Saving People, Hunting Things: A Sisters Story

Michelle ( Shell ) Elizabeth Winchester is Dean's younger and Sam's older sister. Born December 29, 1981, to John and Mary Winchester. She is a spitting image of her mother inheriting her blue eyes and long blonde hair but don't let her looks fool you. She is a fierce hunter and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Be that as it may, Michelle is the heart of the family business.





Kenneth's workshop

Kenneth is standing outside a circle of candles. In the middle sits a puppet. He begins to chant. A green aura surrounds the puppet from it's head to it's feet. After a few moments it starts to move it stands up waiting for it's orders.

KENNETH ( showing a picture of Michelle ): I want you to find this girl. She's at The Lodge Motel. Kill her.

The puppet nods and and walks away into the shadows..


Outside Kenneth's home

The impala pulls up to the house

DEAN: Looks like no ones home

SAM: Looks can be deceiving.

CASTIEL: The workshops on the side of the house. Let's go.
They get out of the car and walk towards the shop. Kenneth watches from an

upstairs window Dean enters the shop and finds a light switch on the wall.

Castiel walks toward the wall that earlier held the puppets

CASTIEL ( worried ):Guys, one of the puppets are missing

Sam sees the ritual circle and bends to pick up a picture

DEAN: He has another target

CASTIEL ( urgently ): Do the spell now ( disappears )



Michelle's motel room


Michelle is asleep on the bed when the sound of the door handle jiggling awakens her.

MICHELLE ( groggily ): Cas ? Did you lose your key.


The handle stops jiggling as Michelle sits up on the side of the bed.


MICHELLE: Sam ? Dean ? (no answer )


Michelle reaches for her gun, stands up and takes aim as the door breaks open. She sees a 4 foot talligure standing in the doorway


MICHELLE: Okay, not Cas

She fires her gun at the figure. The puppet rushes at Shell moving incredibly fast. She falls to the floor

hitting her head and dropping her gun It tries to grab her throat to choke her, but she lowers her chin making it difficult for the creature. It begins biting and scratching at her. She grabs the puppet around the neck and flings it off long enough to recover her gun and fire another shot . In a flash it was on her again.. It manages to grab her head and begins slamming it into the floor causing Michelle to lose conciousness. The creature picks up her gun aiming it at her head. Castiel appears behind it, grabbing the puppet and in a flash of blinding light  a pile of ashes fall to the floor. Castiel runs over to Michelle.


CASTIEL: Hold on honey. It's going to be okay. ( He reaches out to touch her )

He hears a noise behind him, turning his head he sees that a lot of the motel guests have heard the fray. He pulls his hand back before he heals all the wounds

CASTIEL ( anxiously ):: Someone call 911


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