Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


14. December 7, 2015/ Carol's POV

Today had been a boring day. The guys had all come back from doing various promo interviews around the city, Angela had finished all her school work early, and I had just posted up the recent chapter of my fan fiction. We sat around for a little while watching T.V. but you could feel it, even that had become boring after a while. None of us could say it though. I had suggested going out but we all agreed the music they played was shitty and us girls didn’t want the guys to continuously pay for our drinks. Although we probably only had enough for about two drinks a piece.

“That‘s your mark anyway.” Luke retorts with a smirk. The guys start laughing and I stare at him with my mouth wide open.

“Two drinks is not my mark!” I shout over their laughter.

“It is so. I bet you couldn‘t even finish off a bottle of wine without getting passed out drunk.” he states, joining in the laughter of the other two.

“I think it‘s good she doesn‘t drink heavily. Alcohol can kill you.” Ashton states with a small smile, as he tries to stifle the giggles that want to come out.

“Alright fine.” I say, heading into the kitchen.

As I look around to see what alcoholic beverages we have in the house, I hear Luke and Michael trying to call me back in the living room with apologies that end up in laughter. I take notice that our alcohol is pretty low but we do have one of my favorite wines in the house and a twelve pack of Coronas for the guys. With a nod of the head I walk back into the living room and see the guys look up at me. Clearing my throat I hand Angela my wallet and explain we’ll need more alcohol.

“What‘re you talking about?” she asks, looking to me and back at the guys again.

“I need you to go and pick up more booze. Grab you some wine since you‘re out and I don‘t want you to be the only one not drinking. Don‘t give me that bullshit about you have to work on homework, because I just watched you finish it today and tomorrow is Tuesday.” I say in a huff. She gives me a small glare but takes my wallet and begins to stand.

“Hold on.” I tell her, stopping her from leaving the room.

I turn to stare at Ash who’s been staring at the guys with a puzzled look on his face.

“You‘re going with her.” I state. He furrows his brows momentarily asking,

“Why?” leaning forward from his seat.

“Because you and your mates are likely to down that twelve pack in no time. You‘re going to need more as well.” I reply, placing my hands on my hips. They didn’t realize it but they had created a monster.

Sighing he gets up and follows Angela out leaving me with the three guys. Switching the television off I turn the stereo on and find a suitable station. The guys are trying to talk me out of the idea they now see I’ve come up with, but it’s too late.

“No. I‘m not going to be happy until I‘ve proved y‘all wrong. If you didn‘t want this war to have started, you shouldn‘t have shot first.” I say, blaring the system and heading into the kitchen again to open the wine and start the night.

It’s been some time after Angela and Ash got the booze. We’ve all been talking about little things and drinking while listening to music. I’ve demolished half the bottle of the wine and am only just now starting to feel the buzz. I’ve lost count on how many beers Michael and Luke have had. Ash has decided to drink a glass of Angela’s favorite wine. He claims it’s to get her to keep drinking but the way they’ve been talking in hushed voices every now and again, makes me think it’s for another reason.

Calum who seems to be already tipsy turns the stereo down and plays a Motley Crue song on his phone. As he slurs every other word while he sings I laugh as him and Michael start dancing. I sit next to Luke on the sofa and lean into him, while we laugh over Michael almost falling over and taking Calum with him.

“If I had known that you guys were in an old song kick, I would‘ve changed the station to a more suitable one.” I state getting up to turn the station.

Luke leaves the room and I sit before I realize my glass is empty. There’s a seventies song playing when I enter the kitchen. Luke is texting on his phone and I wonder what model he found and when he found her. As I pour myself a drink I ask,

“Rather be somewhere else?” looking over at him. He looks up from his phone and I give a small smile. He returns it as I throw the empty bottle away.

“Told you two wasn‘t my limit.” I tease. But with my drinking it at such a rapid speed and drinking so much, I can already feel the numbing feeling in my legs. I haven’t even started the next glass yet.

When Luke and I enter the living room again a new song starts. As I hear the first note I instantly know what it is and perk up.

“I know this song!” I scream, setting my glass on the table. As I run to the middle of the room and start to sway my hips I hear Luke say,

“So do I.” with a small laugh. He sits while I begin singing along to the song and I hear him join in after a while.

