Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


13. December 5th, 2015/ Angela's POV

It’s Saturday so as per usual, I get up, eat, then gather up all of my dirty laundry. There is more than usual since I wasn’t able to do laundry last Saturday seeing as I was with Calum all day. This time my basket is completely full. I open my door with one hand and step out into the hallway, immediately noticing the silence. It’s noon and usually everyone is up and making noise by now. Cautiously, I go down the hall and down the stairs, hoping I don’t trip and fall trying to see over the clothes. I get down safely and peek into the kitchen and living room finding no one. Is it really possible that everyone is still sleeping?


I go to the basement door and go down the stairs, almost tripping over the last one. I’m turning the corner to the laundry room when a voice comes out of nowhere. “Hey, Ang.” I jump, startled out of my mind.

“Cal, you scared me I thought you were sleeping!” I exclaim turning to look at him. When I do, I see a sight I’ve had yet to see since living with the guys. A few feet away from me, Calum is in shorts with no shirt, holding a weight in each hand, his hair wet and body shining from the light reflecting off of his sweat.


“Ha sorry, just quiet I guess. Laundry day?” he asks.

“Like always.” I reply, and can’t help but glance down at his abs and how toned they are. …My face is getting hot. “Well I’m gonna get to it. Have fun sweating.”

“Thanks, I will.” he chuckles going back to lifting. I quickly walk into the laundry room and set the basket on top of the dryer. This is the only Saturday he has ever been down here when I’ve done laundry. I wonder why he’s just starting this now. Maybe because tour is getting closer? But what just happened? It’s not like I haven’t seen Calum shirtless before. There are a ton of pictures online. But I’m pretty sure I just turned red when I saw his body in person.


I get the first load of laundry going and go back out to try talking to him again. Maybe it was just a one time thing seeing his bod in person for the first time. I say, “Hey are you gonna be done soon or can I go ahead and shower?” I find myself watching his arms flex. I knew his muscles are impressive but holy shit. Seeing them up close right in front of me is a whole different thing. Here comes the heat in my cheeks again.


“Uh…I’ll be down here for a little longer. Go ahead and get in. I’ll be done by the time you are.” he says still going.

“Okay.” I simply say. It’s all I can think of to say at the moment. It’s as if I’m entranced. My eyes can’t help but linger on him a bit longer before I turn and go upstairs. I touch my hands to my cheeks to cool them down. What is going on with me? I hope Calum didn’t notice. Whatever, I’m sure I would’ve blushed seeing any of the guys like that, out of pure embarrassment.


I close the basement door and go back upstairs to get ready to shower and I guess I’m walking faster than usual and not paying attention. I slam right into someone at the top of the stairs. “Whoa, in a hurry there, munchkin?” Ashton asks with a chuckle.

“I guess so. Sorry, Ash.” I apologize.

“Nah don’t worry about it. Oh, after we get home tonight do you wanna watch a movie?” he asks. Tonight the guys are going to Twenty One Pilots’ post-tour bash. Of course Carol and I can’t go. There would be a million paparazzi, fans, and questions.

“Yeah sure. What movie?” I question.

“Whatever you want.” he says touching my arm while he goes past me down the stairs. Immediately I feel those butterflies again. I turn down the hallway to my room and get ready to shower, even though I don’t have anywhere to be today. Might as well be clean and smelling nice, for when Ashton and I inevitably cuddle while watching that movie later tonight.


I’m in the living room watching How I Met Your Mother with Luke while he waits for Cal and Ash to be ready, and Carol is in the kitchen with Mike making dinner. The guys are leaving soon for the party.

Ever since I saw Calum in the basement earlier today, I’ve gotten all hot and bothered whenever he has come into the room. He’s acting normal so he must not have noticed. Thank goodness. I’ve never acted this way before around him, but then again I had never seen him looking that way before. I mean, I think he may have a better body than Ashton. But I’m trying not to look at him for too long. I don’t need anyone getting suspicious.


