Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


5. November 3rd, 2015/ Angela's POV

I wake up in a daze, with a slight headache. At least this isn’t the worst hangover I’ve had. And I’m relieved it’s Tuesday so I don’t have to drag myself to school. Blinking a few times I take in my surroundings to realize I’m not upstairs in my bed, but on the living room couch…and on top of Ashton. We must have fallen asleep here too drained to move after our long night out. It appears no one else is up and active yet, it’s dead quiet down here. Good, I love being the first one up; it’s nice and peaceful. Smiling to myself, I stretch out as much as I can lying down, before I slowly get up and head to the kitchen.

I don’t remember everything from last night, but I do know that I kept on being passed off between Ashton and Calum, and that I barely saw Carol. But she seemed to be going between Michael and Luke all night. Now Ashton and Michael I can understand, but Calum and Luke? I thought they would have just been hitting on random girls all night and ignoring us. But they did just get home a couple days ago. They probably just wanted to spend some more time with us to keep making up for their long absence.


After I grab a piece of leftover pizza, I head back to the living room trying to be quiet so I don’t wake Ashton, but when I get there I see him sitting up on the couch turning on the TV. “Hey, sleepyhead.” I say sitting next to him taking a big bite of pizza.

“Good morning, munchkin. How do you feel?” he asks.

“Probably better than you.” That gets a joking glare out of him. But he knows that he drinks more than me so it only makes sense.

“You’re probably right. …Yeah? Pizza for breakfast?” he comments. I now send Ashton a joking glare.

“Yeah what’s wrong with that?” I say taking another big bite. He laughs and shakes his head at me. He doesn’t understand how people can have lunch and dinner food in the morning.

“Don’t you want some eggs or…pancakes and bacon or…something that’s actual breakfast food?” he asks. In response I look at him as I take another bite. “Heh! Guess not.” He puts his arm around me so I take the opportunity to snuggle into him while I eat, and we watch some random daytime TV show.


These moments with him have been really nice lately. But in the back of my mind I know that it wasn’t too long ago that he and Bryana broke up. Is he doing this because he genuinely is starting to like me? Is he doing this in a purely friendly way? Or is he only doing this so that he can do it with somebody, anybody? I can’t be sure what his intentions are and it kind of scares me. Even if he does sort of like me now, I don’t want to end up being just “the rebound girl.” Until I know what he’s really feeling, I need to be cautious.

My thoughts are interrupted by the doorbell. Ashton and I both freeze out of reflex. Everyone is here so who could be at the door? Then I remember that sometimes Carol’s sister comes to visit around this time before she goes to work and know it has to be her. This is the first time Ashton has been here when she’s stopped by, so it looks like he’s about to meet her. Here’s to hoping he does okay. I get up and open the door, met by her as expected. “Hey, come on in.” I step aside and she walks in looking around.


“Thanks. Let me guess, still sleeping?” she asks.

“Like a baby, I’m sure. We all went out drinking last night.” I explain.

“Yeah you coming to the door in that said it all.” she says gesturing to my outfit from last night that has clearly been slept in. She then notices Ashton and asks, “Oh, you’re one of them aren’t you?”


He walks over chuckling nervously and says, “Yeah I’m the drummer, Ashton.”

He extends his hand and she takes it. “Ooooh Ashton.” she directs to me. “I’m Cecilia.” she says to him. Oh no. I forgot that she knows I have a huge crush on him. Tread carefully, missy. “You know you guys make a cute couple.” That is far from treading carefully!

“Um…, no we’re uh..we’re not together.” Ashton says looking down. While he isn’t looking I give Cecilia a death glare and she smirks mischievously.

“Oh, sorry. My mistake.” she says.

“Well…I’m gonna go get Carol up. Be right back.” I say turning quickly after glaring at her again and going up the stairs. I have to remember to kill her later.


I walk to Carol’s room and creak the door open to find a sight I never thought I would see. Going to her bed I see that she isn’t alone. My first thought is that it’s Michael and I smile at them cuddling in their sleep. But then the guy rolls over away from her exposing his face and I am surprised to see that it’s actually Luke. …What happened after I fell asleep??


Slowly I go to the right side of the bed and shake her awake. “C’mon, sleeping beauty. Get up, Cecilia is here.” She groans and rolls over to face me. “And uh…would you mind explaining something to me real quick?”

“Huh?” She looks confused then sits up and follows my gaze to behind her where Luke is passed out in what appears to be his shirt from last night and boxers. “Oh! Yeah I guess Luke decided for some reason to bunk with me. …I don’t know why.” she whispers to prevent waking him up.

“Okay I was gonna say. You guys didn’t..” I start, whispering back.

“No! No we did not. C’mon you know Mickey’s my guy.” She gets out of bed and pulls her oversized shirt down.

“Yeah but you both got pretty drunk. Who knows? It could’ve happened.” I point out. She shakes her head as if trying to get the thought or possibly the image out of her head.


“Alright okay let’s just go downstairs. Is anyone down there with Cea?” she asks.

