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5. chapter five - "She's Beautiful"

Unknown's P.O.V

I walk to class with my friends, and see her walking towards the locker near mine. She probably got hers moved away from the Bitches of the school, Mandy, Carrola, and Serena. She had a locker surrounded by the three.

"Look, it's the fugly ugly Saskia Woods." Devonte says, and nudges my shoulder to make me look at her.

I've never done this before, stand up to my friends when they make fun of her.

I turn to Devonte, and say loudly, "that's it!"

"'She's ugly?' No, she isn't ugly, she's beautiful. Just because you choose not to see the beauty in her, doesn't make them ugly. You have no right to call a girl ugly. You don't know how much that can scar their self esteem. She has just enough feelings as you all do."

By now I was talking to the whole group surrounding me, looking at me shocked.

"Just because someone can call YOU ugly, and be a joke, doesn't mean she can. She is beautiful in every way. If you believe you have the right to call a girl ugly, I'm sorry, devonte, but you need to shut up and get over that she had better looks than you."

I look around and devonte stares at me, and pushes me. "You don't have the right to stand up for a little  bitch like her" he says.

I look around and see her in tears, smiling, and as I am about to smile back.  I feel a kick to the area and bend over, before I get a knee to the face. I hear heels clicking and see Mandy, as she steps on my feet and hear her heels walk away. "F*ck!" I yell, and hear sneakers slamming on the floor. I hear Devonte struggling and see Saskia holding him back.

"Quit struggling, you're gonna hurt yourself." Man her voice sounded beautiful.

I see Aaron help me up and I feel blood trickle down my chin. I feel a cut on my lip.

•Saskia's P.O.V•

I hold this weak excuse of a man back as the boy ( who's name I don't know ) who stood up for me gets up with the help of my Chemistry partner, Aaron.

"Quit struggling, you're gonna embarrass yourself more than your face does" I feel him heat up and see people laugh.

I let devonte go for a second and pin him against the lockers easily.

"Listen here, you poor excuse for a man. You need to man up, and quit starting fights." I let him go and see him smirk.

I look at him and as him raise his fist and attempt to punch me.

Everything seems to go in slow motion, and I easily dodge it.

He looks shocked and I run off, while saying curse words.



I make it home, and run up to my room. I'm lucky my mother doesn't get home until after I get home from school. I run up the carpeted stairs and go to the bathroom.

I was going insane. A boy i barely knew, yet looked so familiar, was standing up for me, a dumb suicidal freak. I scream and cry, and my bird, Pandora, screeches and makes me jump.

I can't take it anymore. I've revealed my strength and I'll be bullied more.

I take my blades, and drag them deeply across my skin. They bleed like hell, and I clean my cuts with alcohol, along with my blades, and wrap my cuts with medicine and bandages.

I go to my bed and dream dark dreams.

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