“I‘m that voice you‘re hearing in the hall and the greatest miracle of all. It‘s how I need you and how you needed me too, that hasn’t happened for the longest time.” I sing, while swaying back and forth. Michael has joined me on the dance floor and rests his hands on my hips.

“Maybe this won‘t last very long but you feel so right and I could be wrong. Maybe I‘ve been hoping too hard but I’ve gone this far and it‘s more than I hoped for.” Luke continues with a smirk.

Angela is bobbing her head to the beat and Ash has a stupid smile on his face. While Calum is so drunk already that all he can do is laugh. I try to ignore them as I continue with,

“Who knows how much further we‘ll go on. Maybe I‘ll be sorry when you‘re gone. I‘ll take my chances I forgot how nice romance is, I haven‘t been there for the longest time.” with Luke giving me a wide smile in response. As we sing the chorus together, I feel Michael pull me closer to him still and him put his full weight on me.

Eventually the song ends and I wish they’d replay it as it’s one of my favorites.

“I didn‘t know you liked Billie Joel.” I say, sitting next to Luke. He smirks and I begin to see he’s had way too much to drink. His eyes begin to squint and that’s always his tell tale sign.

“I didn‘t know you could sing those low notes so well.” he says with a small laugh. Rolling my eyes I begin to drink my wine once again.

Michael and Calum have begun chasing each other around the house. Calum seems to be after something but I can never see what it is. Angela and Ash have gotten pretty cozy and seem to be in a heavy conversation while sipping on their drinks. I wonder if the smiles on her face are from the things they’re saying, or because the alcohol is letting her unwind.

I can’t help but notice too that the last glass of wine I had is empty. My head is starting to feel fuzzy because of it and to help ease it I lean into the sofa. But I notice the sofa is uncomfortable and has a heartbeat. I look up to see Luke with a smirk on his face and taking a sip of his beer. I start to get up and begin to apologize when I watch his arm move from the back of the sofa, to my stomach.

As he holds me in place I fidget beneath him. Unlike the sofa there’s no cushion to him, he’s skin and bone. He sighs and places his hand on my waist while he pulls me up toward his chest. With a small smile I relocate with his help and find it’s comfier than before.

“Better?” he asks, leaving his hand on my waist. I nod in response and turn my head to look at him. His face is serene and I reach my hand over to push his phone away. He smirks again but looks in my direction.

“Is my phone bothering you?” he wonders, leaning over toward me so our faces are inches apart.

“Yes.” I reply with a smile.

“You‘ve become like the worst person to talk to. All you do is stare at your phone, answering messages. Be social!” I scold, inching even closer still. I watch his eyes dart to my lips before Michael and Calum begin running through the living room again.

Now Luke and I are watching as Ash and Angela are yelling at them for knocking their glasses over. I’m stifling back laughter while Luke’s squeaking laugh comes out and every time he inhales, I hear the squeak and want to laugh myself. Even in his laugh you can hear how deep his voice is and I wonder why I never noticed that before. He finds me watching him and I quickly look away, only to have him move his arm over to my left leg and rest his hand on my thigh.

Ash walks over to the stereo and puts in their Whitesnake CD. Angela and I are unaware of the songs and we simply nod our heads to the beat as we become accustomed to it. Behind me I hear Luke belt out these loud verses and refrain from plugging my ears. Michael seems to take notice of us as he walks out of the room. He returns minutes later to stare at us again and a look crosses his face, one I haven’t seen on him before.

I start to get up to use the restroom and grab another beer when Luke’s arm pulls me back.

“Where‘re you going?” he asks in a whisper, directly next to my ear. I giggle in response answering,

“I‘ll be right back Lucas.” with a smile. He chuckles softly before pulling me back again as I try to get up for a second time.

“No. Answer me, where are you going Carol?” he asks, with his face beginning to slide into the crook of my neck. My giggles are uncontrollable as his breath brushes past my ear and along my neck. What are we doing? With a chuckle I groan playfully replying,

“To the bathroom. Would you like to help?” sarcastically. Looking over at him he smirks asking,

“Would you let me?” My jaw drops.

“Of course not!” I shout with laughter. He can’t help but laugh as well as he lets me go.

I look around to see if anyone witnessed any of that. Michael and Calum are too busy strumming away on their instruments, sat on the floor and laughing their asses off whenever the other messes up. While Angela is sending me questions with her raised eyebrows. I form my lips in a tight line before walking away toward the kitchen.

