The Princess' Maid

Brock Courval is the baddest soon-to-be alpha in all of America. His pack, The Raging Shadows pack, was the biggest and scariest pack known to...well...wolves. Princess Sloane is the daughter of the Alpha king and betrothed to Brock. What happens when the maid, Leia, Sloane bullies happens to be the stupid player Alpha's mate?


3. Dark Times

"Stop! You're killing her!" Asher called out. His voice was followed by the Queen trying to calm her husband and mate down. They probably didn't want the public to know how they killed a servant that was with them for almost a decade. As I finally began to relax and except the pain a growl shook the floor I was bleeding and being beaten on. All I saw was the face of an angel before I blacked out. 



All I could remember was the pain. All I could think of, feel, recapture in my mind, was the awful pain. It was everywhere. It was like a traveling burn that would rest on my lungs before moving to my chest to travel all the way to my legs and then back up to my head. I opened my eyes and was quickly aware of my surroundings.  I was in the healing quarters of the pack house, where everything was white and most people were kind. When I was young I used to hang out in here after my chores were finished since it was so peaceful and the healer women would treat me as if I was the princess, versus being the princess' servant. 

A young boy approached me, Tony, he was the son of one of the healer women and was learning the art of healing too. He smiled at me and patted my hand gently before taking a seat next to the cot I was laying on. 

"Now, Leia, I don't know what you did this time but I missed you so dearly. So did Mayrie. She probably missed you a bit more though." 

I laughed at his joke, Mayrie was his mate. Tony was 2 years my senior she had already reached the age where he could identify his mate. She happened to go to our school. She was 17, beautiful, and came from a healer family too. They truly were perfect together. When Tony was a lot younger he used to try to friend me because of his crush on Princess Sloane, but he quickly grew to actually appreciate my presence. He knew me before I became mute, only allowing people to hear my laughs or coughs. 

Tony glanced me a sad look. "Now, Miss Leia, it's time to talk serious. It was truly awful how badly they beat you this time...but we found a bigger problem. We don't exactly have the best systems here since we haven't upgraded to the humans high tech machinery but...Leia..."

I gave Tony a confused and scared look. He looked almost as if he wanted to cry. And he I watched a small, silent, tear slip from his eye I began to freak out. My eyes grew wider and I sat up in bed, awaiting whatever strange health news Tony was about to tell me. 

" have cancer. And I-I just don't understand how because we are werewolves and we don't...we don't get these kind of terminal illnesses. But, it's spreading fast. And in a few weeks it will reach your brain. And within months of it affecting your brain..." 

Tony was sobbing at this point. Now I understood why his mother wasn't't the one caring for me today. She couldn't't break the news. Tony tried to calm his shaky breath but what he wanted to say came out in sad, almost inaudible, mummer.  You're going to die. 

Suddenly I was crying too. I gripped Tony's hand so tightly with one hand and the other was grasping at my chest. I just didn't't understand, how could I be dying? Werewolves don't die from illnesses, yet here I was about to die. I grabbed Tony's face in my hands and gave him a sad look, my eyes asking the question I would never speak. 

"Leia, I would say you have less than a year left. Maybe about 8 to 10 months." 

I looked down crying still, trying to rap my head around the fact I was truly going to die a servant. 

"Listen to me now, Leia. Please look and listen," Tony leaned in and spoke in a sharp quiet voice to make sure I got all the information I needed. "There is a place...not to far from here. About 500 miles. It's a human hospital but they are used to helping werewolves. They have an oncology unit where they can help. They have surgeries and radiation that can help you. I've told the Queen and she said she would speak to the king about it, but, Leia, if you want to live you must go to that place. You must!" 

I was still shaking, but I managed a nod. Tony left soon after, leaving me alone. Here I was, 16 years old and dying of terminal cancer. I was a freaking werewolf servant and here I was dying before I even met my mate! Dying before I had ever loved...only lost. 

 After about 2 hours of trying to cope I decided I would go back to work. I went to the servants quarters and changed into my uniform before I went to the royal bedrooms to clean. As I walked past I saw so many people looking at me in disgust or pity.  I guess more people than just the Queen know I'm dying now. I let a single tear slip out of my eyes before continuing to clean. 

I had cleaned every room so vigorously that under my nails seemed to be bleeding and my elbows were cramped up from scrubbing so hard. I was finishing up the master bathroom when someones large feet were suddenly in front of the spot I was cleaning. I was going to continue, making sure to look down still. Something was pulling me to look up though. This man smelled amazing, he smelled like the angel I had seen before I had passed out when they beat me just 2 days ago. I pulled my eyes upwards and came face to face with Brock Courval. He was the fiance of Princess Sloane, but as your eyes connected he didn't introduce himself with that. Instead he growled out one word. A single word that made you go back to the day the royals first beat you. It made you want to hide and cry. It sent fear to every single nerve in your body. The word that made your sick, fragile, body shake violently for the second time that day. 

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