Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


25. January 18th (Part 2) / Angela's POV


Another up tempo song comes on, so we let go and go back to our table. I sit between Cal and Ash and lay my head on Ash’s shoulder. Gotta give him something now. “I am exhausted already.” I say.

“Well your screwdriver is here. Feel up to taking a sip?” Ash asks laughing. I sigh and reluctantly take my head off his shoulder to pick up my glass. I take a sip and actually like it. I nod my head in approval and notice Carol and Luke come back and sit, Carol between the boys. Michael still doesn’t look normal but his face softens when Carol turns to him and smiles.

We spend some time just sitting together enjoying our drinks, with the music as background noise. It’s almost like we’re back at the house, like there isn’t a bunch of other people around. In that time, I finish my screwdriver and the guys and Carol have gone through a few beers. I feel like Carol is probably on her last one but I don’t see the guys stopping any time soon. Then, Cal gets an idea.

“Hey, hey why don’t we get some shots over here?” he asks the group. There is unanimous agreement and it’s decided our shots will be tequila. I’m pretty nervous though. I’ve never done shots at all and to start with tequila seems a little risky. I just won’t do too many.

“You ready to step up to shots, Ang?” Luke asks.

“Kinda nervous, but yeah.” I answer honestly.

“You’ll do fine, munchkin. Don’t worry. Just pace yourself.” Ashton says.

Minutes later, our first round arrives and we all take one. I look around at everyone and they all look at me as if to ask if I’m ready to lose my virginity. Since it’s our first round of the night and my first one ever, we decide to do it at the same time. Carol counts from three and we hit our glasses on the table before taking the shot.

The taste that hits my mouth when I’m done makes me almost barf. That is the grossest thing I have ever drank in my life. “Oh god! How do people drink this stuff?” I say. Everyone laughs.

“Somebody can’t do straight liquor.” Mike teases. Good to know he’s feeling better.

“It’s just not my thing.” I say admitting defeat.

“Maybe the second one will taste better.” Carol says as Michael is waving over our waiter who has the second round ready.

“Ha I doubt it.” I insist.

“C’mon, just try one more.” she says.

“Carol don’t push it.” Ashton says seriously.

“I’m not. One more won’t kill her. Go on, do it.” she says handing me one. I take it and take a deep breath before downing it as quick as I can. And this time it actually isn’t as bad as the first.

“Hm. …I did like it better that time.” I say setting the glass down.

“Alright now don’t do any more for a while. That’s already two. Have some water.” Ashton suggests.

“Okay.” I take a sip from my water glass and he gives me an encouraging smile. Meanwhile, everyone else downs their shots and the waiter is asked for a third round. I keep on drinking water until it comes and when it does, I want nothing more than to have my third shot.

“What do you think, brat? Up for your third?” Carol asks picking up hers. I look next to me at Ashton who is giving me a look that screams ‘not yet!!!’ It’s sweet he’s being protective, and at the moment I am starting to feel the effects of my first two.

I look to her and answer, “Not yet, but here.” holding my hand out. She hands it to me and I set the shot in front of me waiting a little bit longer before can't wait anymore and down my third and final shot of the night.

I have no idea how much time has gone by since my third shot. All I know is I feel dizzy, I’m hot all over, and I have no idea where Ashton or anyone else is at the moment. They could all be right next to me for all I know, but right now all I see is Cal in front of me holding my hands. Definitely on the dance floor.

Right now the song that’s playing is Right Round and I don’t know if it’s me being intoxicated, the song, or both, but I just want to be close to Calum. The next thing I feel is my body pressed against his as we dance to the song. But as we dance longer, the more I’m realizing we aren’t really dancing, as much as grinding. This time I am participating in Cal’s thrusting, except now he isn’t doing it in a joking way and when I look up into his eyes, I have the strong desire to kiss him.

I wonder if he feels it too, because he stops moving and seems to inch closer to me. Could it be that he likes me too, or is this the alcohol talking? Honestly I don’t care, and any feelings I have for Ashton are temporarily forgotten as I inch closer too. Our lips are centimeters apart when I hear Carol’s voice next to us.

“Hey, we’re leaving. Now.” she says taking our arms and leading us out of the club.

“What? Why?” I ask getting more self aware, just from hitting the cold air outside.

“We just are. C’mon.” she urges shoving us into a taxi with Luke. Confused, I look ahead of us at another taxi and unless I’m making out faces wrong, Ashton and Michael are in it. I see Carol get in it too, and then it starts to drive away and our taxi follows. I take a glance at Luke who looks pissed as all hell, but we don’t have a close enough friendship for me to feel comfortable asking him what’s wrong or what happened.

Things between Calum and I are awkward to say the least on the ride home. I mean we almost kissed for crying out loud. And if he doesn’t really have serious feelings for me, it’s gonna make things worse when we’re both sober again. But damn if tonight didn’t make my feelings for him increase considerably. I do know this: if both of these boys end up wanting me, I am going to have to make the toughest choice of my life.

As for Michael and Luke, I have no idea what happened before we left, but whatever it is it had to have been bad for them to be going home separately. But now that I think about it, Carol has Cal and Ash separated too. I wonder if something happened with them that I just don’t remember. Hopefully Carol can clue me in on everything.

However long later, we arrive at the house and something I have never experienced in this house, happens when we all enter. No one says anything. We all walk in, the guys all go straight upstairs without taking coats and shoes off, and I hear four doors close, three of which slam shut. As Carol and I stay at the door taking our stuff off, I give her a puzzled look.

