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               I've never thought I'd end up like this, robbing banks, doing drugs, killing people. If you asked me seven years ago, I would have felt offended that you would have even wondered if my future offered that. I always did my homework, followed the rules and listened to my parents. That was the past, however, and no matter how much we drown ourselves in tears, drugs, or alcohol, we can't get it back.

                   It all happened in high school. I was short, and incredibly skinny. My mom had died and all I had was my dad. My dad owned a large company. My brother, Miles, was my dad's star son. He had muscle, he was tall, and a star football player as well. When Miles graduated from school, he became part of the company. I was cast out, forgotten. One day, dad up and left. We had no idea where he was. My brother took over the company and I always stood in the shadows, wondering what it felt like for someone to be proud of me. I was skin and bone, and I didn't have a bad bone in my body. I was the class nerd, whom people would laugh and point at when I walked by. I watched my brother succeed in life, while I was drowning in sadness and loneliness.

            Every night, nightmares of failure haunted my dreams. I saw myself laying in a casket, at my funeral, with nobody there. I saw myself falling towards the ground, my brother beneath me, but instead of catching me, he'd let me  smash into the ground. I saw myself for what I was, pathetic. One night, as my brother was sleeping, I packed my bags and left, never to come back again.

          I met a guy, by the name of Declan. We had a lot on common, and he quickly became like a brother to me. He let me stay at his place until I got my shit together. We would stay up all night, coming up with elaborate plans. I started working out, and my soul shrunk. My heart grew cold, and I felt nothing. 

          I have been living here ever since then.

  I woke up to loud shrieking. In our neighborhood, it wasn't rare to hear something like this. I went into the kitchen and started making pancakes. As I sat at the table, the front door opened.

 "Oh, pancakes." Declan said and took one.

 "Could you not eat my fucking pancakes?" I asked.

 "Could you not complain?" He smirked and sat on the couch.

 "Whatever." I said and sat next to him on the couch. 

 The screaming continued outside.

 I stood up.

 "IT'S TOO FUCKING EARLY TO LISTEN TO YOU GETTING MUGGED!" I shouted out the window and sat back down.

 The phone rang and I walked towards the phone.

 "Look at the ID before you answer it, Austin."

 "I'm not an idiot." I said.

I answered the phone to hear Adam.

 "Austin, I have a job for you."

 "What's the job?" I asked.

 "Well, it's not the usual drug deals."

 "Adam, it's nine in the morning and this douchebag ate one of my pancakes. I'm not really in the mood for guessing games."

 "Come by the warehouse." He said and hung up.

 "Adam wants us to meet him at the warehouse."


 "Bitch, if I knew I'd tell you."

 "Don't get your panties in a twist, Austin."

 "At this point, you're just asking to get killed." I said and went to my room to get dressed.

 We were approaching the warehouse, and a loud scream echoed through the air. Declan was drinking bottled water.

 When we got to the door, a voice asked for the password. I leaned into the microphone on the wall and whispered, 'your mom'.

 The door opened and we walked in.

 "Austin, use the actual password, for fuck's sake." Lucas said and shut the door behind us.

 "Your mom doesn't have a password." Declan said and threw the empty water bottle behind him.

 "Did you just... did you just pretend the water bottle was a bomb and walk away like those action movie things?" I asked.

 "Um... no." Declan said and kept walking.

 We walked into Adam's office and sat down.

 "Okay, so the job involves going to Mexico. Some of our drug dealers have been held captive by the biggest gang in Mexico. I need you to go to Mexico and save them." He said and handed us some plane tickets and passports. He set a gun on the desk.

 "Adam, I don't think you get how the airport system works. See, if we bring this, we won't make it to Mexico. We'll be in jail." I said like an adult trying to explain to a four year old why they can't eat glue.

 "I used this to make a point, genius. All the guns will be supplied to you in Mexico. Since the gang is so large, you will need help. Someone who will join you on this job will meet you at the airport. Her name is Lucille."

 We nodded and left the office.

 "We're gonna die, aren't we?" Declan asked.


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