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The supernatural aren't real, that's what everyone thinks. Until recently things start changing, those myths start to come to life, again.


5. Bad Decisions


Is it a good thing to go to a supposed 'danger zone', no of course not. But the curiosity of finding something that everyone is freaked out about is the fun of it. Doing something you're not supposed to do or advised to do, is what's fun. But I'm overall nervous of what I could find going there, especially going there by myself. Pssh, what am I afraid of? Whatever people are buzzing about doesn't even exist and nothing is gonna make me believe otherwise unless I see something myself.


The further I drive down to the park, the more eerie the road seemed to get nobody was out, it was just me. I do have to admit being out at nearly almost 9 and it seems like it's in the middle of the night is a little bit quite unsettling. I stop at a running stop light and a buzz from my phone draws my attention. Sure there's nobody out and it's not a good idea to text and drive, we all know that talk and I'm not one to do that but the fact that nobody is out here waiting, I figured I would at least check who texted me. I looked down at the cup holder where my phone is and the screen was lit saying Ashton texted me. I briefly looked up and it was green, so I continued to go. I decided to wait to see what he said until I get there.


The rest of the trip to the park didn't last too long, I pulled into the parking lot of the park and went for the first spot I saw and parked. I took out my phone, unlocked it and looked at what he said;


​Ashton Irwin: ​Hi Ciara! I'm just texting to make sure you gave me the right number and not some random one just incase if you don't actually wanna talk to me. Buuut, if ya do please continue this conversation. I wanna wish ya good night and to see you tomorrow, look forward to working with you! Goood night. Irwin out!


I couldn't help but laugh at the overall thing. Instantly just from reading his text, I know that he's an amazing person. I look for that in a person, someone that doesn't have to make penis jokes just make you seem cool. There's something about this guy that I'm gonna like and I'm still kind of figuring that out. Just from the text he just seems to have this really bubbly and contagious personality that everyone loves. I for one are very fond of it and his laugh.


I quickly put in his contact and phone number for future purposes, then text him back to let him know I accept his interesting way of a 'friend request'.


​Ciara: Hi, Ashton, haha yes I do wanna talk to you, if I didn't I wouldn't wanna work with you and demand a work hour change.


For a few moments I sat there watching it waiting for it to send which made me remember that the reception here at the park is slow. I just shrugged and clicked off my phone, hopping while I'm here it'll send. I find that kind of strange though because not always has the phone reception was bad. I find it strange with all the stuff going on lately because if you tend to be out here longer than you wanted and you don't have a car for some reason and you want to call someone, there's a chance the person won't get your call or text. This park isn't exactly small either so no there's no telling where you'd end up once you finally got out. 


I just put my phone away and went ahead and took a deep breath and hopped out. Not forgetting to head to the back of my car to the trunk to get out my form of protection device, flashlight and shut the back. I was hoping the flashlight had fresh batteries but oh well. I started making my way to the 'entrance' of the forest, the silence of the air around me quickly surrounding me, the rapid pace of my heart the only technical sound, also along with the crunching of leaves and sticks from my feet.


Slowly but surely I make my way through the forest, my eyes following the light. A light breeze came through making the tops of the trees shift making me slightly more comfortable the further I go in. At this point I wasn't sure where I was because everything now looks the same, trees, some fallen over, tree stumps, all trees. Expected when you're in the forest. Stumbled over a couple rocks letting me know there's things other than trees and sticks. As I went further, I notice something odd in a bit of a small opening in the trees creating a small clearing down below, what caught my eye though on the far side of the clearing hidden in more forest was what I made out was a small hut or really badly put together shack. I slow my walking a bit as I make my way over to the shack which right here made me think of a horror movie and I'm just waiting for something to pop out at me.


As I'm walking closer to it I was getting this sensation of uneasiness, the air around me definitely didn't feel right. It was the feeling that would cause the hairs to stand up on the back of your neck and when you feel as if there's something around you that's exactly what's happening right now. My senses were on high alert right now making me draw my hand towards my jacket pocket where I kept my necessary protection device, just incase I had to attack real quick.


I stopped just a second to scan the area to make sure nothing is around me. There wasn't. So I continued towards the mysterious small hut in the middle of this forest. Could this place be where most of these incidences were happening? It seems logical. I reached the building and looked around it before thinking about going inside, I made my way behind it and right away I notice some piece of random clothing, ​what the hell? ​I knelt down and yep this is where most of them happen. Noticing blood stains on the piece of clothing gives it away. I forget about that and walk inside of the shack. There was a table, one lone wooden chair, a shelf, and something on the table. I went over to read it, but a pair of footsteps that sounded like they were coming closer to the shack made me freeze and even hold my breath, silently hoping whatever is coming is either A, an animal or B, going passed the shack. I grabbed the knife in my pocket and held it ready just incase. I did not come unprepared.


I closed my eyes hoping to not see whatever it is, standing there frozen and shaking in obvious fear. No use in looking tough when your in the forest alone and hear footsteps. For a moment I swore I thought I didn't hear any of them anymore, making my calm down a little bit. I braved it and opened my eyes but jumped back a few feet when a tall man of about 6'4 towered above me, holding out my knife at an arms length. Also noticing my flashlight went out, ​that's just fucking great.


The man followed my small steps backward with one giant step, I opened my mouth to scream but a hand covered it and yanked the knife out of my hand and keeping it held tight in his hand up to my throat while shoving me up against the wall. "Shhh, don't say anything or you'll regret it." A deep raspy voice rang in my ears. His eyes staring me down. "You shouldn't be here, girly. Not a place where you should be wandering around in." He says slowly running a strangely long finger and nail down my cheek making me shiver.


The tone he was using making cringe a bit along with the actions. "I-I was curious, there's nothing wrong w-with that is there?" I say softly and cautiously. Knowing he has my knife makes me uncomfortable.


"Well if you weren't aware the curiosity of many it took their lives and if you aren't careful you'll be next." He said through gritted teeth while digging the knife into my skin slowly to further intimidate me.


"No, no I'm sorry I'll leave. P-Please don't kill me." I shakily respond as a few tears I didn't know had gathered slipped down my cheek.


"See here's the thing, you're a precious girl who has broken a few rules I would have no choice but to kill you but due to request from an anonymous has requested you to stay alive. Count your blessings pretty lady, you'll be set free." He lets go of me, hands me my knife back.


I took a deep breath and left the shack without hesitation, heading back much quicker. Whipping the blood from neck. I found my car again and got in, taking a few deep breaths leaning my head on the seat tossing the flashlight back and put the knife carefully back, starting my car. A lone bat flying around and landing on the closest tree. I pulled out and made the long quiet trip back home.


Damn do I have a story to tell the girls and Ashton, he must be informed too...


[ ​Hi! It's me, it's been awhile since I updated this. I hope you like this chapter. This one will be kind of slow updates since I'm working on this and my Kik story at pretty much the same time. Keep the comments coming, I hope your enjoying this so far. What do you think about this guy? Does he seem familiar? ]


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