Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


18. December 31st, 2015/ Carol's POV

There is way too much alcohol in this house. It wouldn’t be so bad, except Dick Clarks’ Rockin’ Eve is extremely boring this year. Excluding the boys’ performance of course. But besides that everything else is just meh. Fergie is being especially annoying this year with her constant ponytail flipping; I loved when Ryan called her out on it. I also loved that not long after that, she took the fake extension out of her hair.

Angela even agreed it wasn’t one of their better ones. The only highlight of her night was the guys and the 1D boys. Because of this it lead to us, more me than her, drinking a lot to pass the time. We had bought our wine, along with the appropriate things to make mixed drinks. Angela slowly sipped and appreciated every glass of what we got into, while I downed them as fast as I could without any ounce of shame.

Out of all the holidays I found New Years to be the worst one. Simply because there’s really no meaning to it. It’s just a bunch of people standing in Times Square, or sitting at home watching Times Square, to watch a giant ball fall down till midnight. Where is the point in that? But the only upside to this was that it gave everyone the perfect excuse to drink excessively.

Thankfully, I didn’t do so while visiting with my family on Christmas, when I got to speak with my sister again. We talked about her situation again with her divorcing her husband. She stated that so far it seems like he is on a better path and as it stands, she’s not leaving him. But if he messes up again she’ll pull out the divorce card. Now when I heard this, I was overjoyed at the fact that it meant I wouldn’t have to leave the guys and Angela. Don’t get me wrong, I’d help my sister willingly if she needed it, but it’s not preferred living like living in this house is.


“Hey boo, how‘re you holding up?” Angela asks, peering her head from the other end of the couch to look at my face. With squinted eyes I look over at her and sigh.

“This sucks. I wish the boys were here.” I say, watching the screen again and listening to Ellie King. My god, her music sucks.

“I know. I miss them too. It‘s too quiet in the house now that they‘re out.” she says taking a small sip of her mixed drink. It looks a lot like pineapple juice but it tastes nothing like it.

“Not just that. At least with them around I had eye candy at my disposal.” I say with a smirk.

“Oh my god, boo. I think we need to cut you off on the liquor.” she says, with a shocked expression that quickly turns into a small laugh. She shakes her head dismissively and returns her attention to the television.


I’m not sure how long Ellie King’s songs are, but that last one about X’s and O’s felt like eternity. Groaning, I stand and head toward the bathroom. The only downfall of drinking is the multiple trips to the facilities. I unclip the black clip from my hair and toss it, not caring where it lands.

“What was that?!” I hear Angela ask from the living room.

“Nothing!” I shout back with another smirk. Washing my hands, I stare at my reflection in the mirror and quickly look away, only to have all my flaws flash by every time I close my eyes.

I think of the bags under my eyes, the way my double chin seems to triple whenever I drink. The way my hair falls flatly onto my shoulders. But as these thoughts cross my mind I remember the last time I thought this way. I smile thinking back to Luke hugging me from behind. His sweet words telling me I’m perfect and beautiful. The way he seemed to push every ugly thought out of my head. After drying my hands hastily, I grab my phone and begin texting,

‘I love you’ without one thought flying through my head. Just as I finish I scroll through my contacts and find Luke; hitting send I walk out.


Walking into the kitchen, I refill my glass and feel my phone buzz. Smiling wider, I grab it out and read the new message from Luke,

‘Ha I love you too best friend’ Rolling my eyes I begin typing back,

‘Screw the best friend, I just love you.’ and hitting send before sliding it back into my pocket. I grab my filled glass and plop down next to Angela on the couch. As I lay my head on her arm I watch Ryan announce the next performance.


An Australian pop punk band that is currently on fire. Our squeals are heard throughout the house and Angela quickly scoots to the end of her seat. Not even caring that I fall face first into the couch cushion, almost spilling the contents inside my glass.

“Thanks brat.” I mumble as I scoot over and set my glass on the table in front of us.

“Whatever, don‘t even try to act like you aren‘t excited.” she says, eyes still glued to the T.V.

My phone buzzes again and I slide it out reading the new message.

‘Really? lol’ Smiling in response I quickly respond back,

‘Totally’ and set my phone to the side. The guys come on and Angela and I are singing along to She’s Kinda Hot. My hair is flying everywhere as I head bang along to the beat and air drum to my heart’s content.


“Oh my god. Look at Ashton. He‘s already sweating so much and it‘s only their second song.” Angela says, staring intently at the screen. I get a glimpse of the monkey man himself and see his hair dripping wet.

“He should really get that checked out.” I tease, going back to air drumming. As I look up I get a long look at Luke, as they always show him the most, and realize he looks really good with his flattened hair. A lot better than the quiff he had a year or so ago.


