Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


19. January 8th/ Angela's POV

The guys have all been back at the house together since yesterday when Michael finally made it back. Surprisingly, he stayed home the longest. I thought it would have been Ashton, but he was actually the second one back, followed by Calum, with Luke arriving first on New Years Day. It’s funny. He didn’t tell either of us that he was coming back. Carol and I were in the living room when we heard the door open and saw him peek around the corner. I got up to give him a hug and he looked over at Carol afterward as if expecting her to do it too, but she groggily explained, “Not getting up. Worst hangover in history.”

He just laughed and gave her a little smirk. She gave one right back and I knew that had to have been in reference to their little phone call last night. I still can’t believe that she was talking to him on New Years and not Michael. I figured if she would call anyone in a drunken state it would be her crush.

The next day, Ashton texted us saying he would be arriving here the next afternoon and to have big hugs waiting for him. As promised he came knocking the day after, and I ran to greet him. He greeted me with a bear hug and that nickname I’ve come to love so much and I realized in that exchange that I missed him even more than I thought. He and I spent that day catching up and watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, and after an episode or two, Luke came to join us.

It was that evening when I was hanging out in Ash’s room that I got the text from Calum. He would be getting back the next morning. And honestly I felt mixed emotions. Yes, I was beyond excited for him to be back. I missed him like crazy. But at the same time, being in the same house with him and Ashton at the same time, when I now like both of them, would be extremely…awkward, for lack of a better word. I just hoped once we were all together again, it wouldn’t get weird.

Cal got back the following morning and I found myself running to the door to him as well. I practically jumped into his arms missing his hugs a lot, and we exchanged “I miss yous” before he and Ashton exchanged quick greetings too. I thought there might be a general sense of awkwardness with the three of us together but they seemed normal. I guess it’s just me who gets to feel all the weirdness. Lucky me.

Ever since Cal got back, I’ve done my best to split my time with each of them pretty evenly unless unavoidable circumstances like interviews or phone calls came into play. I don’t need anyone getting suspicions about me liking one more than the other. The truth will come out when it comes out…and when I figure it out. Ugh this is gonna be a long month and a half before they leave for tour. Hopefully I can put it off at least until they’ve already left, and while they’re gone I can make a decision.

My stress did leave me slightly when Michael got back a few days after Calum. I gave him a hug and somehow knowing I had a close friend around again aside from Carol, made me feel a little better about things. He seemed to see something in my face when we let go that was off, but since everyone else was around he only mouthed, “You okay?” and I nodded to reassure him for now. I may need to go to him soon though if this stuff really starts weighing down on me.

It is now the day after Michael’s return and things are settled down. Activities and routines have normalized and on the outside, things don’t appear to be any different in our little group. If only everyone knew what was going on inside my head. But I think I need to let somebody in the loop soon. Otherwise I might quite possibly go insane. We’re all in different corners of the house doing our own things, and even though I look like I’m texting or playing a game on my phone in one of the living room chairs right now, I might as well be twiddling my thumbs. I have not stopped thinking about these boys since Christmas Eve.

I thought I could handle this on my own but I’m starting to think I need a second opinion. I still don’t want to tell Carol anything yet. Not until I know a little bit more. So I gotta go with the next best thing. Really, who better than my close friend and Cal’s best friend since middle school? I believe Michael is in his room, so I go up the stairs and hang a left walking to the end of the hall.


I approach the door and knock twice. “Mike, you in there?” I ask. I hear a little shuffling and then Carol’s voice. Guess they’re hanging out in there. Has that boy made a single move yet?

“He’s in the bathroom, brat!” she raises her voice to be heard through the door. Like she needs to. I can usually hear her talk at a normal volume from the basement.

“Okay thanks, boo.” I return starting to walk back down the hall. I only make it a few steps when his door opens.



“What did you want?” Carol asks behind me.

I turn around and say, “Just wanted to ask him something.”

