Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


39. Michael Finds Out

Ashtons POV


"One on one Ashton? You win, you keep Grace and everyone else in your camp is safe, including," he looked at Becky with a smirk, "the baby."


"The what?" Michael asked. Beckys eyes widened in despair. I guess she had found out but hadn't told Mikey yet. This was not going to end well.


"Oh she didn't tell you?" Nico asked in false surprise.

"Well, ya see, Becky here is pregnant with your child, Michael." Michaels eyes widened and his sword dropped a little. He looked at Becky.


"B-Becky, what is he talking about?" Becky gripped Graces hand, so I'm assuming she knew too. She was in tears now and stuttered,


"Umm, well I-I just found out this morning and I didn't know when I was going to tell you because I was afraid you would hate me and then leave me and I want to keep the child so I was afraid I wouldn't find anyone to help me raise it and-" Michaels cut her off with a long passionate kiss. Becky was surprised because she thought that Mikey was going to hate her, but I think he has wanted a kid of his own for a while. Specifically a boy. I looked at Nico and he scowled. I think he was hoping that him leaking the information would turn Michael against us, or more of Becky, but actually it did the total opposite. It gave all of us another reason to fight. But my real question was how the hell did he find out?


"Enough with the PDA, yay a baby!! Just someone else for me to slaughter." Nico said evilly. Michael pulled away and went at Nico with the most murderous look I have ever seen on his face. He had his 4 foot long Vetermis sword out and that type of blade trapped souls. Whoever Mikey killed with it, their souls would be trapped in it forever and it would live in agony and pain for eternity. He tried not to use it, but when it came to Nico, that was always his first choice. Nico backed up but Nadia stepped infront of him with her bloody blades. She swung at Mikey but he ducked and he tried to stab at her but she twisted away. They were both good at this, and it was hard to think who would win. They kept going at it and eventually I yelled,


"ENOUGH!!! Nico I'll take you up on your offer. If I win you, Nadia, and Mya leave all of us alone and never come back, and if you win....."


"I take you and Grace, and I kill the baby."


"What??!" Becky screeched. "Why the hell would you kill my baby??!"


"Because it would be one less demigod to handle in the future, and they might be born with special powers, specifically to defeat me or Nadia."


"Whats so special about Nadia anyways?" asked Calum. He was looking at Lucy who was still lying on the ground and bleeding, but she was alive and Nico did not have the sword to her throat anymore. No one seemed to be paying attention to her so he took the opportunity to body check Nico backwards, and it didn't do much because he was a big guy, but it was enough for him to get infront of Lucy. He had his own sword too, and he also had another weapon that only I knew about. It was a small sphere that when he cracked it open, it is said to release a shock wave of energy that can knock half the camp out in about 0.5 seconds. He kept it in his coat pocket and I knew he wouldn't really use it if we were in the camp, which meant if we had a chance of defeating them, we would have to take the fight outside of the camp. After Calum said those words I heard a low growl come from Nadias throat.


"Does she really need to show you? She can take out 200 guards out easily by herself with no injury. Her beauty distracts her male opponents when she takes the mask off. That's why she wears the mask."


"I wont believe it until I see it." said Issabella. Nadia reached up and unclipped the mask. She slowly peeled it off to reveal one of the most perfect, beautiful, and goddess like faces I have ever seen. My mouth hung open a little bit and so did Luke and Michael, but surprisingly not Calum. He shrugged and said something funny and stupid at a bad time:


"Ahh, not my type." Issabella broke out in a fit of giggles which caused Luke to laugh, and then it was like a chain reaction. Nico was staring at Nadia. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they had a thing for eachother. Two baddies together made the perfect couple after all, and I didn't want Grace getting near him again. I leaned over and whispered to Grace.


"I need you to take Becky somewhere safe. Calum will come with Lucy and Issabella will help, but you need to go now. Me, Luke, and Michael will stay here and fight, and hopefully Calum will return to us if you can convince him."


"But-" she started but it was my time to cut her off with a kiss, and we both really enjoyed it.


"Promise you'll come back to me?"


