Being Harry styles sister

Hi my name is Carrie Styles, and I am 15 years old. You guessed it I am the sister of the one and only Harry Styles!! I miss him a lot when he is on tour, but what happens when a tragedy occurs and I have to move in with my brother, and his band mates. What happens when she reunites with an old friend? Will Carrie be able to get used to the attention? Read to find out

A/N: I will try to update as much as I can


7. chapter 7

 I ran out of the store looking for Harry or at least one of the boys,

"Carrie!"I heard someone yell.

I looked to my right and saw harry looking around frantically,

"Harry!!"I yelled and ran towards him.

Before I got there I was pulled back by the boys that were chasing me. Harry looked in my way and ran towards me, I kicked the person who was holding me in know. He groaned and let go of me, harry punched the other guys,

"Don't you dare touch my sister again,"Harry glared down at the boys, who were holding their noses.

I was watching the whole scene while burying my head into Louis's shirt, I was not only scared of the boys who I don't know what they were trying to do to me but also harry who had blood on his knuckles, he noticed my scared expression, and started making his way towards me, I just hid my head into Louis's shirt even more, he stopped and looked at me.

"Mate let's try when we get home, we all need a rest,"louis said sympathetically.

Harry didn't say anything just started walking towards the exit of the mall, everyone followed.
Once we got home, I ran into my room and locked the door.
*1 hour later
I was reading a book when I heard a knock on the door,
"Come in,"I said.
Harry walked in.
"Look, carrie..." Harry started.
"It's fine harry, I was being weak and stupid, I should have done something instead of just running away,"
"No Carrie I was the one being stupid, I shouldn't have let you go with Liam,"
"Don't blame Liam, he told me not to go far but I did, it won't happen again, I promise"I said while looking down at the ground, with tears rolling down my cheeks.
"Don't cry, come here," Harry said and opened his arms.
I sat on his lap and cried into his chest. After a while we decided to go downstairs to have some dinner.
"You want to help me make dinner?"Harry asked.
"Sure,"I replied.
We decided to make spaghetti.
After we were done we set the table, and harry went to call the boys.
We were all eating in silence until Niall spoke up,
"So Carrie, you excited for school?"
"I don't want to go," I pouted.
"It is not that bad," Niall said.
"It won't be long anyways," Harry said.
"What do you mean?"I said.
"We are leaving for tour in a couple of weeks, when we are on tour we will either get a tutor or online school,"harry explained.
"YAAAY!!"I yelled, I have never been on tour with harry, I was so excited.
After dinner Liam washed the dishes, while me and Niall were watching Spongebob, all of the sudden the TV's screen went black.
"Bedtime," Harry said looking down at me.
"But I am not tired,"I complained.
"Carrie, bed, now," Harry pointed upstairs.
"Fine,"I said while going upstairs.
I went into my bathroom, brushed my teeth, and did my night routine.
I got in bed, shut off the lights, and went to sleep.

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