Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


26. January 21st (Part 1) / Carol's POV


Today’s the day I’m finally supposed to bum it with Luke. We were supposed to do this a week ago but I’ve had a shitty sleeping schedule and when I was free he had phone interviews and tour stuff to work on. I also deliberately distanced myself from both the guys, hence my weird sleeping schedule. I figured that maybe if I didn’t pay them any attention while they had a significant amount of cool down time, it would help them get through whatever their problem was.

It almost seemed like my close bond with Luke irritated Mickey. That mixed in with all the guys excessive drinking and it escalated quickly. I’m just thankful there was no paparazzi around to witness the blow up or Ashton’s sudden departure. As if he has a reason to be pissed in the first place! He’s just mad because there’s someone who actually cares for Angela and isn’t afraid to make a move like he is. All this time he has wasted living in some kind of bubble away from reality and Cal’s persistence a few nights ago, popped it real quick. Maybe now he’ll see he doesn’t have time to waste anymore and he’ll tell her his feelings. Though after the attempted kiss between Cal and Angela, I wouldn’t be surprised - or happier - if I heard he told her first.

I’m currently plopped up against my pillows waiting for Luke to enter my room, I think about all this as I do. He needs to hurry up so we can start the day off with this movie called ‘The Caller’. The only thing I’m familiar with from it is that the lead actress played Victoria in Twilight, and what the summary gives you. It’s supposed to be really good according to all the ratings. The fact that it’s a horror movie and a cat and mouse kind, just makes it better.

“I came prepared.” Luke says, entering my room with enough junk food to feed a small army. There’s at least three different bags of chips, gummi candy, and a pop in each hand for the both of us. Giggling slightly I get up and help him bring the stuff to the bed.

“You realize we are going to have to take breaks right? Like for the bathroom and actual food?” I question, setting the stuff in the middle of the bed.

“I know. But I wanted to make sure we had something to munch on while we watched. Then when I got down there I realized I didn‘t know what you‘d want, so I just grabbed multiple things.” He states, looking over at me while he bites his lip. I smile in response and let out a sigh as I open my drink and take a sip.

“Ready?” I ask, looking over at him again with the remote in my hand.

“Hold on.” he says, fixing my pillows so he can lean against them and grabbing one of the bags of chips.

“All set.” he says with a smile as he goes to open the chip bag. I press play and he says,

“Wait.” so I pause once more. Giving him a questioning stare I watch him fluff my pillows, rest on them, get up, refluff them again and finally lay back.

“Okay.” he finally says, shoving a chip in his mouth. I wait for him to complain again and just stare at him expectantly.

“What?” he asks with a mouthful. I just laugh quietly in response and press play. Luke was always the biggest dork of the four.

Leaning back I bend my legs and turn toward Luke who’s already glued to the television.

“What is this about again?” he asks, looking over at me. Smiling I say,

“The redhead we‘re seeing moves into a new apartment. After a short stay she starts receiving phone calls from a woman looking for someone who doesn’t live there anymore. Telling her that doesn’t stop the phone calls. So she sits and talks to this woman befriending her in a way, what she doesn’t know is she basically just became friends with a psycho.” Luke stares at me, blinking slowly.

“What did you do memorize the summary?” he asks, laughing slightly.

“Shut up, blondie.” I tease, throwing a chip at him. He tries to catch it with his mouth and fails miserably, which sends us both in giggles. We attempt to stifle them so we can focus on the movie but every time we look at one another it just starts them up again.

It’s not until our sides are hurting and our breath uneven that we finally stop. I loved days like today. Easy. A part of me wishes today didn’t have to end, simply because it’s just started and it’s already the best one I’ve had all week. Luke’s a good friend and I’m so lucky to have him in my life. It’s just one more thing to attribute to listening to their music. Without, I never would have done a lot of things.


We’re almost through the first movie and Luke and I have given up on snacks. We seem to have slid down toward the middle of the bed. Our arms are touching and our hands are constantly brushing against each other. It seems the more suspense and action happens in the movie, the closer we get. As if to prove my point suspenseful music plays in the movie as she runs to the bathroom, away from the killer. Luke’s fingers loop into mine and our arms overlap, he’s so close I can hear his breathing beside me.

The killer keeps hitting against the door to try and get in. All the while our eyes are glued to the T.V. and I feel myself tighten my grip on his hand. My focus on the movie, worried that the killer is going to get her before she can get her life back. My attention is deterred to our hands again when I feel Luke’s thumb push into the top of my hand, he makes small circles. From my peripheral view I can see him steal quick glances to look at my face. I turn to look at him and find him staring at me, his thumb stops.

