The Shell – A weird life story

A short story about how can we all be connected and how people find true love. Love stories spanned in time, with destiny bringing all together. I assure you it's a bumpy ride. :)


12. End of the World


Last night not much until dawn, Carla insisted to go home and i get her there right away and i managed to get asleep for two hours when …

[SFX: KNOCK ! KNOCK ! KNOCK !] on my trailer door. I opened the door and there was the amazing police officer with this smile that made me puke.

– I knew there was something wrong with you …

– Excuse me ?!

His face went blank.

– Mark Lecter, you are under arrest for violent assault and accessory to murder.

– WHAT ?!?!?!

– Take him! And take the car and turn it upside down for evidence.

I was shocked, they were taking me to the big city, but wait … Carla … i need to talk to her.

– Officer, please, get i have my phone call ?!

The officer took my phone, said no smiling and threw it out the window, straight  in the river we were crossing.


The evidences were clear, one guy was killed by Hawk, the other two lived but to “my guy”, i did too much breaking the guy limbs. It’s funny what you can to out of fear and with the urge to protect yourself.

Things happened too fast and in a series of events very unfortunate for me, and trust me i don’t feel bad about this, i’m done doing that, there’s always this type of bad events that i encounter in very “special” moments in my life. It’s not a bad thing, it’s not a good thing, just this is how it goes with life, balance. Don’t feel bad when bad happens, just wait a little and see what comes next, in almost any cases you’ll be surprised.

I had the worst lawyer and the worst jury, all the planets were against me, i heard Hawk got around 10 years, i got 4.

I felt like those kamikaze pilots going down … Mom, i’m screwed, i’m sorry!

I gathered all my strength and called my mother, i was walking on egg shells but i made it through, she was not in good health but she felt me i accepted my situation.

Carla didn’t answered my calls for days. I called at the bakery, she was not there, something was wrong, very wrong.

Time to go.


Do you know the term from the movies as the Dutch angle? You know, in old horror and thriller movies where the shot is oblique and shot from below the subject to emphasize tension and peculiarness?

I was looking through van’s window and i couldn’t get the whole picture of the huge prison building so i tilted my head and looked up. Even the sky was cloudy and in the dimmed light, the trees, the only life sign were looking black as hell. What can i say, the perfect Hitchcock movie. There are some places in this world that are filled with negative energy and we just can feel them, the state prison gave me the exact feeling, is it because the bad people inside or is it because if the actual suffering of the people inside?

All i ever heard and see on TV were in my face now, i was so nervous i could cut a tree by just holding the chainsaw, with the power off.

Inside my head was a mess, all i could think of was the good things i will lose if i will not get this punishment to the end. But it’s not easy to stay focused when you know you’re in hell. Survive man … calm down … calm down … you just have to put on your best show … you know … it may be your last one.

I stepped in this small cell, door shut loudly behind me, my senses turn full speed on. There is this old guy but very strong, looking at me with the eyes like stone, i couldn’t get any feeling from his eyes.

The first challenge, two beds, strong inmate, me, a first timer, so i dropped the first bomb.

– So any bed i chose it’s taken right ?!

Stupid bomb, one of the most stupid thing i have ever said, and trust me, i said lots of crazy stuff.

He grabbed me by the neck with his strong arms and put me against the wall. I was kind of levitating and sprayed all over the face as it gave me the “introduction”.

– Listen to me you piece of shit, don’t give this bullshit attitude you fucking filth, if you don’t behave i’ll make sure you’ll be eating through a tube for the rest of your shitty life and when i’m done with you, i have some friends in cell block eight that will give you the long chain of steel like there is no tomorrow. Do i made myself clear ?!

Me, still levitating, i nodded trying to get some air in my lungs.


I nodded again.

I was down, trying not to die, it felt really hard that moment. The guy went on the bed below but all this time he looked at me every second, i felt it.

I get myself together and promised me that i should think like i never did it again, got on the bad and started to assess the situation.

“The guy was old but very strong, he could have spent many years in jail so he has the physical and mental advantage of a long time inmate. I didn’t see any tattoos sticking out of his orange jumpsuit and if he don’t have any, it might be a good sign. If he don’t have tattoos and he’s interested in something else, if you know what i mean, i’m fucked, literally! I might be in a relatively safe wing, at least i dream of it. I have to be ready to fight every second, i am in constant war, because i have to survive and i have no intention of losing my ‘virginity’ “.

Suddenly, the guy spoke again.

– You should first say hello when you enter in some one house.

My bad thoughts disappeared, this is a good sign, the guy is good, the guy scanned me better and faster, he saw i’m like a chicken in a den of foxes.

I reached my hand and said sorry.

– I’m Mark.

– Name is not important, people around here call me “surgeon”. Why are you here?

– Assault.

– Don’t give me those bullshit names those fuckers made up! Why are you exactly here?

– I ran into those three guys attacking a man and a woman, i try to help them, things went wrong, the other guy killed one and injured one, i broke an arm and a leg and pretty smashed the face of the third one.

He started to laugh like crazy and he started to shout.



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