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Just remember that when your love life off screen fades, you always have the romance on screen to seize.


1. The "cast."

                Ashton's point of view


         My name is Ashton Irwin and I'm in my mid twenties. Everybody and I never thought I'd be this successful this young. I shocked us all.


        I'm a busy guy which I don't really have any complaints about. I like having things to do. I've watched and seen many things. I've been to a lot of places for many reasons. There's still a lot to come of course. 


        I'm on a roll. I'm winning, killing the game. I feel unstoppable. I'd be just another nobody if I didn't have this career of mine. I feel so cultured unlike before.         


        It feels like I'm on top of the world since I'm an actor; a huge movie star. I don't remember ever not getting the lead role of anything I've auditioned for. People say I'm lucky which I can't argue with. People say I'm talented so I say they're right.         


        Now don't worry, I'm not cocky or anything. I'm humble, I swear. All the money and fame hasn't gone to my head yet. I don't think it's going to.         


        I don't fuck around because I'm always memorizing or practicing my lines instead. I'm smarter than most think I am. I have a good head on my shoulders. I'm not reckless. I'm cautious. I'm aware of this lifestyle that can make or break you on camera.        


        I can handle all of this. I have no worries. I have it all so I'm not going to let it slip through my fingers for any stupid reason.         


        And guess what. I have a stunning girlfriend to make things even better. She's perfect so I often think she should be the huge famous one instead of me.         


        She's beautiful, tall, and magnificent. Her head is always held high. I'm so glad that she's mine. Especially when we're out and about with our arms linked or hands laced together for everybody to see. She's clearly envied and praised for obvious reasons.                


                Kay's point of view        


        I'm Kay Alexander. My name wouldn't ring a bell to anybody if it wasn't for one guy. The kind man has rewarded me with multiple things many times.


        Yes, that's right. Thanks to my loving boyfriend Ashton, I'll probably never have to work another day in my glamorous life.         


        He's so good to me. He really knows how to treat a gal right. He'd buy me anything as you can imagine.


        Naturally, I've been called a gold digger and all that jazz by many people. They don't know shit about that though. What is really known is how they want to be me. Why wouldn't they, you know?         


        Ashton is attractive, sweet, and funny. So why would I be in a relationship with him just for the wealth? That'd be ridiculous and outrageous.         


         They most likely think I'm a money hungry lass because they don't really know anything about me. They make up they're own bios about me because I haven't shared much with them.


         Why would I though? I'm not that important. Ashton is the star, not me. So why doesn't everybody just concentrate on him completely instead? As of late, its like I've been being pushed up onto a pedestal for no real good reason at all.         


         The only thing I'm alright at is being proud of Ashton. Also encouraging him and cheering him on. I like to remind him to continue being a go getter. I'm not trying to be under the spotlight so why is it some what beaming on me? It's rather strange.        


        Remember that he's the astonishing one, not me. His crews and co workers are the remarkable ones unlike me. They deserve so much more recognition than me.          


        After all of the years, it's gotten harder to impress me with entertainment. But Ashton and his associates never bore me. That says a lot.                 


                Michael's point of view


        I'm Michael Clifford. Everybody knows Ashton but not like I do considering I've directed him time after time. We're actually pretty good friends so we work well together.         


        He's obedient and you can really count on him. If you tell him to jump, he'll ask how high. He makes my job a breeze. He takes some of the stress away from it. He makes me feel less demanding and bossy by being so cooperative. It's lovely how the best actor and the greatest director blend so perfectly.         


        Now that I've given him some credit, it's my turn to give myself some. Look, I don't mean to brag or anything but I must say that I've been called a movie making genius countless times. 


        People love how my movies can seem like they're not directed by the same guy. My depressing films can make anybody's heart drop and shatter. My happy movies can bring tears of joy to people's eyes.         


        I could direct every type of genre and nail them all. I tend to ignore boundaries. There's no category that's completely alien to me.         


        I'm very open minded and experimental. I enjoy putting twists on things. I'm willing to try new things because I refuse to deal with the same old boring shit. Call me avant-garde. I avoid clichés as much as possible. I'm too creative to stay in the now. That must be why I'm so appreciated.


       Even Kay can't deny her love for my films. For whatever reason, her opinion means everything so I'm flattered as ever. I feel accomplished to say the least. I've always wanted someone like her to admire my work.                 


