The new me

I walked into the Manor I had to save Draco. Lusises Malfoy grabbed me. It was a trap. I was tied up I couldn't breath. "You are worth nothing. No son of mine shall be close to a Mud-Blood." He spat out. Then he said the two words that would ruin my life. The two words that would make me forget. The two words that would send me back in time to the year before my first year at hogwarts. The two words that would change me and my family.The two words that would change my life forever. "Temules Quinces."


1. The Beggining

It was September 31st  My older sister Luna Love good was going to Hogwarts. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for her! But I had to remind her to watch out for Nargles. They say Hogwarts is full of them! I'm sorry allow me to introduce myself I am Hermione Lupin younger sister of Luna Lupin. I have very short red hair that is perfectly straight. I was wearing a blue shirt today to wish my sister luck. I can tell you one huge secret that you can not tell ANYONE 1. I'm not Xenopphiluises daughter. Neither is Luna. Xenopphiluise was killed five years before I was born. I know it's weird. I last name two years ago was Lovegood. But I guess since we lived in an orphanage they would just guess are last name depending on how we acted. Our new father is Remus Lupin. And he is the awesomest dad EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I hope you enjoy the life of Hermione Lupin/Lovegood!😁 

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