Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


24. January 18th (Part 1) / Angela's POV


We haven’t gone out to a club since the guys first got back, and normally we don’t like going but I don’t have school tomorrow and we’re all looking for something to do tonight. The guys have had interviews all day, Carol has been hiding away in her room working on her latest fanfiction, and I’ve been doing random straightening around the house to keep my mind busy. Got another text from mom about father and another fight. Not as bad as the one that made her leave, but still a fight nonetheless. At this point, a night of drinking and dancing is what all of us need.

As Carol and I get ready in my bedroom, I can’t help but remember the last time we did this. I’m dressing down compared to last time, and this time I’m hoping both Ashton and Calum like what they see. There’s no doubt in my mind that Carol is hoping to catch Michael’s eye again. I know she will, and once again I know he will do nothing. Honestly it’s really starting to bug me how lazy he is being about this. If this “right time” isn’t sometime before they leave for tour, I will have a serious bone to pick with that boy.

“How do I look?” Carol asks. I turn around and do a quick look-over. She’s wearing sneakers and jeans, with a red ¾ sleeved shirt that shows just the right amount of cleavage to make Michael insane, plus her hair and makeup are on point.

“Perfect. You’re gonna have Mike drooling.” I answer.

She giggles and says, “Well I hope so! And you’re gonna have the others drooling with what you’ve got on.” I look myself over in my mirror one more time. I have my jeggings that fit tight on me in all the right places with my knee high brown heeled boots, and my ¾ sleeved plaid shirt with a low cut dark blue tank top underneath, that has lace at the neckline. My hair is straight again and I put makeup on for the first time in a while.

“I don’t know about drooling, but I think I’ll get some looks. Ready?” I ask.

“Let’s go.” she replies smiling wide. We both do love this part about going out. Getting dressed somewhat nice and putting effort into our hair and makeup to see the guys’ reactions. We walk down the hall and find all of them waiting by the door for us when we get to the stair landing. They all look up when they hear us descending the steps, and I see Ash and Cal look up at me and smile, and Mike and Luke do the same for Carol. We’re getting noticed by all tonight.

“Here are our beautiful girls. Ready?” Ashton asks.

“Ready.” Carol and I say in unison.

“Great, the taxi is waiting outside.” He opens the door and the guys let us walk out first.

We get in the vehicle and go for the very back. Carol sits next to a window, so I take the other window, planning on leaving the space in the middle for Mike. But the next to come into the taxi is Luke and I thought he would take his place in the front with the driver, but he looks for where we are, and comes to take the space between us. This is different. Sorry, Michael.

Michael is the next to enter, followed by Ashton with Calum last. Mike sits across from Carol, Ashton settles across from me, and Cal gets stuck in the middle with Luke. He doesn’t seem too bothered by it though. Michael on the other hand, seems to glance at Luke with annoyance before starting up a conversation with Carol, Luke putting in his two cents where he can.

I can tell Ash is gonna start talking to me but before he gets a word out, Cal beats him to it. For a second, before it’s replaced with a smile, Ashton looks defeated. Great. I do not want tonight to be one of them feeling ignored and the other spending all the time with me. He turns to tell the driver where to go and turns back to me before the van is set in motion, and we’re rolling past the house into the night. I can tell from this car ride alone that this will be an interesting evening.

Upon arrival, we see this is evidently a more popular place than the other club. There’s no picture snapping happening outside though which is a good sign. Quickly, we all file out and get through the door while Ashton slips our driver some cash. The inside reminds me of the other club, just a little more crowded. Someone must have called ahead of time because we were all shown to a V.I.P. section with more privacy.

While we all settle in at the table, our first round of drinks is ordered. I, of course am the only one of the group who gets wine. “Aw c’mon, Ang! Live a little!” Mike comments across from me.

“I am perfectly fine with wine…for now.” I reply taking a sip.

“You mean you might actually get something…different?” Carol asks dramatically. Everyone laughs.

I turn to her. “Yes! You know I had a couple mixed drinks on New Years. After this, I'll get one.” I say to the group, taking a bigger gulp from my glass.

“Alright, that I can’t wait to see.” Cal says smirking. I look to my other side smirking back and a song that’s fairly danceable comes on.

“Ooo great dance music! Anyone joining me?” I ask standing up.

Immediately Ashton stands too saying, “Count me in.” I smile and wait for him to come around before we go to the dance floor together. He leads me with a hand on my lower back and once on the floor, his other hand lands there too. I place my hands around his neck and look up biting my lip, into his eyes. He is looking down into mine and I can see his dimples appear soon after.

“I really needed this today. I’m so happy I’m here right now.” I say over the booming of the bass.

“Me too. I think we all just needed to get out of the house and have some fun.” he says.

“Agreed. …So uh…what mixed drink should I get first?” I inquire with a wink.

“Ha…you know you don’t really have to go through with that, right? No one’s making you.” he says sincerely.

“I know. But I want to. We're out tonight to have fun and I've only had wine since New Years. It’s the perfect opportunity to try something different again. …So I ask again, what mixed drink should I get first?” Ashton laughs and looks down probably still convinced Carol and the others have something to do with my decision.