I feel myself jump because the killer just broke through the door. Both our eyes turn to the screen and are expecting the worst.

“BOO!” we hear, I jump as our gaze turns to my door. Where we see Cal laughing his ass off because he scared the shit out of me.

“Cal, you prick!” I hear Luke yell, before chuckling slightly. I’m already giggling up a storm and find myself leaning into Luke. I’m resting on his shoulder as I try to collect myself from being anymore embarrassing.

“Oh, I wish I would‘ve gotten that on video. That was the best.” Cal says in between laughter.

“I‘m gonna kill you.” Luke threatens with a throaty laugh. It rumbles off him and I remove myself from him as I take a deep breath to even out my breathing.

“What did you want, dork?” I ask, letting some last giggles out. He clears his throat saying,

“We ordered pizza for lunch if you guys were hungry. I could‘ve texted you but then figured it‘d be more fun this way. Man was I right.” with more giggles afterward. They’re so infectious I find myself laughing again.

“We‘re coming.” Luke finally says after a while. We all let out a sigh and Luke and I watch Cal leave while leaving my door open.

“Fucking prick.” Luke mumbles with a small chuckle to himself. I smile in response and see that our movie is over.

“Food sound good?” I ask, looking over at him. Our eyes meet and for just a second I’m brought back to earlier, when we caught eyes just before we got scared.

“It‘ll feel good going down too.” he answers with a smile. I laugh, knowing I make that stupid joke like twenty times throughout the day. Mainly toward Angela but that’s beside the point. Right now it’s one more thing Luke and I have in common.

We head downstairs and the first thing I hear is,

“Michael! You can‘t designate an entire pizza box to yourself. That‘s not how these things work!” looking into the living from the bottom step, I see Ashton trying to grab a pizza box from Michael’s hands. Luke is laughing beside me and I take it upon myself to walk over into the living room.

“Guys, what‘s going on?” I ask, paying close attention to them. They’re struggling with the box sides and you can clearly see the veins in their arms pop, from where they’re using all their strength. If I were just looking at a picture online and not trying to keep a straight face, I’d be lusting hardcore over Mickey right now. Fuck that. I’m still lusting.

It doesn’t help his hair is especially messy right now and it’s still that lovely shade of red. I wonder if he’ll change it before tour starts? His eyebrow and ear piercings are so hot on him today. I kinda wish I was bumming it with him. But we just had that lovely day out a little while ago and lately he has been kidnapping me to lay up in bed and game with him. Not gonna lie I’m really gonna miss that when they leave. What can I say? There’s never enough time when it comes to Michael Clifford.

Mickey looks up to me and there’s an instant smile on his face. I love when he does that. It makes me feel so loved and I absolutely adore that feeling coming from him.

“Hey care bear.” he says with a wide smile. I return it and watch his gaze return to Ashton with a grimace now that he has weasled the box from Mickey’s hands.

“Hello Carol. Nice of you and Luke to join us. Want some pizza before Michael eats it all?” he asks, opening the box in his hands. Luke walks in and stands beside me as he steals a piece from the box in front of me.

“You should, it‘s delicious.” he says between bites. I tighten my lips together to form a line to hide the smile on my face.

I look over to the table and grab a plate from the stack placed there. As Ashton sets the box on the table I take a look at the seating arrangements. Ashton and Michael are sitting in the chairs on either side of the table, while Luke sits on the end of the couch with Cal sprawled out over the remaining cushions. Smiling to myself I know I could easily get him to get up, but realize it gives me the perfect opportunity to sit on the arm of Mickey’s chair.

Grabbing a few slices I plop them on my plate and walk over to Michael’s chair. I notice as I sit on the arm and lean into the back, Mickey gets a small smile on his face before returning to the television. There’s a few scattered giggles in the room, as Patrick tries to teach a rock how to blow bubbles and gets easily frustrated by its uncooperative nature. As we eat our pizza a comfortable silence fills the room. It’s not until halfway through my second slice, that Ashton grabs himself more and notices where I’m sitting.

“Calum, don‘t you believe in making room for Carol?” he asks with a semi serious tone. But when he looks over at him, we all notice his eyes are closed and a soft snore escapes his lips. Something tells me he isn’t sleeping. I could’ve swore I heard him laughing just a bit ago. Ash just shakes his head and apologizes for Calum’s lack of manners.

