Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


36. Calum Is In Danger

Hey everyone!!! I feel like I've gotten away from Ashton a lot and he is supposed to be the main character as well as Grace, so I will be trying to get Ashtons POV in here more. Also, I know this is a lot to ask, but if the next chapters are going too make sense, I need you to please go back and reread chapter 31 (We Finally Arrived) because i have added a flash back of Calum in there about Mya, and if you don't go back and read it, it will not make sense. I am SO SORRY you you guys I just didn't realize that I forgot to put it in until now:( I love you all XOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXO



Songs of the Chapter:

-Fireball by Pitbull

-This Town by Niall Horan

-Fine By Me by Andy Grammer

-Down by Jay Sean

-Still The One by 1d





Ashtons POV


"Hello my children. I've missed you!!" said my father, or should I say Poseidon, Lord of the Sea. He looked at me and Audrey seriously and said,


"We've got lots to talk about." he turned around after indicating for us to follow him. We swam/walked behind him and I saw a lot of really freaky things. There were mermaids and mermen, but they weren't all happy like the ones in the Little Mermaid. They had either red or green eyes and some had shark-like teeth and were dressed in armor. I looked over at my sister to see if this surprised her at all, but I saw her talking to some merman dude that looked somewhat normal.


"So Ashton, its nice to finally see you." my dad said in a friendly voice. He was not a merman and I wouldn't think he was some kind of god either because he looked so friendly and warm unlike all the stories I had heard about him and other gods and goddesses. In the stories, they were brutal and blood thirsty rulers that were 30 feet tall. In real life, or at least at the moment, he was about 6 foot, as tall as me, and he had on armor, but he had a fatherly look. I could see why my mom had fallen in love with him. My mom. Oh gods, why am I just thinking about her now??! Does she know where I am? Is she ok? Has she found someone else? Is she happy? Does she miss me?

"You mother is fine and happy, son. And yes she misses you." he said to me.


"Ok so you can read my mind?" He laughed.


"I'm a god!" I smiled. I hadn't actually thought of that. I had been distracted by the fact that he didn't look like one.


"I prefer to look like this. I could look like anything or anyone I want but this is my normal form. And I can look like I am described in the stories too, but demigods can never look upon a god or goddess in his or her true form because they will disintegrate from the radiation of such power."


"Well that's a god weapon" I suggested, and he nodded.


"Audrey is the only one who can look upon us. She is technically a goddess, but she considers herself a demigod and she only changes into her real form when we are at war between the Gods and the Titans." We walked into a room that looked like a library. There were thousands of shelves lining the cavern like walls. They were filled with books, but they were either informational books or myths about the gods. So like normal, all the Greek god crap. 


"So why are we here?" I asked no in particular.


"Well, dad needs to tell us something." said my sis.


"Yes. I have sensed that your friend Calum is in grave danger at camp." 



Nicos POV



I was sitting on my bed playing Xbox. Hey, I might be an evil mastermind, but I can still have fun. Like before I went to Camp-Half Blood for the first time, I was a popular jock at my school and I always threw the wildest parties when my mom and step dad went out on business trips, which was almost every week. Lets just say I wasn't the most behaved kid, if ya know what I mean. But I've gotten better and more respectful of women since Grace. Well, just recently. Also, recently I couldn't stop thinking about Nadia. Her perfect body, beautiful face, amazing fighting skill. I loved her attitude and edge, too. She was a child of Ares, but born with special blood, which gave her special powers and it also explains why her title is 'Warrior Princess'. For example, when she was like 10, she was a fighting trainer. I know that because we knew eachother a little bit when we were little, and I had the biggest crush on her. But she's never had a boyfriend before or right now, at least from what I know of. But she didn't like me anyways, so I really should just give up even though it is really hard. I guess I still loved Grace and she was awesome at everything and really beautiful and a natural leader, but she worked for good and I worked for evil and power. Nadia is on the same side as me, but she is more her own leader. Kronos is pretty much the only person who would even think about telling her what to do, and Nadia is the only person who would ever have an attitude with Kronos and get not get killed. I was getting hungry so I paused the game and got up. I opened my door and made my way to the kitchen which would've been very hard to find if I hadn't of lived here for a couple years. No one was in there so I put my head phones in and played Nirvana. I hate that Ashton, Michael, Luke, and my brother like them. I bet their band sucks and that they will never get popular. I opened the fridge and looked through it and didn't find anything interesting. So I walked to the bar and asked the monster behind it for a beer. Yes we had a bar and it was my favorite place to go. He slid it over to me as I drank from it and scrolled through my phone. After a couple minutes, I felt a body sit down next to mine. I didn't look up though, I just kept my head down minding my own business when i heard a girls voice.