“Shit. Look at Cal’s arms. Carol, I can‘t.” Angela says, before groaning in frustration. I laugh loudly and shove her slightly before returning my attention to the screen.

“Fuck me sideways, have you seen Mickey? He‘s fucking walking sex at the moment.” I blurt out, all joking gone. Now it’s Angela’s turn to laugh hysterically before looking at me as she says,

“Boo, calm down. It‘s nothing we haven‘t seen them do before.” then sighing to even out her breathing.

“Fuck that shit. He looks hot.” I say, not even hiding my attraction.

“Alright Carol, if you say so.” she says condescendingly.

Her teasing me makes me feel a lot better. She’s been silent for a while and rather than ask her what’s wrong I’ve been letting her sit on it. I figure if it’s something she can’t handle alone, she’ll come to me for advice like she always has before. Watching her fangirl at the guys, it’s almost like I have her back and things are normal again.

My phone buzzes again and I read the new message from Luke.

‘Would you be willing to prove that?’ Smiling I reply,

‘Any night of the week’ before putting my phone down again. Almost immediately my phone buzzes again.

‘So if I were to call and confirm, would you answer?’ Luke asks. Stifling laughter I answer back,

‘Obviously’ sending it and chugging my wine.

Angela leaves now that there’s a commercial break and heads toward the kitchen to refill her glass. I lean back into the sofa and hear my phone blare. Collar Full by Pan!c at the Disco can be heard and I realize Luke’s calling. I thought the ringtone was appropriate as it was the first song we listened to together when they got home.

“So you love me, huh?” I hear Luke ask with a smug tone after I pick up. Smiling I answer,

“Yupp.” making the ‘p’ pop to exaggerate on it. He laughs lightly only to ask,

“Since when?” with a smile evident in his tone.

“Since you were sweet enough to make me feel beautiful.” I answer honestly.

Angela returns and sees me on the phone slightly raising her right eyebrow at me. I can’t stifle my smile and she immediately starts grinning slightly. I watch her set her glass down on the table and stare intently at me.

“Oh.” he says after a short while.

“What?” I ask, confused by the change of tone in his voice.

“I thought you were drunk texting.” he says in the same mellow tone.

“I am not drunk! Okay, maybe a little buzzed. But not drunk!” I shout into the phone, giggling away at my own lie. Angela rolls her eyes clearly done with my shit.

“See, now I know you‘re drunk.” he says with a laugh. My mouth opens with shock and I say,

“Shut up, Lucas.” with the same giggly tone. To this, Angela opens her mouth slightly with shock and hits my arm to get my attention. I rub it gently and mouth ‘ow’ to her, to which she rolls her eyes.

“Make me.” he answers with a smug tone. I can see the smirk already on his face, the lip ring poking out even more because of it.

“You‘d like me to, wouldn‘t you? You shit.” I add in, with a smirk growing on my lips as Angela stares with wide eyes.

“Did you just call me a shit?” he asks, laughing throughout. I smile widely in response and ask,

“What‘re you gonna do about it, blondie?” teasing him. I bite my lip and Angela hits me on the arm again, this time with a more frantic look on her face. I shake her away dismissively with my hand and listen for his response.

“Don‘t start what you can‘t finish.” he says, all ounce of joking gone. Confused I ask,

“Who says I won’t finish?” This puzzles Angela and she grabs for her glass. I smile at her in response.

“No one, but you and Michael have a nice back and forth.” Luke says, with the same serious tone as earlier.

“Am I talking to Michael?” I ask, with the same giggly like tone from earlier. I hear him sorta laugh lightly in the background before saying,

“No.” with a smile evident in his tone. I look over at Angela and she’s giving me a death glare as I say,

“Then I repeat. What are you. Going to do. About. It. Blondie?” nice and slow as though he’s been the one drinking all night. Which probably isn’t too far from the truth.

“Oh, you just wait till I get home.” he says, with a very rough voice that brings a wide smile to my face.

“Is that a threat?” I ask, teasingly. Angela takes another sip from her glass and shakes her head, returning her gaze to the television, clearly done with trying to get my attention.

“You bet it is.” he answers, with the same tone as before. Smiling in response I ask,

“Promise?” with a slight giggle and he laughs along with me as he says,

“Promise.” before I hang up without saying goodbye. I fall over onto my side of the couch and use the arm as a pillow.


“What the hell was that?” Angela asks, clearly puzzled and annoyed. I sigh and feel my phone buzz.

“What was what?” I ask, fully knowing what she means. I open up the new message from Luke.

‘Now you’re in even more shit for hanging up on me’ I smile at the message and before I can reply back, I feel myself falling asleep just as the guys’ last song comes on.

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