Saving People, Hunting Things: A Sisters Story

Michelle ( Shell ) Elizabeth Winchester is Dean's younger and Sam's older sister. Born December 29, 1981, to John and Mary Winchester. She is a spitting image of her mother inheriting her blue eyes and long blonde hair but don't let her looks fool you. She is a fierce hunter and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Be that as it may, Michelle is the heart of the family business.




A knock on the bedroom door

MICHELLE: Go away Sam.

CASTIEL: Its not Sam. May I come in ?

Sits up on her bed.

MICHELLE: It's unlocked.

Castiel opens the door and walks in and notices her swollen hand

CASTIEL: Are you okay ?

Stands up.

MICHELLE: Well the good news is I didn't break a nail, bad news I think I broke my hand.

Walks over and takes her hand.

CASTIEL: Let me see.

Michelle winces in pain.

CASTIEL ( apologetically }:Sorry

He closes both his hands around Shell's momentarily before releasing it.

CASTIEL: Better ?

Michelle looks at her hand wriggles her fingers.

MICHELLE: Thanks Cas.

Shell walks over to close door then sits back down on the bed.

CASTIEL: You know you really shouldn't pick fights with a table..

MICHELLE:That's very funny. You really shouldn't develop Dean's sense of humor.

Throws her pillow at Cas.

Castiel catching the pillow sits down on the bed beside Shell

CASTIEL: Do you want to talk about what just happened out there ?

Michelle sighs then gets up and walks towards her dresser keeping her back to Cas.

MICHELLE: I love my brothers, I really do, but I'm tired of being in between those two.  Do you have any idea what that's like Cas ?

CASTIEL: I think I have a pretty good idea..

Michelle turns around and catches a smile on his face. She puts both hands on the dresser and leans back.

MICHELLE: Yeah, I guess you do don't you. You're always here for us when we need you and you have your own family problems.

CASTIELl: You guys are my family. Sam and Dean are like brothers to me and you're
( pauses )

Michelle raises her eyebrows

MICHELLE: I'm what ?

Castiel getting up from the bed, walks over and takes her hand.

CASTIEL: You're very special to me.

MICHELLE: ( looking amused ) Really ? More special than Meg and April ?

CASTIEL ( looking worried): Are you upset with me ?

MICHELLE: I don't know. Guess I'm upset with everyone.

CASTIEL (still looking worried ):But you said before that you understood. You know I never had sex with Meg and April was a mistake. I was scared and alone.

MICHELLE: Well since she killed you April was definitely a mistake and yes I said I understood,but I never said it didn't hurt.

Looks away

CASTIEL: I'm sorry I hurt you. I still have a lot to learn about about human emotions. Sometimes they are so confusing.

Michelle looks at Castiel again and smiles

MICHELLE : Yes, they can be.

Castiel continues

CASTIEL:They were interesting, but not special. They weren't you.

Castiel smiles at Shell

MICHELLE: You know you should do that more often, it looks good on you.

Lays her head on Cas's shoulder

MICHELLE: Do you ever think about us being together ?

Castiel now looking puzzled

CASTIEL: We're together all the time.

Michelle looks up into Castiels eyes and laughs

Castiel catches on.

CASTIEL: You mean together together like a normal couple ?

MICHELLE: I don't know about normal. I mean being in love with an angel is pretty abnormal and very complicated, but then again so is my whole life.

Castiel stands silently for a moment Michelle still looking at him.

CASTIEL: As complicated as an angel being in love with a human ? I didn't realize until recently what that word actually meant. I just knew that everyt ime I saw you upset like now, because of your brothers or ( takes a deep breath ) or because I hurt you, I lost a piece of myself. I didn't know how to tell you or even if I should.

MICHELLE: Are you telling me now ?

Castiel puts his hand on her cheek

Castiel: Yes I am, but I don't want to hurt you again.

Michelle moves in closer to Castiel and whispers

MICHELLE: Then don't

Wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him in for a kiss.



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