Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


38. The Baby

Graces POV


I was sitting on my couch and watching tv by myself when Becky came bursting though the door in tears. 


"Becky whats wrong??" I asked and got up. She just shook her head and hugged me. We sat back down on the couch while I rubbed her back and she cried for about 15 minutes. When she calmed down a little bit I told her,


"I'm going to go get some tissues, chocolate, and a movie for us to watch ok? You stay right here and relax." she nodded and sniffed. I made my way to the kitchen thinking, What or who the hell made Becky cry like this? If it was Michael I swear I'm going to murder him. I got the food and the tissues and movie and went back to the living room to see Becky laying on the couch staring at the ceiling fan spin around just like I do when I am in deep thought. And since we are sisters, I knew that she was the same way.


"What are you thinking sis? Are you ready to talk?" I asked as I put in the movie.


"You promise you wont hate me?"


"I could never hate you!! I love you." she took a deep breath and nothing could prepare me for what she said next:


"Grace, I'm pregnant."




Ashtons POV


Audrey had brought me back to camp with new knowledge that Calum was in danger. I stood at the door of my cabin and looked at my sister.


"I know this is hard to comprehend, I do. It will get better soon, I promise. I love ya little bro." she said and hugged me.


"Goodnight sis, see you around."


"See you around." and I blinked and she was gone. I headed into my cabin and found that it had been left the same way I had left it. I'll tell everyone that I am here tomorrow. I showered and crashed on my bed. The second my head hit the pillow my eyes closed and I fell asleep.


*Time skip to morning*


I woke up and nothing happened. If you were expecting me to say "I woke up to a breeze and the smell of grass", you don't know me at all. I got up groggily and went to the bathroom to get ready. After I had showered and gotten dressed into grey sweatpants, Nike running shoes, and a grey hoodie, I heard a loud knock on my wooden door. I slowly strolled over to it and the second I opened it Grace jumped on me with a hug.


"I missed you Ashton!!"


"I missed you too." I said and held onto her.


"Hey mate!!" I heard Mikeys voice.


"Hey guys" I said and we greeted each other. I looked between Lucy and Michael wondering how long it was going to be until they knew.


"Are you ok Ash?" asked Grace. I shook my head and looked at Calum.


"Audrey told me something about Calum. And it wasn't good."


"Was it about my nude???!!" Calum asked with an attitude as he glared at Mikey.


"Uhhh, no. She said that you are in grave danger and that we have to protect you. My father also said that you are in danger because someone is here at camp and they are looking for you. All I know is that it is a girl from your past and they are mad at your for something you did." Calums smile melted away.


"Well, w-who is i-it?"


"I don't know. Do you guys no anybody." Grace was staring at something in the distance and she whispered,


"Oh my gods, I know who it is."




"Calum do you know a Mya?" Calums face flushed and he looked like he was about to cry.


"Y-yes." He squeaked out as he grabbed onto Lukes arms for support. Mya was his last girlfriend. (NOW IS THE TIME TO GO REREAD CHAPTER 31 OR THIS WILL NOT MAKE ANY SENSE :) ) She had been with him for over a year and she had cheated on him 4 times with his best friend right behind his back, and he had found out the hard way by walking in on them.


"A couple night ago a girl named Mya came up to me and asked where you were. She said you two had a misunderstanding and that she had asked Tamuss where you were." Issabella spoke up,


"No girl came up to Tamuss a couple nights ago. I was with him for the last four nights working on a camp project for this upcoming fall, so I would know."


"Wait what did this Mya look like?" asked Luke.


"She had short blonde hair and brown eyes. She looked like a cheerleader that over dressed for everything and she was super bitchy and over protective of Calum." Calum made an unmanly whimpering sound as he fell to his knees. He kept shaking his head as Lucy tried to comfort him. His hands were shaking uncontrollably and he was crying.

"I-I-I cant see h-her. She h-hurt m-me so m-much. I j-just c-can't!!" Lucy held him in her arms and I could tell it pained her to see him like this. I guess they had worked it out while I was gone.


"A-a-ashton." Grace said as she shook me out of my thoughts and was staring in fear at three figures that were approaching us.


"Its Nico, Mya, and-" she gasped and shook her head and gripped my hand.


"N-no it cant be her. There is no fucking way she can get back into camp. She was banished from here!!"


"Who? Who is it?" asked Luke.


"Nadia Zamets." she said and I felt the air drop about 50 degrees. We were all now standing in a line as one of the figures disappeared.


"W-where did she go??" Cal asked concerned.


"Hey babe." someone sneered behind Calum as they tapped him on the shoulder. He screamed and jumped about 5 feet away and fell down.


"M-m-mya???" he whispered.


"That's right baby I missed you." her eyes turned red and she started into Calums eyes.


"Come here and kiss me." she stated. His eyes glossed over and he nodded slowly. Lucy unsheathed her dagger and stood in between them. I noticed that Mya was a Vampiris, just like the Rachel who had tried to kill me, and I knew that they had seduction powers.


"If you even think about doing anything to him I will hurt you so help me-"


"Please little girl get out of my way before I hurt you." 


"Bitch, try me." Lucy said sternly. She as not going down without a fight. Mya swung and Lucy easily ducked.


"Is that all you got you blood sucking bastered?" Calum stared at them with a sleepy smile.


"Come one babe get her." Calum giggled like he was on sleeping gas.


"Which one?" they both asked but Calum just giggled some more without answering. Mya kicked upward but Lucy did a back flip.


"And I though you were good at fighting. Well I guess everyone's wrong at some things." Lucy smirked and I could tell she was trying to tick her off so her full attention would be on her and Calum could get away.


"Oh you asked for it little girl." Mya sneered and grew claws that looked just like Rachels. It just dawned on me, why are we not helping Lucy? But then I found out why; Mya raked her claws against Lucys side and she dropped her dagger. She fell to her knees and that seemed to be enough to get Cal out of his trance.


"Baby!!" he cried as he rushed to her but Nico stopped him by putting his sword to Lucys neck.


"Come any closer, and she will die." Becky, Michael, and Issabella had their weapons out and they had murderous looks on their faces. The girl that Grace said was Nadia Zamets had two scary lookin blades out, and they were already covered in blood like she had just killed someone or something before they came here. Her lower face was covered with a mask, but her blue and hazel eyes gleamed with a lust for blood.


"One on one Ashton? You win, you keep Grace and everyone else in your camp is safe, including," he looked at Becky, "the baby."


"The what?" Michael asked. Beckys eyes widened in despair. I guess she had found out but hadn't told Mikey yet. This was not going to end well.


"Oh she didn't tell you?" Nico asked in false surprise.

"Well, ya see, Becky here is pregnant with your child, Michael." 

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