“It‘s fine really. Luke and I plan on watching more movies and I‘d rather not get too comfortable down here. Otherwise I won‘t want to leave.” I say with a small smile. He shrugs and we return to watching Spongebob. But when I look over at Cal I see his eyes open and a smirk on his face. I knew it. He must’ve kept quiet to make sure I’d be guaranteed to stick by Mickey. I’d have to thank him later.

Before I start my last slice I feel my phone buzz. Grabbing it from my pocket I receive a picture message from Angela. I grin instantly after opening it. On my screen is the cutest toddler in existence and from what I can tell, she’s getting into something she probably shouldn’t. I text her a million heart eye emojis and save the picture to my phone. Angela needed this day out with Addi. With school, her family and then this recent fiasco with the guys, things have been pretty hectic. Not to mention she has missed her like crazy. If I have to sit through one more stroll down memory lane of the last time they were together, I might kill her.

When I finish eating I notice Luke is taking his time finishing up what’s left of his pizza. I think he’s buying time so he can finish this episode. He stares intently at the T.V. and chuckles occasionally. I lean back into the seat and sigh, lifting my leg up onto the cushion. I tuck it in as close to me as possible without making myself uncomfortable. Doing this arches my back away from the chair some and I notice Michael shifts himself away from me slightly. I smile to myself as I continue to watch Spongebob teach Squidward the bubble technique.

When I see Luke get up and grab my empty plate from the table. I meet his gaze and find him cocking his head to the side slightly with a bounce, as if to say he’s ready to go upstairs. Nodding I start to get up and begin to walk out. Luke asks,

“We ready to start the next one?” with an almost hopeful tone in his voice.

“Yeah, go on up. I‘ll be following right behind you.” I answer back.

Together we reach my room and plop down on my bed again. He sighs while fixing his pillows again and leans against them just like last time. I smile and scroll through Netflix’s horror section. While I’m content with picking something that sounds decent and has a creepy picture, Luke is intent on having a movie over two stars. I feel his hot breath hit my face before picking a movie I’m sure he’s passed before.

It begins to play and he looks over at me as I attempt to make myself comfortable again. Once I’m through he leans over and lays on my chest almost exactly where the heart lies. His right hand lays on my stomach and the heat from his hand is comforting. I find myself playing with his hair as the movie progresses and gradually massaging his scalp.

“You know if you keep that up you‘re going to put me to sleep.” he warns, sliding his hand across my stomach and onto my side. Quickly I stop and we continue the rest of the movie in a comfortable silence.

‘We’re having Cal’s favorite tonight.’ Angela texts me while I lay in bed finishing our third movie.

‘So, basically my favorite. K. Thanks brat xD’ I reply back, knowing tonight’s dinner will be spaghetti. But oddly enough I kinda wish we were having something else. I’m not sure what I want I just know I want something different.

‘Ha yupp. Having fun with Luke? ;)’ she replies back and I instantly know where her head is at.

‘Yes lol but not in the way you think. You dork. Lol We’re on our fourth movie of the day? Fifth? Lost count.’ I answer back and look up at Luke. He’s staring intently at the screen and I watch him scratch the side of his jaw with his badly painted black chipped finger nails on his hand. He notices me staring and lets out a breathy laugh.

“Sorry.” I say with a soft chuckle.

“I think we‘ve spent too long in front of the T.V. today. Spacing out everywhere.” I continue, looking away from his still smiling face.

“It‘s fine. But that does bring up something that‘s been on my mind.” he says, moving a bit closer to me.

“I know we basically devoured all the candy I brought in here and a bag and a half of chips but, I‘m starving again.” he says with a chuckle. I smile in response and say,

“Angela said we‘re having spaghetti tonight. Think you can stick it out? I mean I know personally I‘m kinda not in the mood for it, but our appetite today has been so sporadic I don‘t know what I do want.” I reply back, speaking my mind. He smiles and says,

“Hear me out. How does Mexican food sound?” with a raised eyebrow. I ponder on it for a moment and think about how my stomach is hearing that. Tamales, enchiladas, chalupas, burritos and oh god the tacos. Then again I could even go for their soups or steak tacos. Skirt steak, menudo, posole, even better sounding. I have officially grown an appetite just thinking about half of the menu.

“You have my attention, blondie.” I tease with a smirk. He shoves me playfully and he turns off our movie beginning to slide off my bed.

“Let’s go then.” he says, striding off toward my door.

“I have to get dressed, hold on!” I basically squeal after him. I spend the next five minutes, throwing my clothes around the room as I frantically dress myself. In no time at all I’m joining him down the stairs, giggling like a little kid with each step.

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