Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


31. Lukes Twin Brother

Ashtons POV


I thought this day couldn't get any worse. First we found out grace was dead, then Calum and Lucy broke up, then Issabella almost dies from shock and fear, then we found out grace wasn't dead but she was being tortured, then we found out that Kronos knew we were here and that he was the most powerful King of the Titans. Seriously what could be worse?? I'll tell you!!! Finding out that the love of your life loves someone else too and that she is being tortured, that's what's worse!!!


"Son of Poseidon, I know you are here. I will let you and the others try to save Grace, but not before you watch her die at your feet. Good luck. You will need it." was the last thing Kronos said before disappearing into thin air. Issabella was crying into Luke and Becky was grasping Michael like if she let go she would die. Lucy was teary eyed and I sat there is shock. Calum was the one to break us out of our thoughts.


"Well he know we're here so we best hurry up and try to do this because the sooner I die the sooner I get to see my dad and-"


"Shut up Calum. We will not die and we will save Grace." said Lucy.


"Ok. I'm sorry" he said quietly. She just rolled her eyes and got up to comfort Issabella. After everyone got over their internal shock, we made a plan. Calum could sense the hallways and where they lead to and we decided it would be best to go to the weaponry first to get some swords and daggers. After we went there, we went to the Torture Chamber.


"Are you sure this is the right way?" Becky asked while holding Michaels hand.


"Babe, its ok. Calum knows the way, I'm sure of it."


"ok." Suddenly Cal stopped infront of double doors.


"this is it." he said darkly. I walked forward and easily slashed the locked chain off the door, and pushed it open. the sight was horrifying. Nico was chained to the wall watching a body on a bed. He had tears streaming down his eyes and he looked so helpless and scornful that it didn't even look like the tough Nico that everyone knew.


"Please help h-her" he croaked out as he hung his head and Becky and Issabella rushed over to him. I couldn't be mad at Nico. not right now anyways. Then I realized what he meant. The body from the bed screamed and red power circled her. Grace. more and more screams got louder and more blood filled. Luke whacked me upside the back of the head and ran to her. There was a guy standing there without a shirt on and he had a 6 foot long poisonous spear. He had tow mostourus guards on either side of him.


"Well Nice to meet you. You must be Ashton, Luke, Calum, Michael, and-" he stopped. Lucy looked at him in a daze and he did the same.






"Shit you two know eachother?" Calum asked. They didn't take eachothers eyes off eachother. Lucy looked at him with such love that it made her and Cal look like friends. He took a step towards her with outstretched arms but she took a step back. The love in her eyes vanished and it was replaced by anger and hatred.


"Don't touch me. You had me and you lost your chance. Forget what we had. It meant nothing." He looked hurt for a second but then his expression turned hard and cold again. Then he smirked.


"I don't need you anymore. After I'm finished with Grace I'll leave her enough strength to live but she will be my queen when we defeat the Gods, You. Will. Be. Dead." he spat at her. She gripped Calums hand tightly which surprised him, but the didn't let go. Cal took a step forward and leveled his sword at Dakotas bare six-pack.


"You better watch your mouth because it sure would be bad to ruin your six-pack." Lucy smirked and looked at Cal and squeezed his hand. He smiled at her.


"IF YOU FUCKING PUT YOUR HANDS ON HER AGAIN I SWEAR I WILL RIP YOUR UGLY HEAD RIGHT OFF YOUR SHOULDERS AND FEED IT TO THE HELLHOUNDS DAKOTA ZACHERY HEMMINGS!!!!!" Nico shouted while Issabella and Becky were trying to get his chains off. I guess Nico can be a good guy sometimes, but that doesn't make me like him.


"WAIT. What do you mean Dakota Zachery HEMMINGS?!?" Luke asked.


"Oh. Little Michael here didn't tell you? Well hi I'm your twin brother, Dakota."









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