Collegiate Experience

"Is this seat taken?" Words that would change Ashley Carter's life forever. It wasn't just any boy sitting next to her, it was Liam fucking Payne. After a recent breakup would she keep him at arm's length or let it turn into something great?


3. The Plauge

When I awoke the next morning, I felt like I had been hit with the plague. "Jesus fucking Christ." I muttered to myself. I got out of bed and went to my mini pharmacy I kept in my closet. "DayQuil, DayQuil, where's the fucking DayQuil?" How could I be without DayQuil? I had Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Band-Aids, Neosporin, Chloraseptic, Midol, Benadryl, and even NyQuil, which I had considered taking, and some of my prescriptions. Ruby had already left for the day so I couldn't ask her for help. 

     Me: SOS. Hit with the plague. Need meds

     Peter: Check the pharmacy of Ashley

     Me: Good fucking thinking. Dip shit. I'll give you money, but somehow I don't have DQuil. 

     Peter: Skip class, take NyQuil

     Me: I can't I have an exam in my history class on Thurs 

     Peter: That's Thurs, this is Tues

     Me: Wow, thanks. PLEASE Peter, I feel like death. 

     Peter: When's your first class?

     Me: Not until 10

     Peter: Then get your lazy ass out of bed and buy yourself some. 


     Peter: I have class. Bye baby

Well that was fucking useless.  There was no way I could skip my two classes. No fucking way. I thought about texting Ruby, but I knew she would never go for skipping class. I knew this was it, I knew this would be the day I died. 

     Mom: Peter says ur sic

     Me: In more ways than one.

     Mom: Whts thts suposd 2 meen?

     Me: Are you fucking kidding me mom? You used the exact amount of letters spelling out 'meen' instead of mean. Your "txting" makes me sick.

     Mom: Ashley Danielle! Watch ur mouth!!! 

     Me: That's at least tolerable. 

     Mom: But I c u commenting things like "tru," "lol," and "rite" on ur friends stuff like... wut? 

     Me: Mom, we do that to be funny. We don't actually talk like that. I can handle the one letter stuff, but please stop trying to shorten things. 

     Mom: Anyways, ur sick? 

     Me: Yes, but you can't really do much about it. 

     Mom: Dad could come down after his conference this afternoon.

     Me: And that would do?

     Mom: Bring u anything u need

     Me: Mom, Coxsackie is 2 and a half hours away. Dad doesn't need to come here. I'll be fine. 

     Mom: U sure? We <3 u

     Me: I know. I love you too. 

I made my way to the bathroom hoping a hot shower would make me feel better. Wrong. It did not. It made me feel worse. This was something that had never happened to me, I was in shock. How could a shower make me feel worse? I wrapped a towel around my damp body and headed back to my room. 

I brushed out my hair and pulled it back into a messy bun. As I looked through my closet for a comfortable outfit I heard my phone start to ring. I was praying it wasn't my mother, but I wouldn't put it past her. 

With my chest congested and my voice groggy I answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Ashley?" I heard the familiar british voice question. 


"Jesus. You sound awful. Are you alright?" 

"No, not really. It's fine though. I just woke up feeling really shitty."

"Can I get you anything? I'd like to make it up to you for my shitty behavior."

"No, I don't want to inconvenience you. I promise, I'm fine. It's probably just the plague anyway." I said laughing, hoping to lighten the mood. 

"Oh well in that case, I'd like to retract my offer to help." He did have a really nice laugh, but those were not thoughts I needed to have. "Ashley?" He snapped me out of my thoughts of his laugh. 

"I'm sorry, what?"

"What can I get for you? Honestly, it's no trouble at all. I want to help you."

"I could use some DayQuil, apparently the Ashley Pharmacy doesn't have any." 

"Anything else? Soup? Coffee?"

"Just the DayQuil."

"Alright, I'll be there in 20-25 minutes. Text me your address." 

"Thank you Liam. You're saving my life."

"I am a life saver." He said laughing before hanging up. 

Ashley Danielle! What were you doing? If you wanted a friendship with Liam, you could not be thinking about his smile, and his laugh, and boy, what a nice laugh it was. 

That's when it hit me, Liam was coming to my room and he was going to see me like this. I had a red nose, I was basically a human rudolph, no makeup on, which meant my eyebrows were shit, and an over sized t-shirt and short shorts. I was a fucking mess. There wasn't much I was willing to do at this point honestly. I considered changing my outfit, but I was afraid if I moved around too much more I would vomit. 

After about 20 minutes there was a knock on my door. "Come in." I said, assuming it was Liam.

"She's beauty, she's grace, she's Miss United States!" Classic Peter, what a sarcastic ass.

"Shut up. I'm beautiful." I said with a giggle. "What are you doing here? Mr. 'I have class, I can't help my sick friend.'"

"We got out early and since I love you, I brought you some DQuil AND chocolate." 

"How sweet, but this isn't that time of the month. I don't need chocolate." Both of us laughing. "AND I found someone else to bring me DQuil. He's coming soon, so you need to leave."

"Don't you always need chocolate, and I'M NOT LEAVING NOW." 

"You're right. Seriously though, it's bad enough he's gonna see me like this, he doesn't need to see you too." There was another knock on the door, this time I figured it had to be Liam. "One second." I shouted, well as much as I could shout. "Peter, please answer the door and show yourself out, you can meet him later. I love you, thank you for the stuff." 

"Fine. Only because I love you." He got up from my bed and opened the door. "Hi, you must be Liam. I'm just leaving. Feel better babe." He said eyeing me from outside the door.

"Hi Liam. Thank you so much for coming." 

"No problem, honest. So who was that?" 