"I promise." and with that Grace told Becky would shook her head with wide eyes and gripped Michaels hand. I vaguely heard the conversation but I heard bits and pieces like,


"No........Michael.....the baby......without a father........cant live......." Michael kissed Becky and told her to go, and so did Issabella and Luke. It was like they were saying goodbye to their husbands who were going off to war or something. Calum picked up the wounded Lucy with ease and started to walk away with the girls. I could tell Becky was really upset because she had just told the father of her baby and the love of her life about the baby, and there was a possibility he would get killed and she wouldn't be there to help him, and that he wouldn't be their for their child. Also I bet the pregnancy hormones weren't helping her either.


"So," Nico said. "You and me, Ashton. While Mikey and Luke can try to take on Nadia and Mya."


"One thing though, we take it outside of camp."


"Whatever." We went outside of camp to a distance that was far enough for Calum to be able to use his sphere. I prayed silently to my dad, Dad if you can hear me, please let me win. Its not that I want to win, it's just that I want to keep Grace, the baby, and everyone else safe. Please help me. Luke and Michael were staring at Mya and Nadia who had evil smirks on their faces. I watched Nico as I took my sword out and he did the same..........



(The next part will be in 3rd person POV but its still the same scene) 


Ashton and Nico took out their deadly blades and faced eachother while Michael sized up to Nadia and Luke did the same to Mya.


"You can't win, Ashton. I will be king of Olympus, not you. I've given up on Grace and when I become king, Nadia will be Queen and you. Will. Be. Dead. And so will everyone else." said Nico. Ashton smirked.


"Really? Because you said that last time and look how that turned out for you." Nico scowled, raised his blade, and charged. Nadia advanced slowly, enjoying the fear on Michaels face as Mya disappeared and reappeared behind Luke. Nadia had not put her mask back on so Mikey was distracted by her radiating beauty, but one glance as her swords snapped him out of his trance. He raised his Vetermis and prepared himself for any attack. She slashed upward, but he blocked it. Nadia did a front flip over Michaels head and slashed downward, creating a nasty gash across his back. It wasn't fatal, but it hurt him tremendously as he felt warm liquid running down his back. He felt his energy drain as if only some of his soul had been reclaimed by Nadias blade. He staggered and reached towards his back, and brought his hand forward. He couldn't see the flesh on his hand anymore, just the deep red blood that Nadia wished to see. Luke let out a yelp as Mya pushed him from behind, causing him to stumble forward. Someone who didn't know him would think he was clumsy and not so smart during battle, but he thrust his sword backward, grazing her arm as he earned a loud, demon-like hiss from her. Mya kicked outward and kicked his chest, sending him backwards, but he put his hands next to his head once he hit the ground and pushed up, which looked like some crazy ninja move. Nadia walked over to the dazed Michael, but he lit his hands on fire as her smile wavered.  

"A fire child?" she whispered in shock. Mikey knew her one weakness and that was fire. He  shot his hands out repeatedly and she jumped and turned to avoid getting blasted with fire streaks. One caught on to her sword, and it melted it into a puddle of shiny, silver goo. You could vaguely see spirits floating up and disappearing in the sky. While Nadia was distracted, Michael lit his entire body on fire and charged at her. She only realized a little too late so when she jumped, her lower body got severely burned, and  she hit the ground. Her other sword had landed a few feet away and Michael quickly picked it up and as soon as he did it melted as well. Luke wasn't having as much luck though. Mya kept disappearing and reappearing behind him. He was covered in dirt and blood and he had lost his dagger. Mya lunged but luke flew upward and landed behind her but was too slow to turn around, so she drove her short thin blade through his gut from the back to front. Luke fell to his knees and looked down to see monster dust infront of him. With his blurry vision, Luke noticed that Mya was now gone and around the pile was a ring of fire. Michael was rushing to get to him but Nadia kept distracting him. Luke felt like the air was being extracted from his lungs as he started to fall towards the ground. Before he went down, he saw Ashton pushing Nico backwards in a flurry of attacks. Then he blacked out. Ashton attacked Nico and they were both surprised at how strong he was being. Nico was on the loosing side at the moment, but it had rained earlier. Ash slipped in the mud as Nico made a deep cut on his right bicep. Nico towered over him and rose his blade. Michael had gone down as well when Nadia splashed water on him and extinguished his flames when he was trying to get to the passed-out Luke. It looked like it was the end of the three. Suddenly Nadia, Michael, Ashton, Nico, and a dead-looking Luke were all blasted backwards. Smoke fogged up their visions and it had woken up Luke. There was a black ring in the middle of the explosion and there stood a tall, sturdy figure holding a small, round object in his left hand. When the fog cleared the guy looked up like a movie star would during mid-explosion. It was Calum and he was dressed in a tight black t-shirt and athletic running pants. He looked unharmed as he glared at the remaining two Kronos servants. Nicos eyes widened and he grabbed Nadias hand. They disappeared leaving the four best friends behind wounded, but feeling good that they won the fight.


