Tame the Monster | M.C au |

The supernatural aren't real, that's what everyone thinks. Until recently things start changing, those myths start to come to life, again.


3. Doubt


The following day, Selena and I met with Laura and tell her about what happened our night at the bar. Sure nothing weird happened or nobody got into a fist fight so nothing really worth sharing but we did think about telling her about our experience with the hot blonde bartender, which I'm still buzzing about because out of all things he talked about with us was about the stupid supernatural shit going on lately and knowing Laura she'll have quite some things to say about it.


"So he just came up to you both and acted like a bartender? I'm sure he was just curious about the topic." Laura said after we finished telling her the story.

"Yeah that's obvious but the fact that we've never seen that guy there before made it kinda weird." Selena shrugged.

"Ever think that he may have just started working there. I don't get why your both so freaked out by that. I'm sure there's nothing weird about the guy, he was curious about it and decided to strike up conversation about it with you." Laura rolled her eyes. "People overhear conversations all the time so that's nothing out of the ordinary."

"True. If I heard someone talking about strange beings wandering around I'd be curious too, I may not have joined in on the conversation like he did but whatever. I still doubt that its all real though, regardless of what he said."

"You never know, all the stuff going on could be true and your just stuck in your delusional heads telling yourselves that it's not. What would you say then?" Laura raised an eyebrow at me in particular.

"I'll say I'm wrong simple as that, it's not like we're living in this 24/7 Halloween world, it's not how the world works Laura. You need to stop watching Supernatural, maybe that'll help get your mind out of whatever world your living him. Until I see something out of the ordinary; which I doubt will ever happen, I might consider differently, until then, I don't believe shit.


I was back at home after my shift at work, I was on the couch with a snack and relaxing after a long-ish day. It was fairly late out on the street, everyone was gone and everyday this town at night seems more like a ghost town because even at 10 0'clock at night, I would expect at least cars driving up and down the street but not even a single car was out. It seems like when it goes past 8 0'clock everyone seems to disappear. I have to admit, it is a little strange. But I decide to ignore it as I aimlessly flip through the channels to try and find something to watch.

As I was searching, I casually go past Supernatural, kind of ironic with all the stuff going around. I shrugged deciding to watch it since nothing good is on at 9:30 at night so this was the next best thing and plus I'm getting behind so I thought why not.

As the show progressed, I was starting to feel on edge which happens all the time when I watch AHS, Supernatural or any Paranormal type show so its nothing really out of the ordinary. Out of habit, I got up from the couch to turn all the lights in living room on, just so I feel safer. It's not that I'm afraid, pssh! Where would anyone get that idea?! It's just the simple precaution that I always do.

I went over to the window where the final lamp was and flicked it on. I turn back around to go sit back down when I stare out and notice something strange, I furrow my eyebrows gazing out into the night at the street. There was this black figure standing under a street light, I couldn't tell if it was staring at me or facing the other way but all the stood out to me was 2 things, 1, this thing is insanely tall and 2, it's just standing there. Sure it could be someone just calling someone else to pick them up but there's absolutely no one out.

I shook my head and went back to sit down. ​Ignore it Ciara, it's probably nothing to worry about. No need to get worked up, don't wanna fall into the trap that everyone and Laura is in. ​I tried to get my mind off of whatever was outside and drew my eyes back to the T.V. and finished my snack.

The show had ended and that was a signal for me to head to bed. I was getting tired anyway, I turned off the T.V. and went towards the stairs, I passed by the window again and glanced out again out of curiosity and the thing under the street light was gone. Ok, yeah it was all just in my head but out of the corner of my eyes, I thought I saw some little glow of red, I looked towards the window fully but whatever 'red' I saw was gone. I quickly turned back towards the stairs and went to my room hoping the image won't follow me into my dreams.  

​I'm not gonna worry too much, its probably nothing, once again.


​A.N. Hey everyone, I hope your liking this so far. It's probably not my best writing but, I'm trying. If you like it I would appreciate if you could let me know your thoughts, it'd mean a lot. Hope you're all doing well, next chapter coming soon! Love you!

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