Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


7. The Worst Night of my Life

Ashtons POV


As I locked my bedroom door. I saw the lights turned off and felt hands push me gently against the wall. I slammed my lips onto hers. The kiss got more heated and I licked her bottom lip asking for entrance. Our toungs battled for dominance, me winning in the end. We stood there for what seemed like hours just making out and my hands roaming her body while her hands tugged at my hair. She kissed down my jaw line and onto my neck. I was a little shocked because I thought I was going to do that but I knew her too well so I let her take control.  She left soft yet sloppy kisses all over my neck until she started to suck on my sweet spot. I separated myself from the wall and she pushed me onto the bed while laying on top of me. She continued to do her job and I heard Michael scream.


Dammit I told them to keep him quiet, I thought to myself.


Rachel started to move her hips on mine making me hard. She moved faster and I started to moan. Then I felt something very sharp on my neck:

This is where the worst begins...            

I ignored it but soon enough the sharp things started to get pushed into my neck. I tried to get away from Rachel and the pain she was causing me but her grip was inhumanly strong. She stopped and pinned my arms above my head as she picked her head up while straddling me. The sight was horrifying. Her eyes were pure red and blood covered fangs were sticking out of her mouth. "Oh Ashton, Prince of Olympus, how stupid can u be?" She asked in a demon like voice. I heard Michael scream again and banging on my door. I She ignored it and went back to torturing me. But this time she sunk her fangs multiple inches deep into my neck. I let out a horrifying scream. Just imagine someone taking two very sharp pencils and sticking them 4 inches deep into your throat!! She just giggled at my pain. Then Calum and Luke screamed like little girls. Me and Mikey probably would have been laughing out asses off if I wasn't currently in the process of BEING EATEN ALIVE!!!!! I felt the life draining out of me. "GET OFF ME!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!! I yelled as loud as I could which was pretty loud considering I was like, half dead. I tried to call out for Michael but I was getting too weak. Then, just as I was slipping out of  consciousness, I saw Mikey bust down the door and flames were dancing along his palms. Calum and Luke were standing behind him and looking like they were going to die any second from shock and confusion. I mouthed to him, help. Then everything went black. 





Oohhh what's gonna happen next??? lol. Love you guys and keep commenting if you want me to update. XX



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