The Princess' Maid

Brock Courval is the baddest soon-to-be alpha in all of America. His pack, The Raging Shadows pack, was the biggest and scariest pack known to...well...wolves. Princess Sloane is the daughter of the Alpha king and betrothed to Brock. What happens when the maid, Leia, Sloane bullies happens to be the stupid player Alpha's mate?


1. Intro

        Leia was just a child when she was forced to gain money for her family by working in the castle. 10 years of cleaning and serving did her well to learn manners and responsibility but it also forced her into silence. Leia was just 10 when the royal families started to beat her, already 3 years of her work.

        The queen hit her first. She had tripped on the new oriental rug in the dinning hall and spilled hot tea all over her Majesty's silk gown. The Queen was in front of her royal friends, the wife of the king's Beta and the wife of the King's Gamma. Leia was whipped with a hard cane and slept outside that night. She had almost gotten frost bite on that cold April night.
        Over the years more people joined in to beat her and by the time she was 13 even the King beat her senselessly. The only person she could trust was the Gamma's son. Asher Frader was nice to Leia and even took her on walks often. Asher was even Leia's first kiss and the first boy she had fell in love with. But one day Beta  Loring caught her and Asher in the rose garden walking around. He sent Asher home then beat Leia. She never talked after that. A word had not been uttered from her mouth. But now Leia is 17, a full wolf, and able to go to school. What is going to happen to her?

*A/N Just some background info before I get into deep details. Love ya!* 

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