“What the hell is going on, Carol?” I ask.

She sighs, “A lot.”

“Well tell me, please. Because I’m really confused.” I say going to the kitchen for food and a water bottle. I wanna start sobering up more. I look at my phone for the first time since leaving here for the club and am shocked at the time. “Whoa! It’s only midnight?” I ask. I turn around to see Carol followed me in.

“Yeah we didn’t stay as long as we would have, if shit didn’t happen.” she says grabbing some stuff herself.

“Alright well sit down and give me the run down.” We go to the living room and sit on the couch and once there, she spills everything while we both take bites of food and sips of water here and there.

She first tells me that Ashton got annoyed that Cal was hogging me so much and then he saw how close we got and stormed out. But apparently before that, Michael was getting pissed at Luke for dancing with Carol so much when he wanted to. Luke was being stubborn and so was Mike. They were practically screaming at each other, although it was Mike that was making a bigger deal about it and who started it in the first place.

“If he wasn’t so drunk, he wouldn’t have gotten near that angry. I mean Luke was pretty drunk too but he still didn’t get as heated as Mickey. …I just wanted to leave before things got physical so I called taxis and put them in different ones. Not long after that was when Ashton barged out angry and I asked him what was wrong. I shoved him towards the taxis and he got in Michael’s. I knew we had to leave as soon as possible so I went back in to find you two.” she explains.

“Wow. I did not think this is how tonight would end.” I sigh.

“Yeah me either. But speaking of finding you two, I’m sorry I had to interrupt what would have been yours and Cal’s first. KISS! What the hell, brat?! Do you like him, like him now?” she asks anxiously.

Okay. I can’t keep it from her any longer. “Yes, I like him, like him now.” I admit. The squeal that she emits from her mouth is the highest pitched one I’ve ever heard. I’m sure it was high enough that some dogs could hear it.

“Oh my god, since when??” she exclaims slapping my arm. I tell her about Christmas Eve and what my thought process has been about both guys, and how much I’m clearly struggling with keeping them both happy.

“Evidently, Ashton likes to have me to himself a lot, but now that I’m close with Calum I want to spend a lot of time with him too. Not just to make him feel less invisible, but so I can explore my feelings for him more. I mean just in case he has feelings for me too, I wanna see if I could see him and I seriously together as a couple. Because I already know I can see Ash and I that way.” It feels amazing to have finally vented to Carol about all this.

“Yeah I get you. …Damn. Well uh…do you want my opinion on who you should choose?” she asks tentatively. She probably doesn’t want to force her opinions on me anymore, ever since she told me how she feels about Ashton. But honestly if it was me, I would have given up on him a while ago.

“Sure. I’ll take whatever opinions I can get at this point because I am split right down the middle.” I say collapsing backward on the couch.

“Okay. …This is just my opinion. But I would choose Cal.” she says.

Not sitting up, I say “Explain.”

“It’s hard to explain. But I know you really like Ashton and he has yet to do anything to make a move toward you. I mean has he ever almost kissed you?” she asks.

“No. Just forehead and head ones. But it was the same with Calum…until tonight.” I add.

“Yeah, until tonight. I mean like it or not, Calum was about to make his move.” she says.

I thought it may have only been the alcohol but... I sit up slowly, “You mean…you think he likes me too?” I ask cautiously.

She pauses, and finally says “Yes. But don’t take it from me. Wait to hear it from him first.”

“But what if he never tells me, Carol? What if he doesn’t because he doesn’t like me that way? What if I wait and wait for nothing, and I could have spent all that time being with Ashton?” I ask.

“But you know what, brat? You could say the exact same thing about Ashton.” she says.

“No, it’s different with him.” I defend.

“Yeah? Do you know for sure that Ashton likes you and only has to eventually make a move?” she asks.

“…No.” I admit.

“Then you can say the same thing about both of them.” she states.

I sigh exasperated. “Well then what am I supposed to do?!” I say frustrated collapsing again.

“Wait for one…or maybe even both of them, to announce their feelings. It’s a lot of waiting, but eventually it’ll be worth it.” She stands up. “I’m going to bed with the hopes of not having too bad of a hangover tomorrow afternoon. Goodnight, brat.”

I stand up to hug her. “Goodnight, boo. Thanks for your help. Love you.”

“Of course. Love you too.” We let go and she leaves the room to go upstairs.

I go up too and eat a little more food and drink more of my water when I get in my room and sit on the bed. It’s probably that and our conversation that has sobered me up a lot. Let’s hope that tomorrow when the guys are sober, they won’t be too on edge and things from tonight will pass, and we will be back to normal.

I get all ready for bed and get tucked in, but as expected I can’t get to sleep right away. What we talked about and images from the club tonight keep going through my head.

Carol didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know about my dilemma. Except that she thinks Cal was going to make a move tonight and that he likes me. …Which is actually pretty big now that I think about it. Back near Thanksgiving, she talked with Calum. And since then, I’ve felt like she knew something I didn’t. My eyes snap open.

Wait. Wait one hot second. What if the thing that she has known all this time, is what she told me? What if the thing she has known about all along is that Calum likes me? … My eyes widen.

…What if that is his catch 22? …What if I am Calum’s catch 22?...

This thought is the last one I remember having before I knock out.

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