Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


17. Captured

Ashtons POV


"I left you alone with this thing, for 10 minutes and you cheat on me?!?" Nico screamed.

Grace got off her bed and walked towards him, and let me tell you I have never in my entire life seen a girl looked as pissed as she was.


"How can you be talking to me about cheating when all you do is beat the fucking shit out of me every single day?!?!?" she screamed at him. Everyone that was watching this little scene just stared at us, except me, and I got up from the bed and started to walk over to her. I was going to 'talk' some sense into him. I couldn't stand to see Grace in this much pain.

"It's fine Ashton. It's time I stood up for myself" I just nodded and took a step back.


"What are you talking about?" Nico replied.


"Don't play dumb Nico!! Every single day you abuse me. You never loved me!!" I was shocked at how brave she was being. Sure, she was a brave girl, but talking to a Son of Hade and a possible King of Olympus like that knowing that he wanted you dead was just asking for it. "The only reason I didn't break up with him was because he said if I did he would do something much worse than abuse me." She sounded broken and more hot tears streamed down her face. All I wanted to do is cuddle her and make her feel like the special princess she is. But now was probably not the best time to do that.


"And I'm going to keep that promise" Nico growled as he ran behind Grace and took out his sword. He put his arms around her, pinning her arms to her side as he held the sword to her neck. My heart started to race and I found myself unable to speak.


"Nico Di Angelo!! That is ENOGH!!" Bellowed Tamuss. That seemed to snap me out of my trance.


"I'm assuming you forgot who you are talking to" said Nico towards Tamuss.


"You may be a Prince, but you are in my camp and you are under my rules." he said back.


"Nico!! Let her go!!" I yelled while I got my sword out.


That just made Nico push the sword harder against her neck, drawing blood. Grace let out a painful gasp.


"Ashton please help" she whispered. I was going to grab the sword out  of his hand when Nico said, "Move, and she's dead." so I stopped moving. Nico turned back to Tamuss.


"Well, if I can't follow my own rules here, then I'll just bring her to Mount Othiris" he smirked and chuckled evilly. I didn't know what he meant until it was too late. Teleportation, I thought. I lunged for them but Nico got away.


"Dammit!!" I screamed and ran over to Tamuss. He looked shocked and disappointed. So did everyone else. I'm assuming everyone not only respected Grace, but loved her as a friend. She seemed like the person you would go to if you ever had problems or worries, but she's also the girl you would go to if you needed a challenge for fighting practice.


"What can we do to get her back?!" I quickly asked Tamuss.


"There is only one thing, and it is one of the most dangerous things we have ever have to do"


"What is it??"


"We have to issue a quest."

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