, smart guy huh?! I like people with sense of humor…..but one wrong step and i will be the one who laugh as your face is bleeding, got it champ?!

– Yes sir! I’ll be no problem for you.

– So, we got intimate enough, what do you need?

– Mrs.Hackelby…

– Mrs.Hackelby…

He got up very slowly from the counter, sucking all the air from the room in his big chest like the biggest story of all times will about to follow…

– A child trow a stone at the window, a big chunk of glass felt on her arm, cut her wrist, life saved, case closed.

What the…..I said to myself, i was supposed to stay here the whole day to listen to the story, you’re kidding me officer?!

– And that’s it?!

– Yes.

His eyes fixed at me.

– End of story?!

– Yes.

His eyes fixed at me.

– Case closed?

– Yes.

His eyes fixed at me.

– I should stop now, don’t you think?

– Yes.

His eyes fixed at me.

Went out of the Police Station, door closed behind me and i went:

– Do we pay this guy?!


Next morning i get up early, cup of coffee in my hand, removed from the window all unnecessary things that could block my view, ready to see her again.

And there she was…..

[FX: slow motion ON]

Same smooth skin, awesome lips, short hair in a tortured little pony tail, beautiful proportions of her body, same determined steps but no smile and full of thoughts.

[FX: slow motion OFF]

– And aaaaaround the freakin’ corner!


[Five days later]

I haven’t see her in 5 days, what happened to her, is she ok? I woke up from thinking about her and started working. You know, time will sort things out, so be patient boy.

The day after tomorrow i have to go to “Saint Mary Orphanage”, dressed as Bozo the clown to entertain the kids there, i just can’t wait to play with the kids, they are so innocent and sincere and they have this great power to create for them selves an utopic world. But seeing kids suffering it’s one of the things that  really bring me down. Some of this kids find joy in some things, other kids are used to and bored to death.

Picture this:

I entered once in this sweetshop and at the counter was this woman who have bought a cake with a handful of coins, she took the cake and went to a table where it was a cute little girl. I could say by their clothes and from the handful of coins that they had some financial difficulties. The girl looked at the cake like she just got in Wonderland, Disney Land or Willy Wonka’s factory, she took the plastic fork and tried to cut the cake with it but she was to excited, her little eyes were big and she was so concentrated, she pushed with all the force her delicate hands could push through the hard chocolate on the cake.

The fork snapped in half.

Her mother smiled, touched the girl hand to assure her it’s alright and to calm her down, took another fork and cut slowly through the cake.

Makes me think of how many cakes some kids eat.


I shake my head and carry on with my stuff.

So i had to prepare for the meeting with the kids and one of the highlights will be shooting cardboard targets of Bozo, so i needed some pictures to make some real size targets at the local print shop. I took my camera and went outside the trailer, set it on the tripod, set the self-timer and went in front of the camera  with a goofy pose.

Went to the camera and checked the picture, surprise, no picture, the camera didn’t fire. Set it up again, next goofy pose, back to the camera, no picture. I tried several times with no success, the self-timer was busted.

I need help.

I turn around for someone to help me and bang! She was 3 feet from me.

Did you ever seen on TV the footage with nuclear blasts?! That’s how i felt.

– Hi, can you please help me with something?

– Can i?!

She replied bluntly.


– I can’t use my self-timer of my camera and i have to take some pictures of me.

I hold another “can you help me”, just in case…

– Give me the camera and you say when to click, ok?

– Ok.

She took some photos and  suddenly she stoped and handed me the camera.

– I have to go!

– Just one more, please.

– Ok, just one.

Me, very determined, girls like that.

– No! you took like ten pictures of me, it will be fair if i take just one picture of you.

– Excuse me… ?!

She was puzzled.

– You’re excused, i will take the picture now.

SNAP !!!

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