A Life of Problems [5SOS Fanfiction]

Valerie Smith feels that the world has abandoned her. With her life a mess, she's pretty much given up. But what happens when four guys walk into her life. Will Valerie's life ever change for the better.

*Warning: contains topics such as self-harm and anorexia which some may find upsetting. You have been warned.*


3. Welcome to the Family!

Ashton P.O.V

"Valerie!" I called through to her room, "There's food. Are you hungry?" I didn't hear a response, I looked back into the kitchen. Michael was trying to sneak bit's of pepperoni off the pizza. "Michael!" I snapped, "Wait for Valerie. It's only polite."

"Sorry." Michael said. He was practically drooling at the mouth. 

"Luke, make sure he doesn't eat the whole thing while I get Valerie." I ordered,

"Aye aye Captain!" Luke saluted.

"I'm not a kid!" Whined Michael.

"Could have fooled me!" Calum mocked, while he was pouring drinks.

"Hey!" Michael retorted. Everyone laughed. I just shook my head and headed over to Valerie's room. I knocked on the door. "Valerie? I'm going to open the door. Scream or something if your dressing." I cracked the door open and poked my head around the door. Thankfully Valerie was fully clothed. She had changed into leggings and a long chunky knit white jumper. The big jumper made her legs look like twigs. I pushed the thoughts to the back of my head. It wouldn't be fair to judge her on her size. "Hey, food's on the table. Come through soon okay?" I said as friendly as I could. I wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible here. "Oh... u-um..." Valerie stuttered. 

"Just come through soon. Everyone wants to chat with you." I headed back through into the kitchen and Valerie soon followed. She sat at the table, everyone giving her warm smiles. "I made pizza. I wasn't sure about what was best but i thought something simple for the first night of you living here. Valerie looked down at her hands and began picking at fluff on her jumper. "Sorry," She said so quietly I almost didn't hear her, "I... um... don't like tomatoes." 

I felt my heart drop and a feeling of guilt built up. "Oh, I didn't know but I won't make that mistake again." I rushed to say, "I could get you something else."

"I'm not really hungry... you know... nerves and stuff." She gave me a small smile.

"Well, you must drink something." Luke said.

"A glass of water will be fine." Valerie said politely.

Luke went over to the fridge and poured some bottled water into a glass and added some ice in an attempt to make it something more than it was."

"Thank you." Valerie said, when he handed it to her. She slowly sipped at it. I bit my lip nervously. I want her to be comfortable. I hope her nerves soon settle.

While the guys and I ate pizza, she politely declined any offers of snacks. When we were done, she headed back to her room.


"I feel that entire scenario was a little odd." Luke said, as he was texting. Calum and Michael nodded in agreement as they loaded the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. "I know," I said awkwardly, "but we all the feeling of nerves. Like before we go on stage and you get the feeling that even the sight of food will make you sick."

"I know, but i-" Luke was cut off as I gave him a pleading look. I didn't want any conflict plus it was too soon to make assumptions. Luke looked back to me apologetically.

"Well," I said, clapping my hands together, "now that we have a young person living with us, I believe it would be wise to make ten o'clock  a good time for lights out."

"Wait, we've got a bed time now?" Michael asked.

"Yes and no." I admitted, "Valerie is still in school although she's on holiday at the moment, I want her to get a healthy amount of sleep. So once it's ten, you either go to bed or be quiet. Okay?"

"Sir, yes sir!" The guys mocked saluted. I rolled my eyes at them as they laughed. 

I stood outside Valerie's room and gently knocked on the door. "Knock knock!" I said, as I slowly came in. Valerie had changed into pyjama bottoms and a long sleeved top that hung off her thin frame. "I was thinking it would be good if you got to bed and got some rest. It's been a long day after all."

"Okay, night." She said as she got into bed.

"Night." I said as switched her light off. 

"Night!" Calum said as he went to his room.

"Night." Michael said as he did likewise.

"Night." Luke called from the couch.

I went to my bedroom and got ready for bed. My room was right next to Valerie's so if she had any problems I would thankfully be nearby. What Miss Heather had told me echoed in my mind. I sighed. I hoped everything would be okay.




I slowly opened my eyes. Yawning I rolled over irritated, I was awake. I saw my clock reading one-thirty and groaned. I rolled over in attempt to get back to sleep. I was almost settled when I heard something. My ears focused as they tried to make out what it was. I felt like I could hear... crying? Oh no. Valerie. I quietly made my way to her room. I didn't want to wake the guys and make a huge fuss out of this. I softly knocked, in case she was awake. No response. I slowly cracked the door open and the sobbing became clearer. They were quiet and covered up Valerie's breathing. I went over and I could hear her mumbling in-between sobs. "...don't go... please... Thomas..." Valerie mumbled as tears ran down her sleeping face. I gently shook her, "Valerie, wake up. It's just a dream." Her eyes slowly opened and her lip trembled. "They left me!" She cried. I think she was still partially asleep. I hugged her, rubbing her back in an attempt to soothe. She cried into my chest. Her tears were soaking my top but I didn't mind. Valerie kept mumbling, "Why?" over and over. I stayed with her smoothing her dishevelled hair down.

Eventually she sat up."Sorry..." she sniffed as she wiped her eyes.

"It's okay," I said, "You can talk about if you want." She shook her head. "Okay, I won't push you." I reassured her. I sat down next to her, putting an arm around her. "Try and get some sleep. I'll stay with you until then okay?" I said. She hesitated but nodded. I held her as she began to doze off. I barely could stay awake myself...


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