Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


9. Finding My Powers

Ashtons POV


The last thing I remembered was seeing Mikey with blazing hands and he had knocked down my bedroom door like it was nothing. I ended up waking up in the back of Luke's car. I heard talking so I thought it was best to keep my eyes closed and listen to anything that could help me.


"...mountain and rescue a Greek sea god called Poseidon, then who ever rescues him is crowned king of some Olympus place?"


"Well when you put like that it just sounds stupid!" Michael laughed to himself.


"Where the hell is Olympus anyways?" Luke asks.



"Yes that's correct and Olympus is hidden from mortals and demigods that don't know what they are. That's why Ashton has never talked about it is because he still doesn't know what he is." Michael explained


"What don't I know?" I asks in a raspy voice. I just couldn't keep in my curiosity any longer.


"This is bullshit." Calum mumbled. Mikey just rolled my eyes. "Trust me Calum, I can make you believe it eventually." he said.


"Well Ashton this is going to sound crazy but you are a Prince of Olympus and a possible King of Olympus." I stared at him in shock.


"I'm a what now??" I looked at Luke and said, "Am I supposed to be offended?"


"No, Ashton. Remember at school how you heard of all those a Greek gods and goddesses? Well they are still around and sometimes they come to earth to have children with humans (mortals). And, you are the Son of Poseidon, one of the three most important gods that have ever existed. Also, do you remember how you have dyslexia and ADHD? Well you have dyslexia because your brain is hard wired for ancient Greek and your ADHD helps you stay alive in battles against enemys."


Then we heard Luke and Calum scream like little girls again. We looked out the front window to see that some monster had landed on the windshield.  


"AAAAHHHH!!!" The car flipped over onto the roof and the windows shattered.


"Dammit we were almost there!!"


"Almost where?!" I asked standing up from the shattered glass.


"Camp Half-Blood. The only safe place in the world for demigods. I'll explain more later."


"DUCK!!!" Calum screamed as a car part was thrown over our heads.


"What did we do?!? Why are they doing this to us?" I questioned.


"Nico Di Angelo must have sent them to kill you. Without you, he wouldn't have to compete in the throne games. He would just be crowned king without having to deal with you and your powers!!" Also, because he is a son of Hades he can control most monsters and tell them what to do. I bet he sent Rachel after you!! "RUN!!" I screeched at them and pointed at the camp entrance. We dashed over logs and car parts rushing desperately through the woods to get there before the Minotaur caught us (btw I'm pretty sure a Minotaur is like half man-half bull).


"Once we get inside, the Minotaur can't follow us. The camp is invisible to them." 


"Ok, well I think the camp is invisible to Calum and I too because all I see is woods!" Luke said.


"Yeah just follow Me and Ashton. We can see it. Once we get inside you should be able to see everything." Michael also said.


Just as we got to the entrance Michael got pulled back. I noticed on the way in that there was a pond. I thought that Mikey could handle himself since he was like an all powerful child of Ares, but I guess that's kinda hard to do when you're unconscious.


"What are we going to do?!?" Calum asked.


"Well, lets see. We have 2 mortals with no powers and a Prince that doesn't know how to use his powers. The only guy that knows how to use his is unconscious. So use your damn minds and think!!" Luke said.


Then I remembered the water that was nearby. Well I may have a connection to water but I'm pretty sure that it won't help right now, I thought.


No son, it can help you. Try to remember all of your lessons at school. When you learned about the powers of the children of the gods, what was Perseus's power? (btw Perseus is a child of Poseidon from several hundred years back.) What ever he could do, you can do. Think... 


Then it hit me. Some of Perseus's powers were being able to keep dry when he wanted to, creating rainstorms, creating small earthquakes, and being able to control water and shape it into whatever he wanted it to. Well the first three wont help me, so I decided to go with the last one.


I closed my eyes and put all my concentration towards the pond.


"What the hell are you doing, Ash?" they both questioned me. Then I felt something tighten in my gut, and water shot out of the pond and towards the monster, knocking him back and turning into a pile of dust. Unfortunately, Mikey landed on top of Calum, sending them both towards the ground. Me and Luke just had to giggle.

"Oww dude. Why are you so heavy?" Calum asked Michael which just made us laugh harder. 


Then Michael sprung to his feet with fire in his hands saying, "What I miss??" Then we completely lost it.


Then someone behind us cleared their throat. We whipped around and saw a centaur( from the waist down is a horse and from the waist up is a man). Mikey quickly extinguished his flames.


"Oh, welcome back Michael. I see you've brought us two mortals and..." He gasped, then knelt. As he did, Every single one of the campers (who we didn't even realize were there) did the same.


"Uhhh should we be kneeling two, or are we good?" Calum asked. No one bothered to answered him. 


"Are they kneeling for me?" I whispered to Mikey since he clearly knew them.




"You may, umm- all stand" I said awkwardly. They all got up.


"Welcome, Prince of Olympus, Son of Poseidon. I see you have brought two mortals for umm- should I say, dinner." he said hungrily while licking his lips and smirking.


I kid you not Calum whimpered like a 5 year old and jumped into Luke's arms. Luke rolled his eyes like he never believed it for one second.


Then the centaur dude chuckled and said, "Oh we were just playing around. We eat normal food just as you mortals do. Forgive me for not introducing myself. My name is Tamuss, and I am director of this camp." He motioned to the entrance of camp and we followed Mikey. Luke put Calum down and followed me. One of the camper guys was in full body armor. When Calum walked by him the guy he jumped out and scared Calum half to death, then turned around laughing and high fived some other guys. I just rolled my eyes while Luke kept on laughing at him. Calum jogged up to me and said, "You are like ruler of this place dude. Like they frickin kneeled down to you. Do you mind telling them to stop scaring the shit out of me?!" he whisper-screamed. 


"Well, why don't you just stop being so gullible" I said.


"Fair enough" he mumbled. I just smiled.


Well time to start my new life with Mikey and hopefully Calum and Luke also.

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