Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


27. Losing Something......






Nicos POV


I was watching more movies with Grace again. Even though she was a ghost, she looks and feels real. If you stare at her long enough you can see her image shimmer to soft blue. But my love and trust for her grows everyday, waiting for her to change to human again is a pain in the ass. I look down at her and look at her perfect features. Big chocolaty eyes, Long dark eyelashes, tan and flawless skin that's completely natural (because she doesn't like to wear makeup), a perfect shaped and sized nose, big pink lips that I want to kiss so badly. Her brown and caramel colored hair frames her face and she has her eyes glued to the tv in her bedroom. I wasn't sure what movie she put in but she seemed to really like it. She shifts herself so her butt is right over my, you know what, as my arms are around her waist. I look up at the tv and realize she must have put a sex movie in. Graces eyes are still glued to the tv. I look at her and she doesn't look back, but she bites her bottom lip, which makes me go crazy.  


"Stop that." I told her. She gives me a confused look for a second then goes back to the tv and bites her lip again.


"Stop what?" she asked me.


"Stop doing that thing you do with your lip!! It make me go crazy." I tell her and she smirks.


"Oh is that so?" She asks seductively. Now I was starting to get hard right under her. Her eyes widen for a second and then she gets up and sits back down on my lap, but this time she is facing me and straddling my lap. She put her arms around my neck and I put my hands on her hips.


"Y-yeah it is" I stuttered out. She leans in so our breaths mixed together.


"And what do you want me to do about it?" she whispers. She takes one of her hands from around my neck and places it on my bare chest, drawing random stuff on it. Her hand moves further down towards my abs and she traces the lines. Then it moves even further down to the rim of my boxers. My breath hitches in my throat and I have a full on erection now, and let me tell you it was not helping that her lady part was right on top of it. I couldn't stand it anymore so I crashed my lips onto hers with as much passion as I can put into it. She kisses back almost instantly. My hands run up and down her back. I finally licked her bottom lip begging for entrance, but her being the stubborn little beauty she is denied it and smirked into the kiss. So I slip my hands up the back of her shirt and unclasped her bra and threw it across the room not caring where it landed. I slid my hand up the front of her shirt to her now exposed chest and I cupped her breasts she moaned and opened her mouth for me. Our toungs battled for dominance, me winning in the end. After a while of just making out and our hands roaming eachothers body, I kissed her jaw line. then down to her neck. I kissed everywhere and kissed right above her collar bone when I heard her gasp. I knew I found the spot. I started to leave open mouthed kisses there. Then I started to suck and slightly bite down. Her hands go up to my hair and start to pull the ends, making me moan. Her breathing was getting heavy and I slid her shirt off and looked at her exposed chest. She goes to cover it up embarrassed but I stop her. I look up at her in the eyes and say,


"Don't cover yourself up, love. You are beautiful and perfect and there is nothing to be ashamed of." I smile at her and she smiles shyly back. This is the first time I had seen her naked. Like ever. I was hoping I would go all the way tonight with the love of my life, but she was still a virgin and if she didn't want to, I would respect that.


I lean in and start to continue my job and making a mark on her neck, letting the world she is mine, forever. My lips trailed down her neck and to her chest. I kiss and suck all over her. Like when I say all over, I mean all over. She let out some more breathy moans and it was turning me on I have to say. Surprisingly her hands went to the rim of my boxers again, and I was shocked at her sudden confidence. She started to move her hips on mine making my problem the worst its ever been. I let out a couple moans. I pulled down her bedtime booty shorts and flung them across the room. Now she was only in her underwear and I was getting excited. I hooked my thumbs into the top of her panties, and rubbed circles under her hip bones. Every circle I made got closer to her lady part. She moaned again. I couldn't take it any longer so I flipped us over so now I was in between her legs. My lips never left hers during the process I start to slip her underwear off but stop when I feel her tense. I look up at her and she nods continuing for me to do it. I slip them down and she pulls my face back up to hers. I somehow managed to slip of my boxers and I placed myself at her entrance. She looked at me scared and unsure.


"We don't have to do this if you don't want to." I say to her but she shakes her head no and she says.


"Just do it." I nod and tell her,


"Its going to hurt a lot at first, but it will get better and better, I promise."


"Ok. I'm ready." I start to push myself into her slowly and she closes her eyes tight and I can tell it hurts. But I know for a fact it will get better for her. I start off slow and steady with my thrusts It felt amazing to finally be inside of her. Her face relaxes and she lets out a moan.


"F-faster Nico." she begs and I grant her wish. I go faster and we are both moaning now non stop.


"Fuck Nico. H-harder!" she yells and I'm happy she did because that's what I wanted. I pound into her as fast and hard as I could until she says,


"I-I'm g-gonna c-cum." she says.


"M-me too." I said out of breath. Then she screams my name, indicating that she couldn't hold it in any longer. We both let go at the same times and I thrust a few more sloppy thrust and then fall beside her, as we are both breathing heavily. After a while she says,


"That. Was. Amazing."


"Yeah" I agree with her and have a sleepy smile on my face.


"I'm glad I lost myself to you, Nico" she says the amazing words coming out of her mouth.


"I'm sorry" I say trying not to laugh at her expression.


"W-what are you sorry for?" she asked sounding worried.


"I'm sorry but your not getting your virginity back" I say as I smirk. She playful hits me and says,


"Oi you pervert, you scared me." she said as she laughed.


"I know" I said as I pull her into me and she lays her head on my chest.


"Goodnight love" I say to her.


"I love you" we both said at the same time. I laugh and she giggles. My eyes close and i drift into a deep sleep knowing that she is ok and happy at the moment.

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