Love's Hard

Alex was having a good life and graduation was coming up and she was prepared for it, but when the wrong person asks for help, everything gets out of whack. Alex is a good girl, but has her bad in her as well. The bad boy, Luke, is the biggest bad boy in the school and thinks he owns everything. As the bad boy of the school goes to Alex for help in class, things start to change in both of him. Read to find out how these two have differences and have similarities.


7. What He Really Wanted


It was Sunday night and Luke didn't stay over tonight, bummer. He went home so he can get ready for school tomorrow. I can't believe that next Sunday I will officially be done with high school. I can not wait! I was in my room scrolling through Facebook on my laptop when i noticed Luke was online. I messaged him.

A- Hey do you have my phone? 

L- I stopped by earlier and gave it to your mom.

A- Thanks i was just wondering. 

He didn't even read my message. He was still online but not replying to me. Huh, I wonder if I did something. I just let it go and kept scrolling. 

"Alex!" I heard my mom yell from downstairs. I got up and walked downstairs to see what she needed. She was standing at the door with someone in front of her that i couldn't see. 

"Yeah what's up?" I said putting my hands in my back pockets.

"There's someone I want you to meet." She said stepping aside. There was a guy, a tall handsome guy who looked kinda buff. "This is Andrew. Him and I have been seeing each other for a while now and he has been dying to meet you." She stated proudly. He smiled and he went to shake my hand. I shook it.

"Nice to meet you Alex." Andrew said. I nodded my head and let go.

"He's going to be staying with us for a while." My mom said smiling proudly. I said okay and walked to grab my phone then back up to my room. I shut my door and I went to my laptop and got back on. Luke was still online. I messaged him again.

A- Did I do something to make you mad? 

I waited for him to read it or reply and he never did. I noticed Michael and i were still friends on Facebook from when we use to be friends a long time ago, that's a different story. I messaged Michael.

A- Why do you and your group hate me? What did I do?

He read it fast. Typing.... Oh god, this is the moment why they are assholes to me.

M- What do you mean? 

What the fuck? Was he being serious?

A- You, Calum, Ashton and Carrie are all assholes to me, everyday.

M- I'm just doing that because it makes me look cool, i don't know why they are assholes to you.

A- Sure you don't know (sarcasm)

M- Alex we have been friends since kindergarten and now you're not going to believe me?

A- You don't act like my friend so much

M- I just want to finish this year being cool

A- By being an asshole to me? 

M- Sorry but i have to do it in front of my friends. We can be friends when i'm not around them, Okay?

A- Sure

Then I got offline. I really hope I didn't do anything to Luke.


*The nest morning*

I woke up and got ready for another day of school when my phone went off. It's Luke.

L-Hey you, i wanna ask you something when you get to school. It's really important.

I read it with a smile as I made my self look a little more cuter. Maybe he wants to ask me out. 

I drove to school and looked all around for him and I spotted him at school talking to Carrie and a couple of other kids, they had books out. Was he studying with some people so I didn't want to bother him so I just walked into the school to my locker. When I got to my locker i grabbed my books for first hour and started to walk in right when the bell rang. We all took our seats. 

~Skipping to lunch~ I sat down and Luke sent me a text message. 

L- I'll ask you in 5th hour what i wanted to ask you.

A- Okay

We all went to 5th hour and Luke sat beside me. 

"Hey Al"

I turned to look at him, "Hey, what's up?" 

"One of the teachers said that if I don't pass this class i won't be able to graduate. I know you're the smartest in this class so i was wondering if you would help me in this class." He said while looking at me all serious. 

"Sure, but you're going to have to have to take this serious about this." I said. 

"I know." He said agreeing

"Okay then we start tonight." I said as the teacher started class.

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