                Kel's point of view        


        My name is Kel King. I have a girl's dream job but it's not as fabulous as we all thought it would be for me right now.         


       I'm a rather young actress who's looking forward to my long career ahead of me. My fresh face is the epitome of innocence to cameras. I'm fairly new so I'm still on the shaky side about all of this. That's why I've been picked to play a naive character for this next production. But I bet that one day I'll be able to act as someone who's the complete opposite.


         Like a sleazy street smart chick who still gets herself into trouble every night. Bags under her eyes from never having a safe place to get proper shut eye.


         Smudged eyeliner that screams trashy but sexy at the same time. A cigarette always hanging out of her kissable mouth as her light jacket is constantly sliding off of her shoulder. She lives to please and get down on her knees. She may be a skank but don't worry, she's clean.


         Ripped fishnets under her vintage high heels and skimpy mini skirt. Strutting around the dangerous city with confidence even though she has nothing really to be proud of.


         Naturally, her large boobs in a low cut top that makes everyone look there instead of into her glassy eyes that often refuse to shed tears. A lady like her out there has to be strong. She doesn't have time for showing her weakness.


         Yeah, I'll be a woman like that in a movie eventually. I can feel it. I could totally do it. I shouldn't get so ahead of myself though. One movie at a time, Kel.


        So I make a lot of money, right? Eh, sure. It doesn't really feel like that though. Especially when I think of how much more my up coming co star makes. He could buy another private island meanwhile I don't have cash to blow at the moment. It's a bummer, I know.


        I can't be a big spender until I pay off all of these debts of mine. On top of that, I have a boyfriend who needs to pay back some dues too.


         His name is Zayn and I'd do just about anything for him. I've already done a lot. I've been helping him out before we even started dating. I just couldn't resist.


        Oh, did I mention that we have a son? We kind of named him after a flower. His name is Chrysanthemum. What else can I say? We're original. He prefers to be called Chrys by the way. He's five in a half. He's the light of our lives. He's a real doll. He's so cute and clever.


         I'm twenty one so yes, I had him when I was quite young. I don't regret it at all though. Everything happens for a reason after all.                 


                Calum's point of view


        I'm Calum Hood. I'm not anything special, I just spend time with people who are. That's because I end up being an assistant to whoever whenever. It's an okay job so I'm content. I don't have reasons to hate it.


         The star hollers when he or she needs something and I gladly rush to get it. People are happy with my help.


         They usually just complain about Luke because he seems envious of their high  and mighty position. He also gets moody which isn't pleasant.


         There's no hiding the glares his icy blue eyes shoot at some of the actors and actresses he's a slave for. His attitude shows, you know? But I guess he can't help himself. It's just the way he is.


        Anyways, I've been informed who I'll be running errands for next. It's that pretty little Kel King! This is extra exciting for me because I'm almost sure that she's my type! She's such woman crush Wednesday material to me! I can't wait to ask her how she wears short hair so well! 


        You know what? I'll happily let her make me shop for her and all until I drop! Uh huh, I'm going to let her boss me around so hard until I pass the hell out! Ooh, maybe then I can trick her into giving me mouth to mouth! 


        My god, Cal! You're a genius! It's such a good pla- Oh, yeah. Um, I'm kind of a fan of her if you couldn't already tell. Haha...


                Luke's point of view


        I'm Luke Hemmings. I'm one of the guys who's always buzzing around the sets of music videos and movies with famous people surrounding me. Lucky me, right?


         Well, think again. It's not that fun when you have to wait on these royal pains. Yeah, I'm a servant. The only reason why I have this god forsaken job is to prove something to my family. 


        If you must know, my brothers are the worst. They're so competitive. They're so set on beating me at whatever whenever. They expect nothing outstanding from me because I'm the baby, the youngest.


        They thought that I'd never do something sweeter or more successful than them. So here I am, being owned by a different star every so often. 


        They metaphorically look down at me since they're all so much better than me at everything. Meanwhile, I literally look down at them because I'm tall as shit.


         I heard that the next person who's going to make me their bitch is the very well known Ashton Irwin. His shoe most likely costs more than my whole life's worth. Not a pair of them, just one single shoe I'm talking about.


         Sounds degrading, yeah? Well that's not how I let my family hear it. I glamorize it so they don't point and laugh at me anymore than they already do. I just act as if it's the coolest job a dude could have. Hm, I suppose these guys' acting skills have been rubbing off on me in a way. How convenient.

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