Ashtons POV


As soon as Nico and Nadia went away the look of confidence vanished from Calums face and he sprinted towards us. He helped up Luke and we all sped walked to a car that Calum was leading us to. Cal dumped Luke in my arms who cried out in pain, but I didn't blame him. I mean come on, if you had had a blade driven all the way through your body you wouldn't be silent either. I pushed him gently into the backseat and got in on the other side while Calum got in the drivers seat and Michael got shotgun. He stepped on the gas before I even shut my door and drove at a fast pace through the woods. I'm pretty sure he ran over a couple things and possibly people that he wasn't supposed to, but I kept quiet because of the wild, desperate fire burning in his eyes. Eventually we got there but when I looked at Luke, he was hunched over and his white shirt was almost completely red from his loss of blood.


"You need to pressure on it, Ashton. He's loosing too much blood!" Michael said while watching Calum cautiously in case he had to take over driving. I found a clean-ish rag on the car floor and lifted Lukes shirt over his head. He had gotten a lot more tan and muscular during our trip and I figured all our fans would be swooning over him even more than before. The impalement was gruesome. There was loads of blood all over his chest and lower torso, and loose, open flesh open around the fatal wound. I pressed the towel roughly against it and Luke jumped back in a surprise and winced. Calum seemed to be in his own little world and started to pull the Jeep off course. Michael took the steering wheel in his own hands and corrected him. Calum dashed out of the car and seemed to forget all about us and ran to a camp site the girls had set up. There was a fire going and chairs to in. There was also 4 tents. Issabella, Becky, and Grace sat on the chairs and a light was on in one of the tents. Calum ran into that tent and shut the zipper behind him. Michael and I got Luke out of the car and Issabella came running over to us.


"What happened??!" she exclaimed and Luke leaned on her shoulder for support.


"J-just a uhh, a little accident is all." said Luke like he was on sleeping gas.


"A little accident?! You almost got killed." said Mikey while they dragged him off towards another tent. I went over to the other girls and hugged Grace for a long time.


"Congratulations Becky." I told her. She smiled and looked down at her stomach which had not changed at all.


"I wonder if its a girl or boy." she said. All Grace had to say was, "I'm gonna be an auntie!!!" and she danced around with a smores in her hand. She seemed to be recovering quickly from her recent tragic and confusing situation.  I sat next to Becky and we watched Grace sing stupid campfire songs and dance around like a lunatic. I just couldn't take my eyes off her no matter how hard I tried. She still looked as beautiful as ever while singing the "C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G Song" from SpongeBob.


"You love her don't you? I can see it in your eyes by the way that you look at her. You look at her like you would God, scared of the power yet consumed by the beauty and spirit in which the angel infront of you beholds." I looked at her quizzically.


"How long did it take you to memorize that sentence?"  She shrugged as  I laughed.


"About a week." I rolled my eyes and shook my head but looked back at Grace who was now setting up more smores for everyone else. She looked at me with those mesmerizing brown eyes and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she smiled, then went back to work. I looked back at Becky to remember I still hadn't answered her question.


"Yeah," I said. "I do."

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