Being Harry styles sister

Hi my name is Carrie Styles, and I am 15 years old. You guessed it I am the sister of the one and only Harry Styles!! I miss him a lot when he is on tour, but what happens when a tragedy occurs and I have to move in with my brother, and his band mates. What happens when she reunites with an old friend? Will Carrie be able to get used to the attention? Read to find out

A/N: I will try to update as much as I can


6. Chapter 6

When I woke up, I looked around it was around lunch time, I chose my outfit and went downstairs and saw all louis and harry watching TV, niall and liam were playing soccer outside.
I stood at the bottom of the stairs for 5 minutes until I sneezed, harry's and louis's heads snapped in my direction, then smiled at me,
"Good afternoon," louis said.
"Good afternoon, now can we have lunch?" I said with no emotion.
"Sure, we were waiting for you to wake up, go call liam and niall for me please?"
"Sure,"I walked out side and was about to call out their names, when I felt a sharp pain in my nose.
"Oww" I cried.
"Oh by god I am so sorry carrie, I didn't see you there,"Liam said while running to my side.
"It's okay liam, can someone please get me a ice pack please?"I said while holding my nose.
Niall ran inside, grabbed an ice pack, then ran outside. Harry notised that I took forever to call liam and niall, he stepped outside,
"What hap-"harry said then gasped when he say the large bruise on my nose.
"It's fine harry really, I just got hit by the ball that's it,"you tried stopping from getting angry just like he did with Louis.
He thankfully let it go, we stepped inside, washed our hands, and sat down to eat, we had BBQ Chicken Salad(if you don't know what that is then just google it) After lunch I washed the dishes, we were then going to go to the mall with the boys to get some clothes and some stuff like that.
When we reached the mall we seperated to get the different things that we needed, me and liam went to get these pair of shoes that he has been wanting, when we reached the store I was walking by Liam until I saw these shoes that I liked,
"Liam, may I please go see those shoes?"I asked.
"Sure just don't go far," Liam said.
I went over to the shoes to inspect them, I grabbed a pair, and went to look for liam, but I couldn't find him anywhere, just when I thought the day couldn't get any worse, a group of boys started approaching me...

A/N:So that was it I hope you liked it, I am sorry I haven't updated in a long time, there is this rude girl at school and she has been giving me a hard time, please support the story if you like it, it means a lot

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