Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


37. Luke, Don't Ever Leave Me

Lukes POV


Issabella and I sat on the couch that was in my cabin and we were watching Paranormal 2. I loved horror movies 1- because I liked scary stuff, and 2- because Issabella would hide into my side every time there was a really scary part. I was getting a little bored because I had already seen this movie like 4 times with the guys but Issabella was staring at the screen and was covering under a blanket and squeezing my arm so hard I thought she was going to snap it right off.


"Baby I'm bored." I whined. She smiled but still looked at the tv.




"Yes?" She said. I leaned in close to her ear and said.


"Do you want to go swimming with me? Just you and me?" And that was enough to get her away from the tv and she said,


"Sure, let me go get my bathing suit from my cabin. You, wait here." she said and smirked because she knew that I wanted to go with her. When she left I sighed and got up. I cleaned up the popcorn and went to change into my bathing suit.10 minutes later Issabella was back and she was wearing a very short dress and the only thing holding it up was a thin tie and it would fall down as soon as you untied it. I stared in awe as she came over, stood on her tip toes and pulled me down to her and we kissed for a while. I have to admit I was tempted to just untie the dress right then and there, but I didn't want to push things.


"Babe lets go in the water, ok?" she said and took my hand and dragged me to my pool. I'm not sure why, but when Calum asked the camp director Tamuss if I could have my own pool he said yes. I guess its because my godly dad was Zeus. The pool was completely private and was blocked by trees and other flowers and plants. I had a table out side too so I put our towels on it. I jumped in the refreshing heated pool and waited for Issabella to come in, but of course she took her sweet ass time in teasing me. She took her hair out of her ponytail and reached up to untie her dress but stopped.


"What are you staring at?" she laughed at me. I hadn't realized I was staring but I decided to play it off cool.


"You. You are just so beautiful." then I smiled and she blushed really hard. She continued to untie it and when it came down I made and unmanly whimpering sound. She was wearing a black and red bikini that fitted her perfectly, and it showed a lot of her cleavage, too. She walked down the pool steps and sat on the edge as I made my way over to her. I opened her legs and stood in between them as she put her arms around my neck and I put mine on her waist.


"I love you." she said.


"I love you too." I kissed her for a while. I still think it is too early to have sex, but I do really love her and she has grown to be something and someone that I cannot live without. We spent about 30 minutes there having a great time with music blasting and occasional kisses until Michael came bursting through the door in his swim trunks saying,


"Hey why did you start the party without us?" and soon Becky followed him and Issabella got out and hugged her. Michael jumped in the pool while the girls went to get some snacks. Me and Michael had our first adult conversation while they were gone, too.


"Hey Luke? Can I ask you something?"


"Sure," I said. Michael looked kind of worried and agitated as he played with his fingers.


"Umm, well, I have grown up a lot since I've met Becky 4 years ago, and we have been together for those 4 years, and umm, well, I kinda want to have, a uhh, kid with her." he mumbled. "I want to take on another responsibility. I've always dreamed about having a little boy eventually, someone that I can love and share with the love of my life, someone I can teach everything I know to. Being a demigod means I will live a short life, and I don't know when I will get killed. It might be tomorrow, or it might be in 20 years, but I want to have a child and see them grow up for at least 10 years. I want to be there for their entire lives but that will be very hard because of all the monsters and our band. But I want your opinion. Like be honest with me because I don't really know what to do or think right now." I sat there is shock but forced out my honest opinion;


"Mikey having a child is the biggest responsibility you will have in your entire life. I believe you have grown very mature and you and Becky are parent material, though. I would love to see you have a little guy or girl to love. But have you talked to Becky at all about it?" He smiled but shook his head.


"If you were ok with it I was gonna ask you how I should do it."


"Well if I were you I would leave her little hints every now and then, but be sure that she wants to also. Have you guys... ya know....yet?" Mikey scoffed.


"Like over the past four years probably about 10 or 11 times." I whistled.


"Ok, I did not need to know that, but when was the last time?"


"Last night. And no we did not use protection."


"Ok. Wait and see if she get pregnant and if she does, you can tell her then, and if she doesn't want the baby....." I didn't even need to finish.


"I really hope she is and hope she wants to keep it." He said.


"Keep what?" Becky asked as she and Issabella came back from my mini kitchen with snacks.


"Uhhhh.... fan mail from our fans." I said. Michael leaned over and whispered,


"Who the hell sends fan mail anymore you dumbass?!" I shrugged hoping they would let it go, and fortunately I think they did. We got out and we all had a great time eating and listening to music as we sat around the table. At some point Calum, Lucy, and grace came too. It was getting late and we were roasting marshmallows when Issabella asked,


"So how is your band goin guys??" Damn, we hadn't practiced in what felt like forever.


"Good, but we haven't practiced in ages." said Calum.


"Yeah I miss my baby." said Michael with a sigh. Becky stopped suddenly.


"Excuse me??" she said. Michaels eyes widened realizing what he just said and he threw his hands up in the air,




"Excuse me??" Calum said as the girl laughed their asses off.


"I would love to see that" Lucy said.


"HA HA very funny. I'm sure you would." Calum said sarcastically, which only made us laugh harder.


"Aww baby you know I love you." said Lucy.


"WOAH HOLD UP." said Issabella. "Since when have you guys started to say 'I love you'?"


"Since last night." said Calum with and evil smirk like he was remembering something.


"Don't, you, dare." Lucy warned. He leaned in and said,


"Oh I will dare, baby."


"What happened last night?" I asked though I already had a good idea what had happened between them.


"Don't." said Lucy with wide eyes.


"Well ya see, last night me and Lucy were in my cabin and-" he stopped as Lucy whispered something in his ear. I could only imagine what she had said because she pulled away and Calum said,


"Well that's a story for another night." I think Michael heard her because he had fallen off his chair and was laughing like crazy, but Calum glared and slapped him upside the head.


"So back to the band." Grace said trying to stop laughing. "What do you guys think about  performing here?"


"Wow. We would have to practice, but I think we could..... wait umm, what about Ashton?" i asked.


"I talked to his sister and said he would be here when we wake up in the morning."


"Good. But yeah if you guys are ok with it and you give us a place to practice we could play something like 'Don't Stop' or 'Independence Day'."


"Great we will let you practice in the forum tomorrow." and with that said everyone started to leave. After everyone was gone, I asked Issabella,


"Hey babe, do you want to uhh, stay the night maybe?" she smiled and said,


"I would love to." I gave her a kiss and showed her to my bed and we got under the covers after changing. We were cuddling with the tv on when she said,


"Luke, I don't want you to ever leave me. I cant live without you." and she fell asleep, but I still kissed her and said,


"I wont, I promise."

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