After I return I find that Luke is patting the seat next to him on the sofa with a small smile.

“How do I know I‘m safe there?” I ask teasingly. He chuckles lightly in response saying,

“I guess you‘ll just have to trust me.” before placing his arm on the back of the couch again. Sighing, I sit next to him, holding a beer in one and leaving the other on his thigh. I look up at him to see if he’ll object, only to find he has a stupid smirk on his face as he takes another drink.

We sit like this for a while before his hand finds its way onto my shoulder. I pretend not to notice it as we continue talking about the music we listened to in middle school. My vision is becoming dimmer as the alcohol sets in, making my eye lids droop. I almost don’t notice him scoot me closer to him and his face become closer to mine. We start in with Good Charlotte when I mention I need another drink.

He smiles as I get up saying,

“Good. I need one too.” with a smirk. I’m about to remind him he still has a little under half a bottle left, when he chugs it down in front of me and starts off toward the kitchen. With a sigh I follow after shaking my head slightly in disbelief. What is with us tonight?

Once we’re in the kitchen and we’ve grabbed ourselves another drink, Luke lingers around. We continue the conversation we were having and gradually we lean against the sink and counter. After some time of standing I can feel the dead weight in my legs and think it best to sit. As I pull out a stool from under the counter, I sit with my legs parted slightly while my feet rest on the poles supporting the chair.

I see it happening and still don’t believe it. Still keeping eye contact with Luke, I watch as he clears his throat and walks the short distance toward me, finding a comfortable standing position between my legs. He sets his beer behind me on the counter and rests the palms of his hands on my thighs. He smiles once he sees my face and lets out a small laugh.

“Carol, why are you blushing?” he asks, sliding his hands toward my waist to slide down to and grip the seat I’m on.

“Oh, no reason. I‘m just inches apart from a member of one of my favorite bands. That and I normally blush while drinking. I could be talking with Angela and still be blushing.” I reply, watching his face inch closer to mine.

“You sure?” he asks, with practically an inch between us. I snort in response and start laughing at him trying to be seductive. He laughs along with me, resting his forehead onto my shoulder blade and bringing his hands up to hold my sides.

Calum walks in and while he grabs another beer gives us a double take, before returning to the living room. Luke and I exchange a glance and move away from one another, deciding it best to head back toward the living room with everyone else. As Luke starts walking away his hand reaches back and opens. I look at it as though it had suddenly grown wings before enclosing mine around it. We sit on the sofa, snuggled into one another while still holding each other’s hands.

Time passes and I’m so drunk after my third beer that I can’t walk without falling into things. As I throw the empty bottle away I have to grab the counter to steady myself. When did I get to the kitchen? I thought I was sitting? Clearing my throat I breathe in deep to try and see what I’m doing. As it stands, nothing.

Angela comes into the kitchen and she’s so level headed I’m envious.

“Are you okay?” she asks, placing a hand on my forearm. I nod in response and exhale slowly while she says,

“Why don‘t you go to bed? You‘ve proved your point. Now you‘re just killing yourself.” she says with a small laugh.

“Want help?” she asks. I begin to nod when I feel a hand rest on my waist and I have to look at Angela. Once I see her hands are still beside her, I look behind me at Luke.

“I got her.” he says, pulling me toward him.

“I don‘t think so.” Angela says, going to grab my hand. But knowing Angela can barely carry herself I start to think Luke would be the better option. That and with all the back and forth between us tonight, it might be better if he was the one who did it.

“Don‘t. He‘s fine.” I say, grabbing hold of his other arm to steady myself against him. I find myself falling into him and it’s only when I’m steady that I begin to try and walk again.

Luke steadies me as we ascend the stairs. I can vaguely feel his arm around my waist and his chest against my back. He uses the railing to keep himself from falling over.

“Where are we going?” I ask a little louder than I mean, and seeing a wooden floor dizzily ahead of me.

“To bed.” Luke says, next to my ear. I can almost make out the grunt accompanied afterward.

I bring my foot up again expecting another stair. It lands heavily on the ground and I bring my arms back in a rush to prevent myself from falling. Staring around me with wide eyes I wonder how I missed we’re already at the top of the stairs. Luke grabs hold of my arm again and weasels his arm around my waist to keep me close.

