A Nightmare that became reality

"I Knew what i had to do" "SMACK! he was down... lifeless"

A young Boy fighting for his life as he meets his defeat with what he believed to only be in the games he played. Living through the fear he finds himself with unforgettable memories and also new beginnings. Yet can he fight to the end?

A first person written story, with great plot twists and a good quick read.


1. The beginning of the end

It’s been a year since it started.  A year since the toxins travelled across seas. A year since a worse version of the plague had evolved. Yet, I am still hearing, still breathing and still alive, and yet, am sitting in front of paper trying to write words that a human may never read again!  

So, if you read this, which I doubt you will.... For histories sake, I am going to take you back a year, back to when it started. Back to 12th June 2015. back to when zombies became real! Back to when sleeping is the biggest fear and being awake IS survival.  



12th of June 2015, my birthday! 18th actually, and a birthday that I thought I was going to remember for the rest of my life... And I did! But not the way I thought I would! It was so much worse. It all started with me and my friend going out on the drink in the main street, going into all the nightclubs and bars, making sure that the money we had was going to be well spent. And with the luck I had started with that night, I did, I spent enough and had as much as my body could withhold. But us being lads, we pulled up our socks and stumbled across the streets and roads until we found ourselves within a bus stop which was in the middle of nowhere. Yet, I remember it well, there was something not right with this bus stop, it gave me the chills. 


The bus stop was as bleak as the night and It was also invested with rats. They were crawling around the rubbish bin, there claws scraping and scratching of the metal container, hoping that they could find some food to dig their sharp teeth into and to be able to destroy. It left me with a really bad gut feeling that I wanted to forget. Yet, I did... I didn't let it drain my energy, after all it was my birthday and I am worried... Nah that isn't how to celebrate!  


The night plodded on, yet. I began to notice how lifeless the area was. No cars, no buses and no concerned parents trying to get in contact with me. I was confused... My friend suggested that we took a look around but I wasn't able to move so he went, I waited at the bus stop with my life on the line, when I thought it through, waiting was the biggest mistake that I would do. Especially waiting on my own.

My friend, he had been gone for what felt like hours, yet it was just half an hour until I heard it. The devils call! It was my friend, a blood curdling scream that had pierced through the air like a dagger through someone's heart. My blood rushed, and fear grew in me and all of a sudden the ability to run became more powerful than anything I had ever experienced. Yet, I didn't run away from the scream, I ran towards it, preying it wasn't my friend, preying he was running towards it too, but how wrong I was... 

There he was lying on the floor, his hand covering what looked like a bite mark. He was shaking vigorously, almost looked like a fit. His skin turning grey and his veins increasingly growing and becoming visual from a distance. Yet all of a sudden his body shut down, relaxed as his eyes closed. Tears on my face as I knew what was happening, I had seen this before... In the movies that you think would never come true. I took myself to the baseball bat that was conveniently on the floor at the time, grabbed it with both hands, clenched onto it tightly and pulled it off the floor. Then I heard it, the breathing. Heavy breathing, almost like a choking sound. The dragging of a body pulling up off the floor, the sound of rotten skin peeling... With caution, I looked over my shoulder... Fear in my blood... He was standing. His eyes bloodshot, green coloured gunge leaking and running from them eyes. His mouth full of foam, and continuously foaming as he would groan and his teeth would scrap together and chip away. He looked me dead in the eyes, dragged his feet across the floor as he came towards me... The devil grew inside him as he started to pick up how to run. I knew what I had to do, I knew that the bat was going to be my hero. I raised the bat off the floor, wiped away the tears that were filling up in my eyes, I bring it over my shoulder, using all the effort that I had left in me and looked dead into his eyes... I think I touched his soul, the only words that came out was, "sorry bro" a deep breath, then SMACK! He fell to the floor. His eyes just as dead as they were to start with. I knew that this was the beginning of the end. 

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