Collegiate Experience

"Is this seat taken?" Words that would change Ashley Carter's life forever. It wasn't just any boy sitting next to her, it was Liam fucking Payne. After a recent breakup would she keep him at arm's length or let it turn into something great?


7. Makin' Bacon

  When I woke up the next morning I felt Liam's arms in a strong grip around me. I had quite the hangover, and wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep, but I couldn't sleep. How was I supposed to sleep when Liam was laying in bed next to me? 

"Good morning, Ash. How are you feeling this morning? You had quite the night." 

"I'm so hungover. I don't even know." 

"You don't remember?" 

"No, I do, and that's why I don't know." 

"I'm sorry, Ash." 

"You have no reason to apologize." I looked around Liam's room. It was very tidy, I was willing to bet that he had a maid. 

"Let me make you some breakfast. You can shower if you'd like."

"I don't have any clothes or anything."

"You can put on one of my shirts, I mean that one looks pretty good on you." I automatically blushed. 

"Okay. I won't be long."

"Please, take your time. Do you like waffles?" I nodded a little too eagerly. I swear waffles were the reason I had love handles. "Good! I'll make you some waffles. Now go, get a shower!" 

I got a quick shower and found one of Liam's shirts to wear. When I walked out of his room I instantly smelled bacon, and maple syrup. Liam was too good to me. 

"I made some bacon! It's one of my favorite foods!"

"I like bacon too." I said smiling slightly. 

"That shirt looks great on you, by the way." Blushing, again. He was in a tight white shirt and boxers. I couldn't stop thinking about what was beneath those boxers.  

"We should probably eat some breakfast." I said trying to hide the fact that I was thinking about his member beneath his boxers. 

"Definitely." He placed a plate in front of me with a waffle covered in maple syrup and bacon on the side. I could feel him staring at me. I looked up at him and he hadn't even taken a bit. Fuck everything. 

I walked over to Liam, confusion on his face, and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and brought me closer to him. Suddenly I was straddling his lap. The kiss was heating up quickly. We were being so sloppy, but neither one of us cared. He was already hard, I could feel it through my panties. I started grinding my hips back and forth, I could already tell he was hung. 

I started to pull his shirt up when his hands stopped me. "Ashley, I don't think we should do this." 

"Liam, I want this." I said looking into his eyes. 

"I don't want to just 'hook up' with you though." 

"Then don't." 

"Ashley, c'mon." 

"You seriously don't want to fuck?" 

"I want to so badly, but we should wait until the moment is special." 

"You don't think this is special? Because you made me breakfast, and we slept together last night. I think it's pretty special." 

"I've wanted this since we first met Ash, but I don't want to ruin anything with you. I want you so much, I do. I just value our friendship too much. We probably shouldn't have kissed." 

"You regret that?" 

"I don't regret it at all, I just- I just-"

"You just what Liam? You don't have to say it, I'll just leave." I was so embarrassed that he had turned me down, and angry that we kissed so passionately for him to tell me that he regrets it. Well not that he regrets it, but basically. 

"Ashley, this is stupid and cliche, but will you be my girlfriend? Last night I said I wouldn't have sex with you until we were dating, and I want to keep that promise, but I also want to rip that shirt off of you right now."

"Liam, I'd love to be your girlfriend." OH MY GOD. 

"Good." He walked over to me and kissed me hard. This was different the first kiss, this was fiery, but just as good, if not better. 

Fiercely, he ripped his shirt off of me, and by ripped I mean he pulled it over my head violently. I followed suit by taking off his shirt. Suddenly we were left in just our underwear. I could feel his stare burning on my skin, but I didn't care too much because I was looking at him. 

"Ashley, you've got a beautiful body." I felt like my whole body was blushing. 

"Not as nice as yours." I said nervously. 

"Oh Ash, that's just not true." He pushed me against the counter and lifted me so I was now on the counter top. He pulled down my panties and I felt his stubble on my inner thighs. This man drove me crazy. He kissed my clit and began to circle it with his tongue. I moaned as he continued to pleasure me. "I don't think I want you to cum this way." I felt the vibrations of his voice in my soul. He raised and kissed me, I could instantly taste myself, and I didn't even care. I was just happy to be tasting it from Liam. 

I pulled down his boxers to release his large member. Man, the fanfictions were right about this one. After putting on a condom, he slowly entered me. I gasped at how full he felt. It hurt, but in a good way, he was much bigger than Oliver. 

"Oh yes." I moaned lightly as he began to thrust faster and harder. I always came easily, so I knew it wouldn't be long for me. "Fuck Liam, yes." I started to get louder and louder. My screams became incoherent as Liam fucked me harder than ever before. I could tell Liam was getting close too, his thrusts were becoming sloppy, his breaths quick and a moan would escape his lips every so often. "Fuck Liam, I'm so close." As my orgasm took over I held onto his arms, screaming, until I got that sweet sweet release. Soon after my orgasm Liam followed suit. 

"My god, you're wonderful." Liam said resting his head on my shoulder after he came. 

"I'd have to say the same about you." 

"Good. I better be the best." 

"Freud would love this." I said laughing lightly.

"Oh hush." He kissed me again. "We should really eat that breakfast I made us though. Maybe I could eat it off of you." 

"Well I don't care what you eat it off of, as long as I get to eat. I'm starving." We laughed together as I kissed him. He gently picked me up off the counter and brought me to the table. 

"We'll stick to the plates today, but no guarantees for the next time." 

"I'm really happy we did this Liam."

"Me too, Ash. Me too." 

We finished our breakfast and Liam drove me back to my dorm. Ruby wasn't there so we had a quickie once more before he left. It was kind of fun knowing that Ruby could walk in at any moment. We made a date for tomorrow afternoon, we were going to get lunch together, and hopefully try to avoid some paparazzi.

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