Suddenly, I hear a yelp from the kitchen. I turn to look and Carol has a hand over her face. “No no no, don’t touch it. Your hands are all dirty. Here, let me.” Michael says.

“No, I can do it, Mickey.” Carol insists.

“Uh-uh. Sit up here. I’m gonna get a washcloth and bandage.” he says patting the countertop. She sighs but listens to him and jumps up.



“You know I could really do this myself.” Carol stubbornly points out. He grabs a washcloth and gets it wet, carefully cleaning up the cut that has formed on her cheek.

“Yeah but I wanna do it.” he stubbornly says right back. He then gently places the bandage on top of the cut and smoothes it out. “Plus I mean I don’t wanna find blood in my food when we get back.” he teases, his hand still lingering on her cheek. Oh my god. Is this it? Is he finally gonna make his move? C’mon, you dope. Kiss her! But before he would be able to lean in, Carol notices the water boiling on the stove that’s now starting to spill over. Damn, so close.


Mike and I have talked a lot recently and I know now that he does really like her. I was happy he felt comfortable enough to finally tell me what I’ve suspected for a while, but I hate that he made me swear not to tell her. It’s torture not being able to when she’s so desperate to find out. “When the time is right, I’ll tell her. Not yet.” That’s what he keeps telling me. Whatever, it’s his decision. Although it couldn’t hurt for me to help him out a little…

Some time later, Cal and Ash come downstairs ready to go. I look up and smile at them. They look so cute. …Wait did I just say they? …Well yeah, I guess Calum looks cute too. I’ve just never really paid that much attention. I’ve always stared at Ashton because he’s so fucking adorable and I like him so much.

But looking closer at Cal, I have to admit that he is really attractive. He’s really fit and muscular, tan, and his eyes are like two gorgeous chocolate chips. And he has a cute little nose and…an adorable smile with…cute little dimples that pop out when he’s genuinely happy… …Oh my god. I quickly look back to the TV screen.


“Ready?” Luke asks them, standing up.

“Yep. Where’s Michael?” Ashton asks him.

“Where else?” he returns, looking in the kitchen at Carol and Mike talking while she cooks.

“Of course. Mike! We’re leaving.” Ash calls to the kitchen.

“Coming!” Michael shouts back. There’s a short silence while they wait for him. I try to keep my eyes glued to the TV. I’m afraid if I look at Cal again, that I’ll end up turning red again and I can’t afford to do that in front of everyone else, especially Ashton. I don’t want him to get the wrong idea.


After what felt like an eternity, Michael comes in. “Alright, ready. Let’s head out.” They all call to Carol telling her goodbye and then I hear Mike and Luke saying goodbye to me before leaving for the door. In my peripheral vision I see someone come to me next to the couch.


“What, no goodbye hug?” Ashton asks. I turn and look up at him smiling. I was hoping it was him. I stand up laughing a little and go into his open arms. It feels so good hugging him. Being in his arms always makes me get that butterfly feeling and makes me feel all giddy inside. I wish he would tell me how he feels already.


We let go and I say, “Have fun. But not too much. I want you somewhat sober when we watch that movie.” I wink and he giggles.

“I will. Can’t wait to see what you pick. Bye, munchkin.” he says. He turns and leaves the room as I say “Bye, Ash.” and then he goes out the door.

“Dinner’s ready if you’re hungry, brat!” Carol calls to me.

“’Kay I’m coming!” I respond. I walk out the entry to go to the kitchen and am surprised to see that Calum is still here, messing with his hair in the mirror by the door. “Oh I thought you left already.” I comment, hoping I keep my cool.


“And not say goodbye? Never. Just trying to get my hair how I want it and it isn’t cooperating.” he answers.

“Cal, your hair looks perfect. Go on to the party.” The car horn beeps outside. “And the guys are getting impatient.” I laugh.

“Okay, fine. Bye, Ang. See you in a few hours.” he says giving up and coming to hug me. Ever since we hung out a week ago, he’s been hugging me before he’s left to go anywhere. I like that he also feels our new closeness and likes it as much as I do. But this time when I’m in his arms, my head against his chest, I feel something inside. …Like that butterfly feeling Ashton always gives me.


