Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


35. Calum and Lucy

Songs of the Chapter:

-I Would by 1d

-Gotta Get Out by 5sos

-Good Feeling by Flo Rida

-The Girl Who Cried Wolf by 5sos

-Crush by David Archuleta

-Army Of Angels by The Script




Graces POV


I woke up with early morning sunlight shining through my open window as the gentle spring breeze blew my royal purple curtains back. I could smell the dew from the grass and the breakfast from the pavilion all the way from my bunk. I stretched and it felt so good to be back in my old bed again. I slowly got up and realized that all my brothers and sister must have already gotten up and went to have breakfast. I was grateful that they let me sleep in and that they were quiet while doing so. I looked at the clock.


"Shit." I whispered. It was almost 10am. I rushed to my dresser and got out black athletic shorts and a 5sos hoodie because it was kind of cold outside. I rushed past the other bunks to go put my makeup on but as I passed one of my brothers beds I noticed a slim figure sleeping there. It was a girl so I moved closer to get a better look. The figure moved when she saw me coming and I screamed when I saw who it was.


"MYA???! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY FUCKING CABIN??!" She looked at me sleepily and waved like she was wasted.


"Oh good morning Grace. I was tired so one of your brothers gave me his bunk for the night."


"Ugghh." I face palmed.


"Well I need to get ready so can you get out." I said more like a demand than a question.


"Naw thanks for asking though. I think I'll stay here for a little longer." she flopped back down on the bed and started to snore quietly. I threw my arms up and the air and stomped off towards the bathroom mumbling,


"Its too early for this shit." I put on my foundation, concealer, and mascara and walked out to find a dressed Mya. She was wearing her prissy platforms and a tight fitting and revealing dress.


"Bitch we aint goin to a club, we're going to breakfast." I spat at her. I guess I was too tired to realize it last night but I had actually known Mya for a couple years. She was mortal, but she could see through the mist because she was given special powers by Zeus himself so we had to give her privileges of a demigod. Why her Zeus, Why her?! I thought angrily towards the god. Lightning cracked somewhere off in the distance and I rolled my eyes.


"Well I know that, but I have to look presentable for Calum. Unlike, you," she looked over me with a disgusted look but I could care less. What I was wondering about was what she meant that she had to "look presentable for Calum"?


"Why do you need to look good for Calum?"


"Oh hunny, I don't need to look good for him, I already do. But I want to try extra hard to get him back. He deserves someone like me." she fixed her hair in my mirror. I was getting mad again.


"First of all, you don't look good. You look like a snobby clown that fell in an acid bath and then got stabbed multiple times with a high heel shoe. Second of all, what do you mean get Calum back?" She rolled her eyes at my comment and walked over to me and got all up in my face.


"Calum was mine first. And I will get him back. There's only one problem; his little girl toy Lucy. You tell her to get out of my way, or you will both be sorry." Before I could say a word she strutted passed me and towards Calums cabin. Oh. She did not just..... She just threatened a camp director. I smirked to myself. Rule 143 of Camp-HalfBlood states if a guest at camp threatens a camp director, they could be banished from the camp. And I am a camp director.......



Calums POV


I woke up with my arms wrapped around a beautiful brunet. Her naked body was covered with the warm blanket. Her back was pressed against my chest and my arms and hands were draped across her lower chest. She moved and I couldn't tell if she was awake or not. She moved again but it felt intentional because her butt rubbed against my dick and I let out an unexpected and early moan. She let out a giggle and turned to face me. She was glowing like her inner goddess.


"Good morning princess" I said in a low, raspy morning voice and Lucys smile wavered. Her eyes went wide.


"What?" I asked concerned.


"I just wasn't expecting to be turned on so early in the morning." She smirked. I rolled my eyes playfully and gently pushed her down and crawled on top of her naked and exposed body. We made out for a while until I went to her neck and things went farther. She moaned a couple times and I kissed her chest. I sucked on her soft skin and I knew this was a new experience for her. Well this escalated fast, I thought. It wasn't even lunch time yet and we were already doing sexual activity. Her legs were propped up and spread apart and I was sucking all over chest. My abs were laying right on her private part in between her legs and I could tell she was already very wet. A loud moan brought me back to the present. I went farther down and kissed her stomach, then right above her private part. Her moans had stopped so I looked back up at her and her eyes were wide with fear but determination. She nodded for me to continue. I scooted down the bed so my face was infront of her private. I kissed the inside of her thigh first and Lucy let out a gasp. She was sitting up and propping her self up on her arms and was looking at me curiously to see what I would do. I kissed her thigh a few more times, getting closer to her heat every time. Then I placed a kiss on her clitoris and she fell back on the bed with a whimper. I kissed it a lot more and put some toung into it too earning unforgettable moans from her. I gripped her thighs and put them over my shoulders and massaged her outer thighs. I started to suck and lick stripes straight upwards. She placed her hands in my hair and pulled at my it. I was sucking right on her sweet spot now and she pushed my head farther down and I moaned against her, which I'm assuming turned her on even more. I took one of my hands and brought it up to my mouth. While I was sucking, I pushed two fingers into her and she quietly screamed from the pleasure and sudden movement. I started to pump slowly, my mouth never giving out. She was gripping the bed sheets tightly and groaning. She started to moan my name and it turned me on a lot.


"Calum......C-Calum. F-faster," but I didn't do it. I actually slowed down and stopped sucking and licking. She whimpered at my loss of contact.


"Cal what are you-" I climbed on top of her and positioned myself after I put on a condom. I leaned down and said in her ear,


"I want you to cum when I'm inside you." I pushed myself inside of her and we both moaned at the familiar feeling from last night. "I want you to scream my name. I don't care who hears us." she started to protest but I started to thrust.


"But Cal-" and followed by a moan. It got faster and faster and she was screaming my name now. I let out a loud grunt and came inside the condom. I layed back down next to her and marveled at our second time.


"Jesus I did not think we would have such amazing sex at 11am." Lucy laughed and layed on my chest like she did last night. We watched tv and shared thoughtful and sweet kisses.


"Its almost 12 we should get up. I bet everyone knows what we did because we were gone so long." She started to get up by I held onto her and whined like a little kid,


"No don't go. Your warm. Stay baby." She kissed me but said.


"Ya, know, I never returned the favor." My eyes widened. She climbed on me and kissed me. She took my member in her grasp and stroked it. I moaned into her mouth and she pumped her hand faster. I was full on hard now. Suddenly she stopped and got up off of me and went to the pile of her clothes from yesterday. I whimpered and she smirked. After she got dressed, she walked over to me and bent down to kiss me.


"Now you wont ever tease me again will you?" I shook my head quickly. She laughed.


"I love you." and she walked out of my cabin to the pavilion for lunch. I put my hands over my face and waited for my problem to go down. Once it did I got up and showered and got ready. I wore basketball shorts, Nike running shoes, and a Green Day hoodie. I was almost done fixing my black and blonde hair when a knock came at the door. I knew it wasn't Lucy or one of the guys because they would've just walked right in. And it wasn't Ashton or Nico because they weren't at camp right now. And I  heard Grace and Lucy talking outside so I know its not her. And I'm pretty sure that Becky and Isabella would be with the guys. So honestly I had no idea who it was so I walked over to it and opened it. I came face to face with the person who had hurt me the most and who had destroyed all my hope for anything ever again;



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