"Hey." she said. I looked up because I didn't recognize it. It was a girl about 16 or 17 and she had short blonde hair and brown eyes. She was pretty, but not my type.


"Uhh, hi?" I said and she held her hand out.


"I'm Mya and I'm new here. Kronos hired me to hunt down Ashton." I chuckled. I couldn't see why Kronos would hire her. She was shorter and skinny, but now that I think about it she looked flexible and had a lot of muscle.


"You? Hunt down Ashton?" I laughed louder. She shrugged and nodded like she was used to the question, then she stood up and went to the middle of the room. She closed her eyes and concentrated as I watched her curiously. I blinked and she was gone. I sat up straighter and looked around the room.


"Umm Mya??!" Someone tapped my shoulder and whispered


"Hi." I jumped out of my chair and looked in between where she just was and where she is now and studdered,


"But you- how-did you just- umm...." She smirked and went to sit back down.


"I know I look small but I can teleport and I am pretty useful with a dagger too." I nodded as I started to get more comfortable with her seeing she wasn't a good-too-shoes.


"I would love to see you with a dagger." I said sneakily and she blushed.


"Whats your name?"


"Nico Di Angelo, son of Hades."


"Ahh. You look very powerful." I shrugged and smiled as I put my hands behind my head and put my feet up on the counter.


"Might be. You'll just have to find out."


"What are your specialty's?"


"Well, I have my fathers power of the dead, and I'm good with a sword. Also I'm a badass that loves alcohol and attracts girl like a magnet, and I love to have some fun." 


"I'll agree with that." she said and I laughed. Mya sat back in her bar stool and looked at me with a challenging look.


"And I'd love to find out what you mean by that." I smirked.


"Just maybe sweetheart." My eyes happened to wander to the doorway, where I found Nadia looking at me with wide eyes. My eyes widened too, but then I gave her a questioning look as to why she looked hurt. Myas eyes wandered to and met Nadias, and she sent her a defensive death glare. The she did something i didn't expect her to. After I put down my beer she grabbed my shirt and kissed me. She was a good kisser, don't get me wrong, but I did not enjoy it at all. I looked at Nadia who turned away and walked quickly down the hall. Mya eventually stopped.


"What the hell was that for??" I said in surprise.


"You were too much for me to resist. Also, the way that other girl, or should I say freak, looked at you was disgusting. She looked like she wanted you really badly, but I'm sure she doesn't deserve you as much as I do." she leaned in and kissed me again and got up and took her beer with her.


"I'll be in my room if you need me, just ask Kronos. That is, if you're not scared." then she had the nerve to wink at me and strutted off in her death trap shoes as her dress hugged her body tightly. Ok now I was sure I did not like her. But my mind was flooded with questions about Nadia. What was wrong with her and why did she look so hurt when Mya kissed me? Where is she now? And how long will Mya be staying with us?



Ashtons POV


"Why would Calum be in danger? Especially at camp?" I asked them.


"Well someone has entered the camp, and they are very dangerous. They are mad at him for personal reason of his past life, and they are out to get him and make him pay. He doesn't know that they are there yet, and he also doesn't know what they really are. I know this did not make a lot of sense but I need you and Michael to protect him. If Luke can help, then let him. I cannot tell you any more than this."


"Wow, so you cant tell me who or what it is?"


"No we are sorry Ashton, but we have something else that is extremely important to tell you." Audrey said.


"What?" I asked.


"We cannot tell you exactly because we are reading the future and terrible things would happen if we did, but something amazing yet scary is about to happen for Becky and Michael. You will know what it is if you think back to before Becky passed out during the trip........"



*Ashtons flashback*


"What do you guys think-" Becky started but she fell to the ground clutching the middle of her stomach and crying out in pain. Michael rushed over to her.


"Becky, what's wrong?" he asked worried and confused. She didn't answer she just kept screaming in pain. She eventually stopped but looked like she was going to pass out any second from exhaustion.


"Babe, what's wrong with you?!" Michael asked again.


"I'm not completely sure" she paused to take a breath. "But I have a good idea what it was and its not pleasant." We were all gathered around her now and very confused. She seemed fine one second while we were walking and she just fell to the ground and screaming in pain the next.


"Your not pregnant, are you?" Michael asked excitedly.


"No you idiot!! Do I look pregnant to you?!"


"I guess not." He sighed sadly.


*End of flashback*


My eyes widened.


"No. Fuckin. Way. Is-Is Becky-" Audrey nodded with a sweet smile on her face. Well I was really excited and I hope Becky and Michael will be too.










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