"He's one of my best friends. Him, his boyfriend, and I are like the three best friends honestly." I said laughing when Liam realized he was gay. 

"Well, that's nice! I see you already have some DayQuil..." He said eyeing the bag on my bed.

"Peter dropped some off, but I still really appreciate it. I didn't know Pete was coming over, or I would have told you not to bother!"

"It's fine. I also brought you six different types of soup, unless he covered the soup front too." 

"Nope! Just chocolate and DayQuil." 

"OH and tissues! I figure you can't have enough."

"Thank you Liam, that's honestly very sweet of you." I said blushing slightly. Stupid cheeks. 

"So what classes are you missing today?" SHIT. Class. I had forgot all about that. I had class in 20 minutes, I could make it no problem but I was going to have to change clothes at least. 

"Well I have history in 20 minutes, I'm just going to have to change my clothes and book it there."

"First of all, I think you look great," he said with a chuckle. "And second, you really shouldn't go to class when you feel like this." 

"I have an exam on Thursday, I can't afford to skip class." 

"Listen, your health is more important than class. I'm sure you have all the notes you could have anyway. Just stay in bed and get better. You need to feel better for your exam, not worse!" 

"This is the fanfic Liam."

"I like to think I'm a little bit of both, fanfic and non-fanfic Liam." He said smiling. "I really am sorry about the other night though. 

"Honestly, I was overreacting. I guess I just had this idea of you being Saint Liam in my head. Like you're human, you're allowed to act however you want. Though I really just want a friendship with you." 

"I think a friendship would be lovely." 

"No more kissing." 

"No more kissing." He said completely serious. 

"Thank you Liam, for everything." 

"It's my pleasure, now, I'm going to class. Please, do not hesitate to text me if you need anything at all. Also, please try and get some sleep. You look awful."


"Hey, it's what I would tell any friend!" As he laughed he leaned forward to kiss my cheek and say goodbye. "Ashley, you're burning up."

"I'm fine, honestly." How many times would I have to reassure people of that?

"Please take your medicine, eat soup, and rest."

"Goodbye, Liam. Have fun in class." 

"Goodbye, Ashley." 

I was so adamant about not skipping class until Liam told me to. What was this man doing to me? Friends, Ashley. Just. Friends.  

Before I knew it Ruby was waking me up as she walked in the door. "Ashley, we've been over this, if you're going to nap, lock the door please."

"I'm sorry, Ruby. I just fell asleep. I didn't mean to take a nap, I was supposed to be studying." 

"Don't you have class?"

"I'm really sick." 


"I have a fever, I don't know if I'm contagious, just a warning."


"Did I do something to piss you off, other than the door?"

"I just think it's irresponsible to skip class."

"I can hardly stand without wanting to vomit, but you're right Rube." 

"Okay." I didn't know what Ruby's problem was, but this was the last thing I needed to deal with right now. 

     Ash Hole: Ruby is being a major bitch right now

     Sabrina The Teenage Witch: As opposed to when??? 

     Peter Pan: ^^^^  YO TRU 

     Ash Hole: Well like I woke up from my nap and she was like lock the door next time you nap, which I get. But then I told her I was sick and she was being a major hoe. 

     Ronald Regan: Probably because Liam Payne is in our Bio class and he didn't talk to us lololol

     Ash Hole: OMG You have class with Liam. Did he talk to anyone?

     Ronald Regan: LOL jealous much? But not really. He kept checking his phone, waiting for you????

     Ash Hole: He came by here earlier

     Peter Pan: HE'S BEAUTIFUL 


     Ash Hole: Okay, I didn't LET him... I also forced him out before Liam could say anything to him. 

    Stuart Little: Still Ash. We're you're friends. We should all meet him 

    Ash Hole: I'm not trying to scare him with you freaks

    Stuart Little: Rude 

I wanted my friends to meet Liam, but for now I wanted Liam to only be my friend. It was selfish, and I was 5000% aware of that, but I didn't care. Liam was my friend, not theirs. 

     Ash Hole: Soon guys. 

I didn't know how soon it would be, but I knew I couldn't avoid it forever. Hell, Pete met him on accident today. I was beginning to get lost in my thoughts, but was quickly brought back to reality by the intense need to vomit. Thankfully, I made it to the bathroom, because pissing Ruby off by throwing up in our room, was not something I really wanted to do. 

It was about 5 o'clock at night when I felt well enough to shower again and change my clothes. I'd been throwing up all day, I couldn't even keep water down. Thankfully, Ruby decided she had had enough of my sickness and went to the library to study. I texted Pete and told him to come over and cuddle with me because I didn't want to be alone. 

"Ash, I'm worried about you." He said when he got into my bed. 

"I'm fine, honestly." 

"I call bullshit. You've been throwing up nonstop all day, you have a fever, you're probably dehydrated at this point." 

"Shhh. We're gonna sleep." 

"Ashley, I'm serious. You're not okay. Maybe you should call the doctor?" 

"They're closed silly. I'm gonna be okay, this is nothing I can't handle. Just hold me until I fall asleep."


When I woke up it felt like it was hard to breathe, like someone was sitting on my chest. I tried to take a deep breath, but failed. Short gasps it was. 

"Ashley? Ashley? What's wrong?"

"I...can't...breathe." I heard Pete call 911, and within minutes the EMTs and Paramedic were in my room giving me oxygen and an IV as Pete explained everything that happened that day. "" I said still breathless.

"Shh. Don't try and talk. Just take deep breaths." One of the EMTs instructed me. I saw Pete grab my phone, and backpack, what a great friend, as they put me on a stretcher and rolled me out of my room. 

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