Saving People, Hunting Things: A Sisters Story

Michelle ( Shell ) Elizabeth Winchester is Dean's younger and Sam's older sister. Born December 29, 1981, to John and Mary Winchester. She is a spitting image of her mother inheriting her blue eyes and long blonde hair but don't let her looks fool you. She is a fierce hunter and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Be that as it may, Michelle is the heart of the family business.





The Bunker kitchen

All 4 are sitting at the table.

DEAN: What do you mean you're pregnant ? How did this happen ?

MICHELLE ( sarcastically ): Do you want me to draw you pictures ?

Sam grins at his sister

Dean stands up and starts pacing back and forth.

DEAN: Don't be a smart ass Shell this is serious,

MICHELLE: This coming from the King of the Smart asses.

Dean turns on Cas.

DEAN: How could you let this happen.

Michelle stands up pissed off now

MICHELLE: Don't blame this on him, we were both there.

DEAN: Yeah, but he's older by about 2000 years he should have known better.

CASTIEL: Dean, I'm sorry if this upsets you but I want you to know that I will do everything I can to be a good father and I will take care of your sister.

SAM: We know you will Cas. I think the worry is the kind of life we live. Things are always trying to kill us.

MICHELLE: We'll find a way to deal with it. Guys I'm really happy. This is as close as i can get to having a normal life.

DEAN ( sadly ): Close only counts in horseshoes Shell. Mom wanted a normal life and looked what happened. Sam tried living a normal life and Jess died. I tried to have a normal life and lost Lisa and Ben.

Walks over to Dean and puts her hand on his shoulder.

MICHELLE: Please be happy for us Dean. I need the support of my family, especially my big brother.

Dean looks at the determination in Shell's face, knowing that she had her mind made up and she would do this with or without his approval

DEAN ( hugging her tightly ); okay little sis.

SAM: We're here for you sis.

Dean releases Shell from the hug and walks over to Cas extending his hand. Cas does the same and they shake

DEAN: Congratulations.

CASTIEL: Thank you.

DEAN: Keep your promises or I'll Invoke my right as a big brother to kick your ass.  


Michelle's room

As Michelle drifts off to sleep that night her mind goes back to her first memory of her father training her to hunt,. She was 5 years old and John had been teaching her the hand to hand techniques he had learned in the marines. He hadn't treated her any different than he had Sam or Dean. If she didn't do something right she ate dirt. This particular afternoon she remembers Sam sitting and watching as their father had put Dean and herself in the ring together. Dean was hesitant " Dad I don't want to do this, I'm bigger than her " John had become angry yelling at him  " That was the whole point. She's a girl Dean, everything that comes at her is  going to be bigger. Now grab her "  Dean turned back to his little sis just looking at her.  " Do it now Dean " Michelle had looked at her brother and whispered " It's okay Dean, I don't want you to get in trouble "  With a tear in his eye he had grabbed her arm and wrenched it up behind her back. It had hurt, but she managed to break loose elbowing Dean with her right while grabbing his arm and twisting him into the hold that he had placed on her. She remembers afterward that Dean had apologized for hurting her and John saying that Dean shouldn't baby Shell before walking away, but he had taken her to town and bought her an ice cream. Michelle smiled to herself and fell asleep


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