Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


22. Two More Princes

Ashtons POV


Michael and I decided not to go with the guys since we weren't really needed. We went back to my cabin instead to pack some stuff for the quest. I grabbed my backpack and put in 2 changes of clothes, some ambrosia and nectar (demigod healing things), golden drachmas (demigod money), and a map. Demigods weren't allowed to use cellphones or any kind of electronics because it was like sending up a flare to all monsters saying here I am!! come eat me please!! So we have to use old fashioned stuff like stupid maps :-/ I also packed Calums and Lukes stuff because, well, im a nice person. I was packing in silence until I asked Mikey the one question that was burning in the back of my mind.


"So, what do you think is happening to Grace right now? Do you think she's still alive?"


He sighed."I'm not going to lie to you Ash. I honestly don't know and, I think there is a possibility she is umm- dead" He said the last part quietly. I had expected an answer like that so I just nodded.


"It will be ok Ash. I know Nico. He is going to keep her alive and use her as bait for you so he can try to kill you. But together we can over power him. He might be cruel, but he is also smart when it comes to war and strategy. I know you Grace had something for eachother, and that will keep her loyal to you."


"I know. I-I need to tell you something that I haven't even told Grace yet."


"What?" he asked.


"I-I think I love her."


*Later today (evening at the dining pavilion for dinner)*

(Still Ashtons POV)


Michael, Luke, Calum, Becky, Issabella, Lucy, and I all sat together at dinner, since it might be the last one we had here, like ever.


"We have something to tell you all" Lucy says.


"We?" asks Mikey.


Lucy grabbed Calums hand and intertwined their fingers.


"Oh" he said smirking. Lucy looked up at Calum since she was like 5'4 and he was 6'1.


"I asked Lucy to be my girlfriend, and she said yes!" everyone said congratulations to them.


"We also have something to tell you" said Luke, pulling Issabella into his side as she smiled up at him.


"Me and Luke are dating!!!!" Issabella said like it was the best thing in the world.


"Why didn't you tell me sooner?!" asked Lucy as she pulled her into a bear hug.


"We wanted to tell everyone else at once" she replied.


Then Tamuss stomped his hoof so everyone was looking up at him.


"Prince, have you decided which 4 demigods are to come with you on your quest in addition to Luke and Calum?"


I stood up. "Yes, I have"


"I looked at Michael who gave me a thumbs up.


"I have picked Michael Clifford, Rebecca Moore, Issabella Roxanne, and Lucy Fergausen."


"Michael, Becky, Lucy, Issabella, Luke, Calum, and Ashton will all be going on this quest." Tamuss announced stomping his hoof again, making it official. Everyone in the dining pavilion clapped for us. He turned to Lucy and Issabella.


"Girls, have you received who Lukes and Calums chosen Godly parent are yet?"


"No sir. Not yet" replied Lucy. But just then Morthos came rushing in with papers in his hand.


"Morthos what are you doing here? You know you are supposed to wait in my office."


"Yes, I know and I'm sorry sir."


"Well if you know why are you here?"


"Because of Luke and Calums godly parents." He handed Tamuss the papers and he gasped, his face fell and turned into shock.


"This cannot be." he mumbled.


" I am sorry sir. That is what the machine said and the machine is never wrong."


Everyone was trying to look over Tamuss's shoulder but they couldn't see. There was so much noise because everyone was asking who their godly parent was.


"Silence!! Tamuss boomed and everyone rushed to get back to their seats.


He turned to Luke and Calum. "I am not sure how, and I am not sure why, but Calum, your godly parent. is. Hades and Luke... Your godly parent. Is. Zeus." and everyone's jaws dropped open. We now had two more Princes on our hands. Just what we needed...

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