Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


4. Secrets and Lies

RACHELS POV (for a change ;)



I cant believe Ashton thinks I like him. He thinks I am coming over tonight because of "that" when really he doesn't even know what's coming. He doesn't know that Sam is my sister. I cant believe he doesn't know what I am yet. The only way he wouldn't know was is if he doesn't know who he is himself. Someone as powerful as him would know who he is by know, wouldn't he? All I could think about was sinking my fangs into his neck tonight and drinking every last bit of his sweet, sweet royal blood from his hopeless little body until he dies in my arms. Oh Ashton, you better watch your back.



Ashton POV



The last bell rang and Luke met me, Calum, and Michael at his car.


"I guess im taking you all to Ashtons, am I right?"


"Yup, come on we got to get to band practice" says Michael. I got in the back seat with him and we drove off. I texted Rachel my address,


A- Hey love, my address is 1314 Kingsbill road. Plz don't come over till 5 I wont be home until then. btw my mom will be home at 9, I know u love her XX

R- I miss her soo much!! ok see u soon ;) XX


The 'I wont be home till 5' part was a lie. I didn't want Rachel coming over until then because we wouldn't be done practicing until 4:30 but we had to eat dinner and I sure as hell wasn't going to have Michael and Rachel eat together let alone know they were in the same house.

"Who ya texting?" questions Calum from the front. I decided it would be best to lie again just a little bit. "Lilly" I said it wasn't a complete lie. I mean I was texting her also so I didnt feel that bad a bout it.


"OOHH IS EMMA WITH HER??? Luke asks excitedly. We all laughed our asses off from his enthusiasm. He started to blush. "Shut up u guys" he said with a small smile on his face. 


"So what cover are we going to play" I said trying to change the subject and save Luke from anymore embarrassment.


"OOOH I KNOW!!" Calum said after a couple beats of silence "I was thinking What I Like About You by The Romantics"


"That sounds great!" Michael says.


*15 mins later*


We arrived at my house. As Michael was getting a snack I reminded the guys that we had to keep Rachel and Michael separated and that Rachel was coming at 5.



Rachels POV



I got a text from Ashton saying,


A- Hey love,(mentally rolled my eyes) my address is 1314 Kingsbill road. Plz don't come till 5 bc I wont be home. btw my mom will be home at 9. I know u love her XX

Time to lie a little. Its what I do best...

R- I miss her soo much!! ok see u soon ;)


Well he told me to come at 5 so im going at 4 to see what hes really doing.


Maybe he knows what I am and is going to TRY to hurt me but I wont allow that and I don't think he knows. I cant wait to see the look on his face when we kiss. It will get more heated and I will kiss down his neck making sure he doesnt do it to me first. Whn I hear his first moan I will sink my teeth into his neck and suck him dry. All I want to do is to see his lifeless body in my arms. Luke and Calum will make this a little harder especially since they are humans. Tonight, The Prince of Olympus will be dead, and I will get my revenge.    



Michaels POV (finally ikr!! :)


We had finished band practice and ordered pizza. I was thinking of a way to tell Ashton what/who he is and that I am kinda like him. Btw I'm son of Ares (war god). Now let me explain a little more... 1) Greeks gods are still around and sometimes they go down to the mortal world, also know as earth, and have kids with mortals, also know as humans. 2) Those kids are called demigods. They are half human-half god. 3) Powerful demigods sometimes have powers such as the children of Zeus (Lord of the sky), Hades (Lord of the underworld/hell and enemy of Poseidon), and Poseidon (Lord of the Sea/water). 4) I will also explain what child Ashton is later tonight because he is one of the most powerful demigods ever in history of man/god kind. Back to my thoughts,

"How am I going to tell him?" I mumbled to myself.


Just tell him the truth. I sense something dangerous is going to happen tonight but there is a block and I do not know what is happening. Because there is a block, I cannot help so you, Michael, will have to protect him. Bring him to Mount Othiris and save me from my cage. The power of the sea lies in your hands, Michael. Give that responsibility to Ashton after you teach him how to use him powers. Now I have to go. My powers are growing weaker by the minute and I will not be able to connect with you any longer. Watch out for that Rachel girl. Remember, Mount Othiris... 

  Lord Poseidon spoke in my mind. I'll just tell him the truth and teach him to use his powers. Then we need to rescue Poseidon from Mount Othiris, Palace of the Titans (Titans and gods try to destroy eachother, otherwise know as enemys).


