Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


29. Kronos

Lukes POV


"Do you guys think he knows we're here?" Calum whispers to me and Mikey. We had all given up talking to Ashton since he always just talks about Grace. Don't get me wrong, we all love her, but he wont shut up about how he thinks its all his fault. Michael, Calum, Ashton, Becky, Lucy, Issabella, and I were sneaking around the mansion trying to find any traces of Grace or Nico. 


"I'm not sure. He might be able to sense Calum, since they are both children of Hades, and if he can he knows that Cal won't be alone" Mikey says.


"Stop" Issabella says. She was leading all of us. Apparently Calum didn't hear her because he walked right into her.


"Really?!?" Issabella says sending him a playful glare. He sends a sarcastic smile and shrugs his shoulders. Then, we hear footsteps, and we all duck behind something. I grabbed Issabellas hand and dragged her behind a storage box. Michael and Becky went behind a giant pillar that was holding up the ceiling, Lucy and Ash used their invisibility power, and Calum dove, yes literally dove, behind a rack of cloth and armor. I rolled my eyes at his stupidity. I thought him becoming a kid of Hades would make him smarter, but clearly that hasn't happened. We heard a deep, booming voice say,


"Is the girl dead?"


"N-no, my lord" said a small voice that belonged to a woman. 


"Good. We still need her for bait to the other halfbloods. After we are finished with them, Nico may kill the girl." My breath froze and I felt like my heart stopped beating.


"W-with all due respect, my lord, I-I am not sure that Nico will actually kill the girl. He seems to actually love her."


"Nonsense. Nico is loyal to me, and he will do as I tell him. And if he doesn't, he knows what will happen. RYTON!!!" boomed the voice. I heard more slow, but heavy footsteps. I looked at Issabella and she had her teary eyes glued to something. Suddenly she gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. She quickly buried herself into my side as tears streamed down her face. I held onto her and looked over her shoulder. What saw me broke my heart. A tall man that was wearing armor held a limp Grace in his arms. She looked exhausted and she was covered in burns, scars, bites, cuts, and bruises. I sadly think she had been to a torture chamber recently . The guy said,


"Yes, my lord. She is not dead. Nico was not in her room at the moment so I used chloroform and she passed out."


"Very well then. I know you have checked on them secretly, so have you noticed any unusual behavior from Nico lately?" The guy looked uncomfortable as he shifted his wait to his other foot.


"umm, I-I have."


"What sort of change?" the deep voice asked and I could still not tell where it was coming from.


"Well, he seems to umm- how do I say this- her?" it came out more like a question. I swear the temperature dropped like 50 degrees. I could tell it wasn't just me because I could see my breath and when I looked at Michael he was shivering and trying to warm Becky up. I hugged Issabella tighter as she tugged on my tear soaked shirt. I could tell no one else could see what was going on and since Issabella was busy crying, I had to remember everything I saw and heard.


"Bring the girl back to her room. Macy!! Watch over her and do NOT leave her side unless she asks you to bringing her something." The man with Grace and the older woman called Macy scurried off somewhere. After about 2 minute of silence, I was going to get up and say something but the voice stopped me when it screamed,


"NICO!!!!" and I froze. I saw Nico walking confidently, but quickly out from one of the hallways. He was wearing a simple grey Nirvana muscle shirt, black skinny jeans, and black combat boots. The muscle shirt showed off his tattoos, but one caught my eye. It said Hades is Lord in black cursive italic writing right on the side of his neck. Calum had that engraved into his skin when he was officially a child of Hades, and it was in the exact same spot as Nicos. He had his 4 foot imperial gold sword in his hand and his hair now had a blonde streak in the front, just like Calums. I didn't think this guy had any good taste in music or clothing but like always, I was wrong.


"Hey! That little bitch stole my style!" Calum whisper-yelled.


"Now is NOT the time to be complaining about that" I whispered to him and sending him a death glare. He just rolled his eyes and I looked back at Nico. I couldn't help but glare at him even though he didn't see me.


"Yes Kronos?" Nico asks in an annoyed voice as he looked at nothing. Then a shimmery gold color appeared. An image appeared and it eventually turned into a man. He was as tall as me, and he was dressed in full body armor. He looked in his late 20's. He had jet black air and arms covered in muscles. His face had no flaws, and you could tell he wasn't human. What surprised me was that his eyes were solid gold. He almost looked related to Nico, yet they looked very different at the same time. When he spoke, the voice did not match his appearance. It was inhumanly deep, yet surprisingly soothing.


"What are you doing with Grace? I thought you weren't going to connect to her and kill her painfully and slowly. Are you still loyal to me," he took a step closer to Nico as he took a step back, "or are am I going to have to kill you?"


"I-I don't know what you are t-talking about! I haven't become close to Grace at all. I am still loyal to you, and only you, my lord" Nico said as he knelt down in front of the so-called-Kronos."


"I hope you are because you know what will happen if you aren't."


"Y-yes my lord." Nico stuttered out.


Get up and get out of my face before I turn you into a Slataro!!" (I made that up its supposed to be a made up Spanish word for a hybrid of a dragon and a serpent). Nico got up and rushed off the same way that Macy went, which I was assuming was the way to Graces room. Kronos didn't move but he said,


"Son of Poseidon, I know you are here. I will let you and the others try to save Grace, but not before you watch her die at your feet. Good luck. You will need it." He said as he walked away, then disappeared into nothing, leaving us shocked and none of us could move. This is going to be harder than we thought.

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