“Just wanted to ask who what?” I hear behind me. I turn back around to find Michael standing there, evidently having just gotten out of the bathroom.

“Oh, there you are. Are you free tonight?” I ask.

“Ummm…” he says looking behind me at Carol. I knew it. They already have each other booked for the day. But I need to talk to him. I know how he’ll know it’s important.

“For dinner? …Hawaiian pizza?” I clarify. That’s our thing. Whenever Mike and I have talks, we don’t talk in the house. We go out to a dinner for two, deep dish Hawaiian pizza since we both love it so much. Plus we feel more comfortable talking about anything. We won’t be interrupted or overheard by the others. “Hawaiian pizza” has become code for “we need to talk.”



He now looks at me understanding, then looks back to Carol. “Sorry, care bear. I have a dinner date tonight.”

“What!” she protests.

I turn around again, “Sorry, boo. I need him tonight.” I wink and her jaw drops as she blushes a little. Mike and I laugh and he moves past me to go to her.

“Nothing personal, Carol. We just need to talk for a while. When we get back, I’ll spend the rest of the night with you. I promise.” he says.

“Fine. Have fun on your dinner date.” Carol says emphasizing the last words with fake bitterness.

We walk down the hallway and the stairs, and as we get to the door putting our shoes and coats on Michael says jokingly, “We do need to talk, right? This isn’t your way of dropping the bomb on me that you like me too? ‘Cause if it is, I’m sorry to say that I have feelings for someone else.”

“Ha! Let’s go, Clifford.” I say opening the door and lightly pushing him out, laughing.


Our deep dish Hawaiian pizza arrived a few minutes ago and while I am letting it cool before I try and take a piece, Michael has the patience of a toddler and immediately tried to go at it, of course causing him to burn his fingers. This was accompanied by “SON OF A BITCH!!” as he waved his hands around trying to cool them down.

“How’re those fingers doing, Mike?” I ask as I grab my first slice, burn free. He sends a glare my way before picking up his slice that he has let cool ever since he dropped it on his plate.

“Fine.” he says emphasizing the f sound and taking a bite. He’s trying to play off that he’s really angry at me but I can tell he wants to laugh about it. I laugh as I chew and it isn’t long before he breaks his straight face and laughs along. When he finishes chewing, he says “But seriously now. What did you wanna talk about? This seems sudden.”



I swallow my bite and say, “Trust me, it isn’t sudden for me. I’ve been struggling with this since Christmas Eve.” I take a sip of my lemonade and confusion now rests on his face.

“Struggling with what? …Why for that long?” he questions.

“It’s complicated.” I state sighing and looking away from him across the room, at a couple in a booth looking all cozy.

“Hey.” I hear him say. I turn back and he says, “I’ve got time.” looking sincerely into my eyes.

“Okay.” I take a deep breath. “So you know I like Ashton.” I start.

“What! No! I had no idea!” he says sarcastically.

“Shut up, Michael! I wasn’t finished!” I laugh frustrated.

“Okay, okay. Go on.” he says.

“I’ve liked him since before I even met you all. You know that. But he still hasn’t made a move to get us together. And I’m practically certain that he wants to. And I can only be practically certain since you won’t tell me.” I say in annoyance.



He smirks at me knowingly and says, “Hey, it’s not my place. You’ll know when he wants you to know.”

“Yeah.” I say hating that he’s right. “Anyway, I’ve been waiting so long for him to do something that…during that time, more recently,…I’ve started to uh…develop feelings for someone else too.” I admit. That was so fucking hard to get out.

In response to my difficult confession, he says, “Angela. I told you. I have feelings for someone else.” in fake annoyance.

“Michael this is serious! …I don’t know what to do. I like both of them and even though my feelings for Ash are stronger, I like this other guy a lot too. They are both amazing and I’m completely confused.” I say desperate at this point. Michael’s smile fades, probably because he realizes how serious this situation really is.



