Trapped Memories

When Sophia Myers wakes up in a hospital and told that she had been in a coma for years and her parents had died, with no memories of her early life, she forces herself to move on. However, with strange sticky note connections, paranormal activity, and glimpses of her early life's memories, Sophia feels lost. And Sophia is determined to find what's up with her and her early life.

Read along the story to find out what Sophia finds out.


3. Searching For Answers

A fit of pain captures my head and I fall to the floor. Turning my head back to the bed, I could see my body lying, helpless. Cold.

I missed mommy and daddy's warmth. Looking away, I hold my chest where it pains and silently weep. I shut my eyes closed, imagining myself asleep under mommy's arms. I imagined daddy reading me stories, I imagined myself cracking silly jokes and mommy and daddy laughing. I Imagined I was not in this place, I was far from it. I was at our home.

But when I opened my eyes again, I was still in the grey room. I could not escape this place, could I?

I felt broken, I felt as if mommy and daddy had left me all by myself. Weird, I had been home alone before and I did not feel this terrible, why did I feel this way now?

The door clicked, but I did not bother looking up. Nobody would pay attention to me, anyway. I rubbed the tears out of my eyes and laid down on the uncomfortable bed. I would just have to sleep this bad dream off and I would wake up in our home, like always. I was sure this was just a bad dream, but was it?

"Oh, my God, this place holds such a big, unpleasant energy!" I heard an exclamation. What did that mean? Hesitating, I sat up, again and looked around.

There, in the doorway, was a man with a fancy hat and stylish clothes. He looked like he was attending a dance. What made me uneasy, was that he was staring at me. Or maybe it was not me, but my body. I gulped and went back to laying on my bed. This man could do whatever he wanted, who was I to stop him? Nobody could even see me.

"My, my. Child, are you okay? It's rude to ignore people," I heard the man say, startling me. Could he see me? I sat up again and looked at him.

"U-um, sir, can you see me?" I asked, shy. I did not have a habit of talking to strangers, I always hid behind my mommy's back to avoid their gazes. I did not feel so comfortable around them.

The man smiled and shivers ran up my back. "Yes, dear. Because I'm one of your kinds."


The man passed another smile, but I found myself looking at him with knitted eyebrows, drawn in confusion.

"Kid, look. Don't freak out, but you're a spirit. I am one too and there are much more like us. I know you're scared, everyone was. But I promise I will protect you. the man spoke.

I did not know why, but I was even more scared after hearing what he said. "W-what?" My voice was cracking and my throat hurt. My eyes burned and I blinked rapidly.

"For your convenience, let's call it a ghost."

"A ghost?"

"A ghost."

There was a long silence. A ghost like Casper? Am I like Casper?

The man chuckled and bit his lip when he caught me staring. "Yes, a ghost like Casper."

I inhaled a long breath, amused. He could read my mind!

"Um, sir, can you help me find my mommy and daddy?" I asked, hoping he would agree.

The man shook his head. "Kid, I promise you will find them, but for now, come along with me. You need to be kept safe."

"Safe? Am I in danger?"

The man sighed. "Yes, dear. I'll explain everything once you come with me."

A few minutes of nervousness and insecurity later, I found myself in a noisy room. I sat on a chair in the corner of the room, observing everyone. The throbs on my head started getting wilder. I gripped my shirt, trying not to scream and pass out.

"I'm telling you the truth, I have no reason to lie! This girl is not dead, she's in a coma. How can her spirit be out of her body? Is it a confirmation that she won't wake up any time soon? We can't let that happen, can we? We have to make contact with that person!" the man who had taken me here spoke, his hands flying everywhere. Crazy hand gestures.

I wondered if they were talking about me. If they were, I wondered who 'that person' was.

"Warren, relax! It's normal. All coma patients have a weak spirit and the reason they can't wake up, is because the spirit can't get a hold of their body and get in. This is a child's spirit we're talking of here. If she asks for candy and doesn't get it, she'll throw a fit, like most kids do. Don't you think that will cause damage to her health? She can die, if this goes on! We can't do what you're saying! Doctor Xavier won't be able to handle her. Geeze, think before you propose anything," a lady dressed in a short, black dress said, smacking the man's- Sir Warren's shoulder once in a while as she talked.

Sir Warren groaned. "Stars above, how are we going to explain her the situation, then? Do I look like a therapist to you? Idiot."

The lady narrowed her eyes at Sir Warren. "Who are you calling an idiot? And to answer your questions, I'm going to talk to her." The lady blew a strand of hair from in front of her face and walked towards me.

"Hey there! What's your name, kid? I'm Kendall." The lady smiled. Kendall seemed friendly.

"I'm Sophia. C-can you help me find my mommy and daddy?" I gulped back my hiccups as tears rolled down my cheeks.

"O-oh, Sophia, don't cry! Your mom and dad" Kendall laughed, hiding her face. Everyone is of no help, why does no one care to help me? I looked down and sniffed.

I saw a different pair of shoes step towards us. I looked up to Sir Warren smiling at me.

"Sophia, you'll get all your answers and help in a week. There's someone special coming to see you."

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