“Yeah, Ashton.” We look at each other with wide eyes realizing he has been alone with her for a good five minutes, and run out of Carol’s bedroom and down the stairs. When we get there he isn’t in the room and the TV is off.


“Oh great she made him run away.” Carol says jokingly toward her sister.

“Ha yeah you’re funny. He went to the kitchen to make himself breakfast. Oh and hello to you too, brat.” Cecilia says in the same manner. “But uh…anyway I wanted to come over and talk to you for a little bit.” she says to Carol in a more serious tone.

“Oh. Sure, let’s go on the front steps.” she says. “I’ll be in, in a little while. Don’t bother with breakfast, I’ll get it later.” she tells me.

“Of course.” I give her a reassuring smile. She returns it and they both go out the front door. I know what they’re gonna do. It’s what they do every time they have a talk. They sit outside and Cecilia smokes, while they talk. It’s kind of their routine and it happens when Cecilia has something going on. I wonder what it could be this time.


Ashton still hasn’t come back in the room so I sit on the couch and just think. Even if it’s because something bad is going on with her, at least Cecilia comes to see her sister every once in a while. Ever since I moved into this house with Carol, not once has anyone in my family come to visit. Not even my parents. I’ve gone back home a few weekends, but only to see my almost ten-month-old niece Addison. I guess my moving here unintentionally cut myself off from my whole family. It’s not just their fault, but mine too.


“Munchkin, you alright?” I look up at the sound of Ashton’s voice in front of me. He’s looking at me with his brow furrowed. What look do I have on my face right now?

“Yeah just lost in thought. I’m fine.” I answer adjusting my facial expression to be happy.

“Are you sure?” He definitely doesn’t believe me.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I insist. He doesn’t say anything back but looks at me suspiciously before turning on the TV again. As soon as he does, I wipe the fake expression off my face since he isn’t looking at me anymore.


Calum comes slowly down the stairs a few minutes later and glances over at us on the couch. He seems to do a double take at me and then asks, “Angela, are you alright?” Damn it, I really need to be careful.

“Yes, I’m fine Cal.” I answer as calmly as I can.

“'Kay…” he responds not convinced just like Ashton, and goes to the kitchen. I swear if one more person asks me if I’m okay—

“Hey Ang are you—“ Luke starts asking. He came down the stairs not long after Calum.

“Yes! Yes I am fine! Okay?!” It just kind of exploded out of me. It came out much louder than I wanted it to. Poor Luke, he just wanted to ask me a simple question and I blew up at him. “I’m…I’m sorry, Luke. But I am. I’m fine. I promise.”


He looks at me unsure but doesn’t argue. “Alright if you’re sure.” He then leaves for the kitchen to probably ask Calum what the hell that was about. When he’s out of the room, Ashton turns to me.

“Okay, I know you aren’t fine. You have never yelled like that at us before. But I can tell you don’t want to talk about whatever it is so I won’t ask. But..would you like me to make you some breakfast to help you feel better? You’ve only had a slice of pizza.” he offers.

I smile for real this time. “Yeah that would actually be really nice. Thanks, Ash.” He smiles back getting up and placing a kiss on my forehead.

“Coming right up.” He heads to the kitchen and I look after him. I’m lucky to have someone like him around at times like these. He doesn’t make the problem go away but he makes it easier to cope. I shouldn’t have snapped but I don’t want any of them to worry about me, and I don’t want to burden them with my problems when they have ones of their own.


The front door suddenly opens and Carol comes back in without Cecilia. She must have left. “Hey what happened in here? We thought we heard you yell. Were the guys being stupid again?”

“Ha…no. I kinda snapped ‘cause they all asked me if I was okay.” I admit.

“Ah…and are you okay?” she asks.

“Yeah it’s just the usual.” She nods understanding. I’ve vented to Carol about this many times. She then looks over to the chair.


“I can’t believe Michael has managed to sleep through everything.” she comments laughing slightly. I join her while shaking my head and the other three guys all come in to find what we’re looking at.

“Ha! Wow he’s knocked out.” Calum says.

“Who else wants that to change?” Luke asks. Everyone but me agrees and they commence throwing the couch pillows at him. I decide to stay seated on the couch so that I don’t get pulled into the blame for this. Michael flinches a few times, but doesn’t fully wake up. They then get the brilliant idea to use a couch cushion. Ashton throws it at him and instantly he is woken up. Everyone laughs and he looks at them all with a death glare.

“I’m gonna kill you all.” Michael says getting up and grabbing the couch cushion, running after them. Carol squeals and the guys all scream and run around the living room and kitchen.


find myself laughing really hard at this wild chase happening in front of me. True they shouldn’t be doing this because they could hurt themselves or break something. But at the moment it’s keeping me happier and not so consumed in my thoughts. I just hope that somebody in my family comes to visit soon. If it still doesn’t happen within the next few months, I have to do something about it. What that is, I don’t know. But right now I think I’ll just enjoy the scene that has appeared in front of me, of Michael beating Luke senseless with the couch cushion.

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