I quickly let go and say, “Bye, Cal. Now hurry, you’re keeping the guys waiting.” He nods and smiles, then goes out the door. Breathing out a long sigh of relief that Carol and I are finally alone, I go into the kitchen to get my dinner. And contemplate in my head whether or not I should tell her about my sudden physical attraction I now apparently have towards Calum.


It’s been a few hours. Dinner is put away, dishes are washed, and Carol and I are lounging in our pajamas on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory. I’m still going back and forth with telling her about my realization. I almost want to not ever tell her in the hopes it goes away quickly and then I will never have to tell her. But at the same time, maybe she could help me. I won’t bring it up right away. I know what to start with.


“So…you and Michael in the kitchen earlier was pretty adorable.” I say. She looks at me confused. “You know, him patching you up and everything.” I say nudging her in the arm.

“Shut up, that was nothing.” she says smiling and starting to blush.

“Mmhm sure, boo. C’mon, if he lingered on your cheek any longer, you would’ve ended up kissing.” I comment.

“What?! No way. He would never.” she says disbelieving.

“Oh please, he would’ve leaned in if the water hadn’t bubbled over.” I insist.

“Oh my god, were you spying on us or something?” she asks, evidently puzzled as to how I know all this.

“I was in here and your voices aren’t exactly quiet. As you can tell, there is a clear view of the kitchen from here.” I say looking to the kitchen from where I’m sitting.


She looks too and then back at me. “Regardless, he would not have kissed me. Not before telling me he likes me, and we don’t even know that yet.” Ha…maybe you don’t.

“Well I could’ve sworn he was gonna lean in. …But maybe that’s just me.” She gives me a somewhat suspicious look but seems to let it go.


“Well anyway, I think you’re right about you and Cal. You definitely seem closer since you hung out last weekend. Do you think you really are at the same point you and Mickey are?” she asks.

“Yep, we know everything about each other. To his knowledge anyway. Literally the only thing I haven’t told him about is my parents. But to be fair, I haven’t told any of them about that.” I say.

“That’s great. I know that he’s really happy you’re closer. Maybe soon he’ll feel comfortable telling you his catch 22.” she says hopefully.

“I don’t know about that. I can’t believe he wouldn’t have told you yet, considering how close you two are.” I say knowing full well that she knows something I don’t, and it could be that. “But um…can I tell you something I’m worried about?” I ask.

“Yeah, what’s up?” she asks now turning to face me. This is it, I have to tell her. No matter what her reaction might be.


“Okay. …I’m pretty sure that…Don’t make a big thing of this, alright?...I think that I’m attracted to Calum.” I admit.

“Wait what?!” she exclaims.

“It’s just physical! I don’t have feelings for him like I do for Ashton, but…I’m definitely attracted to him. And I don’t know what to do. I don’t want this to interfere with Ash and I.” I say, nervous about what she’ll think.


“Oh my god. What brought this on?” she asks leaning forward and scooting closer.

“Before you guys got up I did my laundry like usual but when I got to the basement, he was down there. And he was lifting weights and his shirt was off and he was flexing and sweaty and oh my god Carol he looked so good and muscular I wanted to cry! …And it scared me.” I say.

“What do you mean?” she asks.


“I’ve only ever been truly attracted to Ashton ever since I became a fan of them. And when I met him, I was just as attracted to him still. I mean before we met them all, I had seen tons of pictures of Calum shirtless, and his arm muscles when performing. But I guess there was something about seeing him like that in person and up close today that was just…different. Something in me snapped and I saw him in a different way all of a sudden.” I admit partly to her but also to myself.


“So even though you like how Calum looks now…you still wanna be with Ashton?” she asks for clarification.

“Yes. How do I suppress my attraction to Cal so it doesn’t ruin anything with Ash and I?” I ask desperate for an answer. She doesn’t say anything for a minute. She must be just as stumped as I am.

“Can I be honest with you?” she asks. Not what I was expecting her reply to be to myquestion.

