Love's Hard

Alex was having a good life and graduation was coming up and she was prepared for it, but when the wrong person asks for help, everything gets out of whack. Alex is a good girl, but has her bad in her as well. The bad boy, Luke, is the biggest bad boy in the school and thinks he owns everything. As the bad boy of the school goes to Alex for help in class, things start to change in both of him. Read to find out how these two have differences and have similarities.


3. School

Alex's p.o.v:


"Alex!" I hear my mother yell from downstairs. "Are you up?"

"Yeah, i'm almost ready!" I lied, i'm not even close. Ha oh well i'm late anyway, I hate the place anyway.

"You're late! Was your alarm set?" She replied.

"I must've shut it off yesterday, i'm getting ready now." I answered and got up slowly from my comfortable bed. I went to my closet and grabbed my favorite batman hat that my old best friend bought me before I moved away. I miss him but I got to keep going. I put on my Nirvana shirt with black skinny jeans and my boots. This school year is almost over and I will NOT miss that place. It's like a hell hole, full of the players of the school, bullies, nerds, band geeks, and the normal kids, where I fit in. I grabbed my school bag and walked downstairs slowly. 

"Alex hurry!" My mom barked at me.

"Why should I? I hate that place. I don't know why we couldn't stay in Tennessee where all my friends are, i don't have no friends here, they're all jackasses." I replied rolling my eyes and grabbed a Gatorade from the fridge and standing by the door to the garage. 

"Alex watch your mouth! And you know why we couldn't have stayed, I can't help that you don't socialize with people to make friends or hang out with new people to try and be their friend." My mom replied. 

"Whatever." I said and walked out the door slamming it and getting in my car throwing my bag in the back. I opened the door and backed out of the garage. I shut the garage door and heard a motorbike behind me on the street. "What the-" I said as I looked back and saw the biggest asshole of the school, Luke Hemmings popping a wheelie and driving off fast. I blew it off and drove to school. When I got to school I noticed that a certain someone is trying to start shit with me. I parked to see Carrie standing in front of my car with a bat. I rolled my eyes and opened the door. 

"Move your piece of shit or my batty with meet the car." She stated bitchy. 

"Why the fuck should I listen to you?" I asked rudely.

"Because this is my baby's spot next to Lukey and Ashy." She rubbed her bat as saying it, "Move it." I rolled my eyes and moved my car to the worst spot of the whole parking lot, by the nerds. I got out and they just starred. "Shut the fuck up." I said as I got out of the car and walked past the nerds. I walked inside as the whole group of Luke's was starring at me. I kept walking with my head turned away. Why are they late? Oh because they think that the school rules don't apply for them. I went to my class but on my way the bell rang and it was second hour. I hate this class, Luke's in here with me and i'm glad that the rest of the group isn't with him in here. I walked in and right as I walked in I felt a hand hit my ass. I turned around and saw Luke. 

"Hey sweetheart" I heard his low voice.

"I'm not your sweetheart, so leave me alone." I said getting to my desk and sitting down. The teacher pulled Luke to the side and told him something that seemed to make him pissed off. He walked back to his desk throwing his bag down and looking upset. I know I shouldn't do this but, 

"Luke, are you okay?" I asked concerned. He turned his head and looked at me upset,

"Why do you care? I'm an asshole to you and you still ask me if i'm okay?" He questioned looking confused. 

"I just wanted to know if you were okay, it's looked like Mrs. Peters pissed you off." I said getting my binder out and setting it on my desk." He grabbed his binder looking for a pencil as he spoke,

"Yeah she told me if i don't pass this class i'm fucked and can't get out of this shit hole." I looked at him and handed him a pencil, "Thanks." I nodded and tried to focus on Mrs.Peters but Luke kept getting in my head. I wonder what he was talking about. I looked outside and saw Michael and Ashton waving for Luke to go join him but look was writing something down so i just turned away and focused on school work until a little white piece of paper landed on my desk. It;s from Luke, oh fuck. 'Hey, come hang out with us. This class sucks.' I read it over and over thinking to myself that Luke is just playing me, don't do it. I shook my head to him and he shrugged and got out the window. As I watched him leave I couldn't focus on school work. As the day went on I haven't saw Luke's whole group except for Carrie and Calum. I was walking out the door when a bucket of paint was all over my car and the tires were gone. I looked around and just wanted to cry so I started to walk home and forget my car, as I kept walking I felt someone watching me. I turned around and saw........

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