“Am I allowed to know who this other guy is?” he asks. I knew that would be his first question. I almost don’t want to tell him and use a fake name. Say he’s from one of my classes. But that will hurt me more than help me. I’ve got to be brave and tell him, no matter what the response might be.

“Please do not tell anyone, Michael. This includes everyone we live with. Promise?” I plead. I need his word if I am going to trust someone with this secret.

“Damn this is some real shit, isn’t it? …Okay, I promise. Now who is this guy?” he inquires.

Okay it’s now or never. “Thank you. … It’s Calum.” I state. Michael’s eyes get so wide I think they’re gonna pop out of their sockets. His jaw drops too which makes me thankful he wasn’t in the middle of a bite of pizza.



He’s silent for a bit, no doubt in shock. He looks down and all around seeming to be trying to figure out how exactly he should respond to this. When he does find his voice again, all he manages to produce is, “Whoa.”

“I know. …Are you surprised?” I wonder, genuinely curious.

“Um yeah! I had no idea!” he exclaims.

“Sssh! I know, that’s the way I wanted it until now!” I say in a harsh whisper.

“Well…this is some real shit, that’s for sure. And you’ve known since Christmas Eve?” he asks.

“I’ve known that I am certain I like him since then. But I actually had suspicions since like…almost a week before you all left. …And the attraction itself started like…at the beginning of the month.” I reveal.

“Wait. What! Stuff with Cal started a month ago and you haven’t bothered to mention anything to me until today?” he asks incredulous.

“Yes! I didn’t wanna go to you or to anyone until I knew for sure of my feelings. I didn’t wanna trouble anyone or hurt any feelings unless I was positive. And unless I decided I couldn’t deal with this myself. …But now that you know, what do you think I should do?” I take a big gulp of lemonade to ease my slightly scratchy throat I’ve acquired from talking a lot.



He looks like he’s mulling it over in his head, weighing options like I was on Christmas Eve. He appears to be going back and forth between multiple things and it doesn’t make me feel any better that he seems just as lost as I am. Finally he asks, “You’re positive you really like Calum?”



I picture him in my mind, and can’t help but smile from ear to ear at his face smiling down at me. “Yes.” I answer. Michael smiles when he sees my response and seems satisfied.

“Okay. Just like Ash, I can’t tell you Cal’s feelings either. It isn’t my place.—“ he starts.

I interrupt him, “Wait, do you know how Cal feels about me?” He looks up and away from me. “You know, don’t you!”

“Yes. I know everything. I am the doctor of love who knows all!” he bellows.

“Okay don’t get carried away, Mike. But seriously? You know how both of them feel about me, and could solve my problem right this second, but you’re gonna make me wait and find everything out on my own?” I ask truly annoyed now.

“Yeah I’m not gonna do the work for them! If you wanna know so badly, just ask them yourself.” he points out.

“Mike, I can’t. I want to try and figure out if I can truly see something happening with either one of them long term and then figure out what I want to do. I thought talking to you might help, and it did a little, but I’m still just as clueless as I was when we got here.” I say defeated. “But on another note, why the hell haven’t you done anything with Carol yet?” I ask turning it on him.


Once again I get the speech about wanting to tell her when the time is right. I don’t know what kind of time he’s waiting for, he’s had a number of chances. God, if Ashton is in the same boat as him, I just might need to create a perfect moment myself for him to drop the bomb on me. But then there’s the question of ‘Do I like Calum more? Do I see more of a future with him than Ash?’ Maybe I should just keep waiting it out like I am right now and hope that one or both of their feelings are revealed soon.

While we finish that conversation, we chow down on the rest of the pizza and the check comes. Like usual, we split it. When we’re finished, we head back to the car and I wonder what I’m gonna do with the rest of my night while Michael is having snuggle time with Carol. Will I spend the rest of the night with Ashton, or Calum? Strangely, tonight, I find myself not having a preference.

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