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Hiya! I'm Lyla and here I will be writing KPOP imagines and scenarios and preferences for the bandsssss.....
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3. B(KJ) Protection

Scenario - You are Jin's girlfriend and in college. He comes to pick you up from your last class of the day and sees a group of guys bullying/harassing you. 

You had just got out of your last and favorite class of the day, Classic Literature. You were a sucker for those ancient love tales and traditional fairy tales. The lovely spring weather had made dressing a bit more difficult. All of the classroom buildings were freezing due to blasting the air conditioning, but outside it was burning hot. Your outfit was a bit more...revealing, but you still didn't expect that to be an excuse for the guys that always picked an unsuspecting victim after the last classes. 

You pulled your bag over your shoulder and happened to be the last one to leave since you wanted to talk to the professor. When you finally escaped you had to put your hand over your eyes to block out the sun while you searched for your boyfriend, Jin's, car. As you bit your lip and kept searching you felt unfamiliar person grab your ass.  By reflex you swung your arm backwards and hit the guy in the stomach. 

The guy bent over and held his stomach but still laughed. 

"I like 'em fiesty." 

Another 5 guys came up next to him and you gulped. They all scanned you as if you were a piece of meat and they were a starving pack of wolves. You wrapped your arms around yourself and tried to back away but felt another two guys behind you. 

"How you doin, baby?" 

"My my, you are quite the looker" 

"I really want a piece of that a$$" 

"Bet you taste as sweet as a cake" 

You looked around in a panic, really wanting to get away from the guys. Your fear was taking over and your legs and hands were shaking. Your eyes were wide as you tried your best to find a way out. That's when one of them grabbed your arm while another slapped your butt. 

"Get off of me!!! Somebody help!" You screamed as loud as possible. 

Jin's POV 

Jin had parked his car a bit off from where your last class was. He figured you would walk this way looking for him by now, but he still hadn't seen you yet and your class ended almost 20 minutes ago. He was already waiting outside of his car trying to see if you were walking this way yet. 

After a while he heard someone screaming in the direction of where your class was. 

  "Get off of me!!! Somebody help!" 

He recognized how much that sounded like your voice and sprinted off in that direction. When he got close he saw a gang of guys trying to touch you. You kept kicking, scratching and screaming but they just wouldn't live you alone. 

Jin ran towards the seen. "Hey! Get the **** off of her!" At the sound of someone yelling the guys disappeared, not wanting to get arrested or in trouble. Jin saw you fall to the floor as they dropped you. He approached you slowly as you cried on the floor of your college campus. 

"Hey, Y/n, hey. It's me, jagi. I'm not gonna hurt you."  

Jin helped you get up and walked you towards the car slowly, but he could feel his muscles tensing and his fist clenching. He so badly wanted to teach those guys not to mess with his girl ever again. His poor princess was still a crying mess. As you got into the car, Jin turned on the ignition but didn't make any effort to move yet.  

"Y/n-ah. Are you okay? Come here, princess." Jin pulled you closer to his chest. He quickly noticed before that you weren't physically hurt, just violated and scared. 

"They wouldn't leave me alone, Jin. I just wanted them to leave me alone. I was so scared." 

"I know. I know. It's okay. I will always protect you. If you want me or one of the guys can walk you to and from all of your classes until the semester ends in a few weeks, okay?" 

"Okay, oppa. I love you. 

"I love you too, jagiya. I won't let anyone ever hurt you." 

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