The Shell – A weird life story

A short story about how can we all be connected and how people find true love. Love stories spanned in time, with destiny bringing all together. I assure you it's a bumpy ride. :)


6. Carla


It was a cool summer morning, people started to wake up and start the morning rush, the fishermen were long gone on the ocean, surrounded by seagulls screaming and waiting for the first catch from the fishing boats, their breakfast.

There she was, along the docks. I went out and said hello.

– Hi, can you please help me with something?

– Again ?!

– Yes.

– Boy, you’re helpless or something?

I smiled and gave the invitation to her.

– I am going to this party and i will be honored if you would join me.

She looked very uninterested and that look stick an arrow in my heart.

But wait, she looked at the bottom and a smile came on her face.

– Emily …

– Do you know Emily?

– Yeah, i help the kids with homework when i have some spare time and Emily … she really is something.

– There is something special about her don’t you think.

– Yeah, she’s just like a breeze.

– Exactly!

She, then, looked into my eyes.

– See you saturday then.

– Where should i come to pick you up?

– No. I will be here.

– I am Mark.

– I am Carla.

She left and she left me puzzled, i thought i am weird but things around this town, i’m beginning to think, way to much for me.



I was kind of nervous, i tried my best to look good for the party, although i never was in this fashion, macho, lookin’ good kind of thing but i really did my best. You know, it’s a date, the first one, i should impress her, so i focus great amounts of energy on things that are not my cup of coffee and missed the essential. Don’t blame me, lots of people do that?!

And there she was … again that feeling … nuclear blast … atomic mushroom rise in silence and pause!

pause …

pause …

and then.

Shock wave.

Walking along the dock, this time she was not in a hurry, she was kind of levitating with a soft dress with little flowers that danced with the cool breeze that surrounded her body … and that soft skin … even the best swiss craftsmen can’t get that silky milky chocolate skin.

– You look great!

I said to her, smiling. She smiled back.

– I know.

– For sure young lady.

“I know.”, haha, that was a good one, i smiled and opened the door for here.

There we were, on the road. I saw she was somehow not quite alright and i didn’t say anything but after a few minutes she looked at me.

– Mark …

– Yes …

– It was a bad joke, sorry …

I burst in laugh.

– No, no, no! It’s ok, i liked it, i think you have sense of humor. You were thinking about that, poor girl …

She was relieved.

– Thank you, Mark.

She looked at me, i looked at her.

– You’re welcome.


At the entrance of the orphanage there was this big sign with colorful letters saying “Saint Mary annual summer party, Welcome!” and Saint Mary painted by little Vincent, the painter.

The house was full of ribbons and balloons and in front of it, under the biggest tree a stage was standing ready to host the little kids plays. They were all gathered dress for the play, Mrs.Fredrickson was arranging the costumes, painting their faces and making sure they will be alright and calm.

As we walked to them, Emily saw us and went running to us. She grabbed each others hand and jumped in joy.

– You both came! Great! I will be the princess! Oh God how happy i am!

The kids were great, the play was fantastic and they were like super stars. Kids are so innocent and sincere and they really enjoy things with the heart, they don’t think too much, they act more based on instinct and that’s what makes them so free and happy.

At nap time, i wanted to escape to tell them a story to spend more time with Carla but i didn’t succeed. You can’t lie kids when you really want to.

Carla touched my shoulder.

– I will be outside.


Kids asleep, done.

Outside, Carla and Mrs.Fredrickson were cleaning after lunch, i went  to them and started to help. Mrs.Fredrickson asked me smiling.

– Did you ever considered a full time story teller job, you’re welcome here anytime.

– I’m working on it.

Tables cleaned, done. Mrs.Fredrickson left us alone and went to see how has husband was doing.

Carla was looking like a little kid at the cradle hanging from a strong branch of a tree.

– Come!

She jumped on her feet and went straight to the cradle. She went.

– Help me please.

– You’re helpless or something?!

I said ironically.

– Payback huh?

I started to push her.

– I always enjoyed swinging in the cradle as a little girl but now i don’t have time to do many things.

– I know the feeling. Do you work to much, how do you fill your day?

– I work as a baker helper at Mr.Rivers bakery.

– And that’s it?

– Yes.

– So it seem pretty normal, that’s all, it sounds like lots of free time.

– Not really. How did get here in Happyville? I’m not sure i really get what do you do for a living.

She cut me of. I didn’t fight back even the stubborn me wanted to go deeper.

– I don’t blame you. I have a degree in psychology and spend a few years counseling troubled persons. Myself, like many others, kinda sense the big riots coming. People lost the bond with each other, they turned against each other, every new law was only there to get us deeper in anger, frustration and uncertainty. People didn’t help each other. I was part of the riots and after things settled down i decided to change my life and to try to change others in a good way and of course if they wanted to. I’m boring right?

– No, no, no, it’s ok as long as you push me.

– You little !!!

She started the must pleasant laugh.

– Sooorryyyy. i’m with you 100%, please go on.

– So, where were we?

– Have no idea …

She continued to laugh at me, so i pushed her harder.

– It’s ok, i remembered.

And i pushed her harder a few more times and i lowered the pace. She thank me.

– So i got this agreements with hospitals, orphanages and different institutions where people needed help, sold everything and … here i am.

– I think it’s a great thing you’re doing.

– Maybe it is, it’s very rewarding to see people smile, the feeling is greater if that person forget to do that a long time ago.

– I’m writing a book.

– Excuse me?

I was taken by surprise. She went on.

– In my spare time, i’m writing a book.

– That’s great! About what?

– Romance, love, girl stuff and this is all you should know for now. And what i want to say is that i’m working very hard and my free time is very limited.

– That’s why almost every morning you are in a hurry to work, hurry home, day in and day out.

She suddenly stopped and turn to me with enquiring eyes but with a joke smile on her face.

– You were spying on me?!

– Yes, i’m a stalker, i know where you live girl, you know what you did last summer and the other five before, i know your blood type, the length of your pinky toe and the structure of your DNA.

– Hahahahahahahaha!!!

She started to laugh like crazy.

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