“Alright fine. Uh...have you had a screwdriver?" he asks. I shake my head so he continues, "Basically vodka and orange juice. I think you'll like it.”

“Sounds tasty! Had that before?” I wonder.

“Yeah but only a couple times. Cocktails aren't my thing.” he responds. I could’ve guessed that. All I’ve ever seen him drink besides beer is my wine sometimes.

For a minute or two we don’t talk and let ourselves get lost in the beat. Occasionally we look at each other and smile or laugh a little. When the song ends, we go back to the table to find Carol and Michael gone, Luke sipping his drink, and Cal looking down toward his pocket, definitely contemplating whether or not to go smoke.

Once seated, I grab my wine and chug the rest of it down. “Whoa! I have never seen you down alcohol like a bottle of water before.” Ashton says taking a seat next to me.

“Yeah well I’m thirsty from dancing and am itching to try a screwdriver. Where’s our waiter?” I ask excited.

“Angela, slow down. You don’t wanna drink too much too fast.” he says concerned.

“I’ll be fine, Ash. Don’t worry. Cal, be a dear and get our waiter for me?” I ask. He and Luke are both looking at me like I’ve lost it. I turn back to Ashton seeing he is too.

“What’s gotten into you?” Cal asks surprised.

“Nothing. Just thought I’d live a little. …Go on.” Cal goes with a confused look to get our waiter back and I lean back in my chair crossing my legs, getting the last drops of wine out of my glass, while I wait for the waiter and Cal’s return. In my peripheral vision, I see Luke get up and leave.

“Seriously, what is your deal?” Ashton asks.

“There’s no deal.” I insist.

“Really? So this isn’t about what Michael said earlier? You don’t have to do this to prove yourself, you know.” Of course that’s what it looks like I’m doing.

“I know, it’s not about him. I told you earlier, I want to try new things tonight. Not for him, for me. I just wanna have a fun night with my friends and let loose a little. Don’t worry.” I try to assure him. I mean I don’t plan on getting too crazy but it will probably be the most I’ve drank at one time.

“Okay…fine. But I’ll be here if you need anything.” he says.

“I know you will. Thanks.” I smile. He returns it when Cal and our waiter get back and I order my screwdriver. I turn to face the dance floor to look for where Carol and Mike ran off to when Cal takes the other seat by me. It doesn’t take me long to spot Carol in her red shirt, but I find that Luke is dancing with her. His arms are around her and he’s holding her close. She doesn’t seem to mind too much either. …But where’s Michael?

A minute later, he comes into view walking back to the table, I’m guessing from the bathroom. When he gets here, he roughly pulls his chair out across from me, plops down, and picks up his beer taking a big swig.

“…You doing okay there, Mike?” I ask when he slaps his bottle down. I can’t help thinking this is because of Luke dancing with Carol. But it didn’t seem to bother him before.

“Fine.” he says with a bite to his tone. I don’t say anything else. I don’t mess with Michael when he’s angry. But I may have to ask him what had him in a mood later when he’s calmed down.

“Uh…Ang, how about we head out to the floor while you wait for your drink?” Calum offers. No doubt he sensed the tension Mike brought with him to the table.

“Absolutely.” I say standing again. We find a spot on the floor and start dancing to the fast paced beat of Please Don’t Stop the Music. We arrive during the second verse. “Thank you.” I say as we start getting into a groove.

“No problem. I figured you wouldn’t wanna stick around angry Michael.” Cal says smiling.

“Definitely not. …What do you think his deal is?” I ask.

“Who knows. Probably wanted to dance with Carol longer before Luke swooped in.” he says glancing to his right. I look and they’re still together dancing away. I’ve noticed recently that they seem to be getting closer. I’m happy, but they may be getting too close for Mike’s comfort.

“Probably.” I say. The last chorus comes in and I can’t help but sing along. I start dancing more freely getting into the song, and I glance at Cal who has been looking at me with a wide smile while he makes small movements back and forth. I laugh at him and shake my head as the song finishes out.

“Wanna head back to the table? I think your drink is there.” he says looking back there. I’m about to say yes when the next song comes on. Stand By You by Rachel Platten.

“After this song, I love this one!” I exclaim.

“But it’s a slow one.” Cal points out.

“I don’t care. …Dance with me?” I ask as the first verse kicks in. Hands, put your empty hands in mine. He doesn’t answer me but instead puts his hands around my waist while looking back at our table again. And scars, show me all the scars you hide.

My hands go around his neck as I sing, “And hey, if your wings are broken, borrow mine so yours can open too. ‘Cause I’m gonna stand by you.” He smiles down at me and his dimples pop out. Damn. These boys do not make it easy for me to get closer to a decision.

The song goes on and occasionally Calum will look behind me towards our table, and I can’t help but wonder if Ashton is watching. I find myself singing a lot of the song up to Cal because it’s pretty relatable to us.

“Love, you’re not alone. ‘Cause I’m gonna stand by you.” He smiles again and when the last choruses come, I get closer and can’t help but put my head on his chest. He wraps his arms all the way around me and we stay there through the end.

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