The Shell – A weird life story

A short story about how can we all be connected and how people find true love. Love stories spanned in time, with destiny bringing all together. I assure you it's a bumpy ride. :)


8. Riots


[A few years ago]

People snapped.

They just couldn’t take it anymore, the stress of everyday life, we were turned into robots.

Take a day in the life of Average Joe.

[SFX: Alarm clock: beep beep beep]

He stop the alarm clock and get up, the wife followed and here we go on the roller coaster …

Brush teeth, shower, wake up kids, make coffee, breakfast, milk for the little one, get dressed, search for socks, search for the yellow shoes, the middle on would not go without them and he’s crying and screaming, the little one saw his brother crying, he starts crying too, the girl couldn’t find the butterfly hair pin, search for the butterfly hair, the school bus is coming, father went out in flip flops with the shirt out of the pants, he kisses the kids goodbye and wooooosh back in the house, mother dressed the little one, the baby sitter came, mother finished putting the dress, take the little one in her arms, kiss, burp, mother dress ruined, go and change, father is struggling to start the car, mother is running to the car like she robbed a bank, father start to bump the dashboard, coooomee oooon you piece of shit!!! the car starts, mom gets in and there they were on the go.

He drives in silence, she enjoys the silence.

Everything is so calm.

And they get to work and again on the roller coaster.

Boss to dad: Come in my office, NOW!!! The sales are down, we have to make profit, we’re going down, GROWTH, GROWTH, PROFIT, we need money, all the money, we have to cut off expenses, we have to cut salaries, you have a mortgage, three kids, think about it. Dad hates his boss, hates his job but he can’t back up now, he has to work very long hours, he has to pay the mortgage, feed the kids and save for their education, pay the bills, buy garbage food that poison the body, buy medicine, buy new furniture every year, buy the latest hydro-nano-atomic-power-carpet cleaner, buy clothes they get to wear twice in a whole year, iPhones, gadgets to keep us with the eyes down, buy, buy with credit card, buy, take loans, buy more … you know what they say, buy shit you don’t need with money you don’t have.

Mom is in the same shit with him, but hey, we’re swimming in this shit but at least we’re together.

And all this for what?

To have a life full of stress, frustrations, sadness, depression, sex once in a thousand years, killed softly by huge debt and above all, the mother of all evil, the media … a stinky swamp to raise kids on.

Again, all this for what ?

Not for you anyways but for the profit of banks and companies, for the twisted minds that want you dead because the earth can’t handle us all, for the ones that is feeding you poison just for you to buy medicine, for those who kill bees, for those who want to take the water from you and to give it back with a price, for those who is spying on you because they fear us, for those who think it’s cool to have three cars, two houses, to work 12 hours a day, to get their kids all the money they can have and not to give them love and attention and we are puzzled when our daughters get to work in strip clubs or our boys get out with the shotgun and start random killing in the middle of the street.

People couldn’t take it and riots started, but i’m not talking about random riots here and there, the thing was going globally. It was all on the news, London, New York, Paris, London, Moscow, Cairo, Beijing, Tokyo, everywhere, everybody was on the streets.

The system collapsed, anarchy was all over the places, cars burning, people stealing from stores, cops beat us, we beat them, tear gas and water cannons, i heard there was some bullets down town.


I was going back to a friend house to get some more molotov cocktails and to but some more vinegar on my bandana, you know, helps with the tear gas.

As i walked by a little alley between two buildings, i heard in the dark some strange noises.

– Freakin’ rats! They can kill a pitbull in a blow.

And went on.

[SFX: load scream]

I rushed back and went to the alley and from the shadows i saw at the dead end there was those two guys beating the shit out of this another guy and the third was all over a woman struggling to free herself.

– HEY !!!

I yelled as i jumped with a lead pipe in my hand, trajectory, the horny guy.


Horny is down!

One of the attackers came to me with a knife, the other one wasn’t that lucky, he was punched with full speed and full force by the attacked guy.

He swing the knife and cut my hand and i snapped with the fear i might lose my life, grabbed the guy hand and break it.

He screamed in pain.

Adrenaline rush in my head and full defensive desperate fear maneuver.


Broke his leg. He was screaming in more pain. The attacked guy get the girl and yelled to me.

– LET’S GO !!!

As i looked behind as i went running, i saw one of the guys in too much blood but i din’t have time to enquiry and we left the scene.


The girl was ok now, she was sleeping after hours of us trying to calm her down.

– I’m Hawk, thank you very much.

He said to me reaching his hand to me.

– Mark, no problem.

We were in Hawk’s apartment a small tin can in the big city full of Che Guevara, freedom and anarchist posters, some marijuana pipes, an entire wall of books, a desk full of papers and maps, a guitar in the other corner and a parrot in a cage. Hawk looked at the cage and said to me.

– I will release him after the war outside will settle down. Isn’t it funny, we take a bird that belong to the sky and put it in a cage for our own amusement. We take one of the most free creatures of God and stick it in our own closed world, how selfish is that for humans?

– We were like the birds, but our ignorance, greed and envy got us in cages.

– Yeah … you’re right man.


Hawk and me got together in some attacks and at night we had some of the greatest talks on freedom and human nature. One day he told me he will need to lay low for a while.

– And Mark, you need a vacation too! Free the bird from the cage, you know ?!

And that’s what i did.

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