“This way. We‘re almost there.” he says with a slur. I really regret drinking so much.

A door opens in front of me and I wonder how I got here. Just moments ago I was at the top of the stairs. I wish my eyes would stay open long enough for me to see where I’m being lead. Luke leads me inside without turning on the light and helps me into a bed. As soon as I lay down I know it’s not mine.

“Who‘s room are we in?” I ask, feeling the comforter and pillows.

“Mine.” he answers huskily. I turn over and watch as Luke undresses from his skinny jeans and takes out his lip piercing. Realizing I’m still in my clothes I start to get up.

“Where are you going?” he asks, getting up from the bed.

“Nowhere.” I answer in a haze while stripping out of my shirt and shorts. As I undress I toss the clothes from my hands without paying attention to where they land. When I reach my shorts I realize I’m not wearing a tank top underneath. The only thing preventing me from being fully naked is my undergarments.

Shrugging it off I grab the comforter and crawl under the blankets. The sheets were cold and after feeling hot and sticky from all the alcohol consumption, they were a welcoming change. I lay on my back and with my eyes closed try to fight the dizziness. The room spins even with my eyelids shut and I can feel the churning in my stomach start.

“Carol, are you okay?” Luke asks, turning to look at me. With relief I open my eyes and try to adjust my sight before turning to look at him.

“Once the dizziness fades I will be.” I answer honestly. He chuckles lightly in response and after what feels like an eternity I feel his arm lay over my stomach. I swallow and try to fight the fuzzy feeling in my head. I’m still not sure how I got here and now Luke and I seem to be cuddling in his bed.

He stares at me with a placid face and I can feel my brows furrow. I turn my body toward him and feel the hitch of my breath when his hand slides over my waist slowly, and onto my lower back to hold me.

“You okay?” he asks with concern.

“Yeah. That just fucking tickled is all.” I reply, releasing the breath I held. He smirks in response and stifles back laughter. My arm lays in between us and without thinking I reach over and touch his face.

My thumb moves across the scruff that’s accumulated on his chin. His face becomes placid again and I watch his shoulders move as he sighs.

“I never understood facial hair.” I say after a while. He smiles before asking,

“What do you mean?” I sigh in response.

“Well. I never liked it. Scruff like this is okay. But I could never date a guy with a full on beard or mustache. Imagine kissing that. The hairs stabbing you repeatedly and if they don‘t take care of it, you could end up with old food and shit on your face.” I say, rambling on. Luke starts laughing loudly and startles me.

He holds me in place but attempts to stifle his laughter.

“What the hell was that?” I ask incredulously. He lets a few small laughs escape before saying,

“Sorry. That was just hilarious. You‘re so drunk you don‘t even know half of what you‘re saying anymore.” with a wide smile. Sighing I shrug in response and grunt as I inch closer to him. He’s warm compared to the rest of the bed.

My eyes start to shut slowly before my vision blurs again. It was nice to be here with Luke. He’s become a really good friend and at moments like this I could even see him as one of my best friends. He’s just always been really sweet after you take away his cocky demeanor. The spinning starts to come back and I widely open my eyes to fight it off.

Readjusting to the room I see Luke lean forward with his eyes closed. He rests his forehead on mine before his right hand cups my cheek. I slightly feel his fingers run across my cheekbone and down my jaw line. I can hear every intake of breath as his thumb slides down to my chin, pulling my bottom lip down softly. His lips slightly parted as he starts to inch closer, our lips so close to touching. I wrap my arms around him in a hug, hiding my face in the crook of his neck before saying,

“I love you.” as I swallow the bile. I feel his lips on my shoulder blade part once more and an intake of breath as he begins to say something.

“You really are my best friend Luke and I never want that to change. I never want to lose our friendship.” I say, muffled into his neck. I feel his arms wrap around my waist before he says,

“Me neither.” and I breathe him in. He hides his face in my hair that lays on my neck as we stay like that a while longer. One thing I always hated about getting drunk was that I always get so emotional.

Letting go I wipe away the small tears that have formed and exhale slowly. Luke lays a hand on my head running his thumb along my temple. His fingers being longer than normal, his nail brushes against the end of my eyebrow. He stares at me with a small smile and I return it before apologizing over my being drunk. He merely shakes his head and pulls me closer to him. My eyes close and my vision fades to black.

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