After we ordered pizza I took most of the box because, come on, if your a child of Ares you need to keep your stomach full. I dropped my 4th piece of pizza and started to sniff the air "You alright mate?" Luke asks. I ignored him because I was too focused on the monster smell that I was smelling. To be more exact I smelled a Vampiris. Then I remembered my conversation with Poseidon. It could only mean one thing.


I looked out the window and didn't see anything so I decided it want anything so I just shook it off. When I turned towards the boys they had very confused looks on their faces. Oh well. Even thought there wasnt anything there, I couldn't get the image out of my head. I could only think about one thing. Rachel.



Rachels POV


I took off at super speed. In case you haven't noticed yet I am a Vampire. To be more specific, a Vampiris (lady vampire). I arrived at Ashtons back door and peek through the window.


WHY IS MICHAEL HERE!?! Tonight just got a lot harder!!

Michael dropped his pizza and looked over at the window. I quickly ducked down praying to Tarturus (Titan of the underworld/hell) that he wouldn't see me. I heard him walk over with my super sonic hearing and then I heard him sniffing. As a child of Ares one or his powers if super smell. I know weird right? Then I heard him sigh and walk away.

Ashton lied to me about bringing Michael. He just made his destiny a whole lot more slower and painful...



Ashtons POV


We all finished band practice and had ordered pizza. OF COURSE Mikey took like the whole box. Once he was on his 4th piece, he just stopped chewing all of a sudden then looked at the back door. "You alright mate?" Luke asks. Instead of answering he ignores Luke and started to sniff the air. Ok this just got really weird. Why is he acting like a dog? He looked out the window then sighed and turned back around and started to eat his pizza like nothing ever happened.

Maybe it has something to do with what he has to tell me, I thought. Well I guess I'll find out tonight...


I looked at the time on my phone and my eyes widened. it read 4:55. Crap!! she's going to be here any seconf I signaled to Luke and Calum the time and thank god they immidietly understood. 


"Hey who wants to play Fiffa?" questioned Calum. Luke quickly raised his hand and Michael did too. He still looked a little shaken up for some reason. 


"Nah im good. I'll stay down here and clean up" I lied.

Then the door bell rang. Fuck


"Who's that?" Mikey asks.


"Ummm- just the UPS guy" I told another stupis lie. Today is just full of lies isn't it, I scolded myself in my head. I pushed the boys upstairs then straightened out my shirt before opening the door.


"Hey beautiful" I said opening the door and giving Rachel a hug as she blushed. Have I mentioned that I love making her blush? Well I do ;)


"Hey curly" she said returning the hug. That's her nickname for me.


"Sorry for asking but can I have some pizza? im starving!" she said eyeing the pizza box and giggling. I love her laugh. I chuckled.


"Of course".


We ate and talked about anything and everything.


"Can we, maybe, go on up to your room and 'talk' " she asked seductively.


"Absolutely but we'll have to keep it quiet because Luke and Calum are up there. If you hear screaming its probably because one of them lost at Fiffa." We both laughed. She had never been to my house before so I led her up to my room and locked the door. I can only imagine what we'll do ;)



Rachels POV


"Can we, maybe, go on up to your room and 'talk' " I asked in my most charming voice.


"Absolutely but we'll have to keep it quiet because Luke and Calum are up there. If you hear screaming its probably because one of them lost at Fiffa." He laughed and I faked laughed. The only screams that will be heard tonight are yours. And no not from pleasure, but from pain and suffering, I thought evilly. I pretended like I had ever been to his house before because the other times that I've been here it was because I was watching him or keeping an eye on him.

He led me to his bedroom and locked the door. Perfect.



Michaels POV


We were all playing Fiffa and we had to make sure not to scream. I'm not sure why but I just went along with it. Then we heard two people going up the stairs. "What is that?" I asked. "Nothing" they both looked at eachother. "Umm-oookkk" I just decided to ignore that too. Then we heard people kissing. "OK what is that and don't tell me its nothing". They Looked at eachother and smirked like they knew what was going on in Ashton's room. Wait, that sound was coming and Ashton's room and he would only kiss one person. Rachel.

"Alright someone better tell me what's going on or I will go find out myself!!" I yelled at them.


They looked at eachother once again and sighed.

"Alright we'll tell you but you have to promise not to freak out." Calum said


"I promise"


"Ok." Luke started. " Well before you asked Ashton today if you could stay the night someone already asked him and he told them yes."


"And that someone is?" I asked starting to et irritated.


"Rachel" They said quietly.


Then my head started to pound it wasn't because I didn't like Rachel, it was because she was a Vampiris with a mission to kill Ashton and they were both in the same room that was locked. She got to all her victims with one strategy. Seduction. Oh shit.
















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