A Nightmare that became reality

"I Knew what i had to do" "SMACK! he was down... lifeless"

A young Boy fighting for his life as he meets his defeat with what he believed to only be in the games he played. Living through the fear he finds himself with unforgettable memories and also new beginnings. Yet can he fight to the end?

A first person written story, with great plot twists and a good quick read.


2. The Journey’s beginning

I just stared at him, he was lifeless.

Everything he had ever lived for was gone down to me. Thoughts were rushing through my head, what If it was a joke or what if there was a cure. There were many more thoughts yet none of them had a positive outcome, they were all negative. I eventually realised that I was standing alone and nothing positive ever comes from that unless you’re flying a pink unicorn in rainbows. Instead I was in the dark and in the threat of the wind risking my life for nothing. This really hit me when the bush next to my friend began to groan.

The groaning, it went right through me. It made my bones quiver just as much as me. It kept groaning and groaning, and my breathing got heavier and heavier. I was freezing like an ice cube as the fear was taking over my body, completely stopping any movement that I tried to do. The groaning was getting louder and there was a shape forming from the bush, a crooked, bony shape that was gradually increasing in size. What looked like body parts was in one of the hands of the monster as he reached his hand out of the bush, causing me to startle and fall back onto the back of the bus stop where I sat, and where I thought that I was going to die.

Eventually the monster pulled its way out of the bush, leaving bits of its skin that peeled off on and within the bush. There was flesh hanging off and body parts in the monster’s hand. The fear had stopped as he ignored me and dropped straight to the floor onto his knees, and shattering every bone in the lifeless body to devour my friend. Just tearing away, the skin as if it was paper explained just how sharp the nails where, alongside that, the teeth, being able to rip through flesh and chew it… that monster made it look easy! I couldn’t take it any longer, yet I knew hitting it would be a mistake as I could feel the eyes of others surrounding me. They weren’t visible yet, they were there, I could feel their eyes on me.  It made me move, and walk back slowly and quietly to make sure that the one monster who was definitely there wouldn’t see me. That’s when I caught eyes with the quad. My exit route.

Across the road, there was a caravan. Not a posh one, an old gypsy one. And one thing that I know is that gypsies like horses, bikes and quads, and without a doubt there it was…  a blue quad. It was muddy, but that didn’t matter, I knew it would be my exit route. Without a second glance. I ran straight over, not a care in the world and found that the key was already in the ignition. Too much too soon right? Hit the jackpot? Well, when it turned on, to top it off, there was a full tank of petrol, and even a spare full petrol tank in the back. I sat down, gripped the handles, and took a deep breath as I began to rev the engine of the quad, wanting to feel the engine push me too my limits and wanting to feel the engine power me on to safety.  And off it flew, straight through the fog and onwards. I had no clue where I had started and I had no clue where I was going to end, but I knew I was on my own now, to travel and find was the aim. To find food, to find shelter and to pimp out my vehicle, after all a zombie apocalypse with a shitty vehicle is asking for trouble isn’t it. 

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