The Truth-Teller is an anonymous blogger in the 23rd Century, lead spokesperson for the peaceful campaign group EVERYONE. Her first public appearance leads to a tragedy she has already made peace with.


1. Blog post #1,000

29th July 2216

The view count on this blog goes up by the day. At first, I was surprised that so many people wanted to read about my opinions on the inequalities in this world, but then I realised something. I realised that I am not alone in my opinions. This realisation provoked a renewed sense of justice, or righteous anger. But then I got my first hate comment. First threat. First death threat. It was then I realised I had inadvertently started something bigger than me, bigger than the haters – bigger than anything I had ever known.

I am not anonymous anymore.

Today, I appeared in public as the writer of this blog, The Truth-Teller. A large crowd had gathered; even some police officers were called to keep the peace.

Because of course, a public speech about peace could not possibly be peaceful.

My supporters range from children to the older generations, all colours, races, religions, nationalities, genders – all together under one banner.

I have been told that I could never achieve my dreams, my goals. Not because I do not have the strength to do so, but because the rest of the world cannot cope with the idea that no one person is superior to another. Because I do not have that Y-chromosome, because my skin is 70% cocoa rather than vanilla, because I happen to believe in the wrong God – I am somehow less.

This blog has become more than me; I represent anyone – anyone – who has ever felt belittled, not because of their personality, but because of their beliefs or appearance. And yes, that includes men, white-skinned people, Christians – because sexism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and anything else can happen both ways.

Some people seem to think that equality means the ‘lesser’ person becomes superior.

That is not what I am fighting for.  

I believe we can work together to solve these problems, but violence is not the answer. Yes, it is cliché, yes it is overused. But it is true.

Attacking someone who insults you because of who you are does not make things better; it creates another problem, not a solution.

Be the best of yourself.

Stay strong. You are not alone.

The Truth-Teller


I hit the publish button on my blog page and sat back. My public escapade this morning had been exhausting. It had left me with a lot of things to mull over.

The blog, and the laptop it was written with were outdated, but less trackable and safer. The last two hundred years since World War III had been a continuous fight between the governments of the world and the people who, like me, believed in a better world.

I was careful. My real name was not known to anyone outside my personal group of friends and family. Yes, there was a very real risk of being targeted for my opinions, but I was not afraid of that. As long as I fought for what I believed in, and made a difference, I could reconcile myself with the thought of dying for the cause.

Many had stood before me; many had died. But each person left an impression, something for the next one to stand upon. Some made more of a mark than others. I had a copy of all of Malala Yousafzai’s books and Nelson Mandala’s biography, among others. I had Ghandi quotes up to my ears. But I wasn’t just a spokesperson for those that had lived and died many, many years ago. I spoke to the people of the present and the future. I gave them hope.  

One of the people I fought against, the millionaire Jared Harrison, had personally spoken with me after my speech this morning. He had the audacity to suggest that because I don’t have children of my own, I do not care about future generations.

Many of these people simply have not moved on from 21st Century beliefs. And the 21st Century was stuck in 20th Century beliefs. How can they fail to see that the world had moved on without them?

I informed him, coolly but still polite, that he was entitled to his own opinion, but I am particularly invested in the lives of our children and future leaders. They will be the ones to lead us out of this dark age of thinking. I’m not optimistic enough to believe enough will change within my lifetime to constitute a new era for humanity. But I will try until my last breath to ensure that there will be a better time ahead for all of us.


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