Project Antivist


1. Introduction

Antivist (n): 1) Someone fed up with society's definition of how life should be played out.  2) A very good Bring Me The Horizon song. Just don't play it when your nan's in the house.    If you've ever thought to yourself: - 'What has the world come to?' - 'Ugh, I hate society' - 'Where has my faith in humanity gone?'   Or in worse cases:
- 'I need to live on an island to get away from this crap.'   You're not alone. We've been there.    If you've ever thought to yourself: 'I wish I could do something, but I don't know what', we've been there too.    This is where Project Antivist comes in - we wanted to do something about anything and everything in society that makes us want to scream, throw ice cream at the walls, and bury our heads in the sand. We're talking about a whole spectrum of issues, from bullying and transphobia to sexual objectification and pressures at school. I mean, if you don't like something, why not make a noise about it?   As well as having a good old weekly rant (we say weekly but one of us is a procrastinator so we might fall behind schedule but we will try our best not to)  about these issues, we want to encourage you, readers of this blog (or book), to take action. Putting these injustices out for the world to see is a great thing, but that only takes you halfway: the other half of the story is doing something about it. Each post, we want to give you tips on dealing with these if they are affecting you - we're not professional advice-givers (so I wouldn't take everything we say too seriously) but if it encourages change and makes you happier, so be it. Maybe you can even join in with the discussion in the comments or on our social media pages.    Of course, we are aware of our privileges: both of us running this blog are white and cisgender; one of us is straight and the other is pansexual, and we live comfortably. Even so, we want to make this blog as universal as possible and write about topics that affect all kinds of people. A lot of this relies on personal experience and our own points of view, and we might not be able to relate everything to everyone (i.e. we don't have a lot of knowledge about how certain topics affect people of colour), but if we haven't, feel free to talk about your own experiences in the comments below. (Oh yeah, while I'm at it, we'll be moderating those, so anything too rude we won't put on the blog). 
  Another thing to bear in mind is that there might be some opinions that could be considered controversial or maybe not a opinion that is necessarily accepted. All we ask is that you don't flip out and smash your keyboard in a blind fit of rage, and to just hear us out. You never know, we may even change your mind!    We writers will only be known as M and E in Project Antivist for privacy reasons.    - M & E
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