“Um…sure.” I say unsure.


She takes a deep breath. “You know I think Ashton is a good guy. And I think he means well. And I know you really like him. But…what exactly would this new attraction interfere with?”

“I don’t understand…” I say lost.

“Well…it’s not like Ashton is your boyfriend. You don’t even know if he wants to be with you too. As far as anyone would be able to tell, you’re good friends who cuddle. I don’t really see what harm liking Calum could do.” she states.


“I don’t like him, it’s just physical. And I don’t want to like Calum, I want to be with Ashton. I really like him and I want to believe that he likes me too. That he’s just taking his time and eventually we’ll be together.” I defend.

“Well like it or not, you’re attracted to him. That isn’t something you can just get rid of. Maybe this is a sign that you need to give up on Ashton and move on to someone else. …Maybe this is a sign that it should be Calum. Who knows?” …How could she say that?


“What? I am not giving up on him. Ashton is the one I like and that’s the way it’s staying. I cannot be attracted to Calum, Carol. It isn’t right. Besides, I wanted to get closer to him as a friend, not develop an attraction. And he doesn’t even like me.” I add for effect.

“Fine. Have it your way. If you wait and wait, and still nothing ever happens with you and Ashton, don’t blame me. But honestly if it was me, I would have given up on him a while ago.” she says turning to face the TV again. I don’t answer. She doesn’t know what Ashton and I have. It’s only a matter of time before things unfold. “Angela, I’m sorry. I just don’t want you to hope and hope and then it doesn’t happen for you and you end up getting hurt.”


“Thanks for caring, boo. But I’m confident it will happen. How soon, I don’t know. But it will. And I want you to support me until it does.” I turn my head and look at her again.


She seems hesitant, but says “Okay. I’m right behind you, brat.”

“Good. Love you, boo.” I smile.

“Love you too.” she smiles back. We’re watching the TV for a few minutes when the door opens and the guys walk in talking unnaturally loud. They have definitely been drinking. “Sounds like you guys had fun tonight.” she directs toward them all as they come in the living room.


“Oh yeah it was awesome!” Mike says practically shouting. The loud music probably made him basically deaf.

“Mike, gonna need you to take it down a few notches, okay?!” I shout back at his volume.

Everyone laughs and he comes to Carol and says, “Yeah, yeah. C’mon, care bear. Let’s play some Minecraft.” He takes her hand and pulls her off the couch, leading her out of the room and up the stairs, most likely to his bedroom.

“Okay uh goodnight everybody!” Carol says to us all before she’s pulled out of sight. We all say goodnight in unison and Luke decides to go up too and turn in early. Great. Just me, Ashton, and Calum.


“Didn’t drink too much, right?” I direct toward Ashton.

“Nope. Just had a few. Did you pick the movie?” he asks.

“How does Pursuit of Happiness sound?” I suggest.

“Perfect.” he remarks picking up the remote. It’s now when I notice Calum standing there watching this exchange kind of awkwardly.


“Um…Cal do you wanna watch with us? I know you love this movie too.” I offer.

“No. Thanks though. I’m gonna head up and give Mali a call. It’s been a while since we’ve talked.” he says.

“Oh okay, go for it. Goodnight, Cal. See you tomorrow.” I say getting déjà vu from the weekend previous.

“Goodnight, Ang. See you tomorrow. G’night, Ash.” he adds before turning and leaving.

“G’night, Calum.” Ash says not looking away from the screen. He presses play and his arm immediately goes around me. Out of habit, my head gravitates to his shoulder. And I am immediately reminded of when Cal and I were in this exact position one week ago. Ashton may not have told me his feelings yet, but one thing’s for sure. He is great company. And I’m totally fine with him being just my company until he feels ready to take things to the next level.


 Although, I have to question whether I really am fine with that when throughout the movie, Carol’s words and an image of Calum in the basement this afternoon keep coming into my head.

Maybe this is a sign that you need to give up on Ashton and move on to someone else. …Maybe this is a sign that it should be Calum. Who knows?


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