Journey for hope


3. chapter 3

I got a few weeks with mom to get ready to go to school. I have not noticed until today that I was kidnapped for only a day, in the foster home for three total weeks, and under protection for most of my year being twelve almost six months. Wow I missed allot of this year!   Tomorrow is my first day of school and I’m a bit worried about my old bullies, but I bet i will be fine (unless I am confronted by the bullies or something but I guess I’m being paranoid.

Well enough about that, so far I am having a great time living with my new mom and i have gotten used to calling her mom now. Yippee, hooray for me!  I already have all my stuff at school since my mom is a teacher and all. The nice thing is I sometimes get to hang out after school until my mom get’s off work and I got to hang out at the school over the summer.  I got new glasses because my vision got worse, go figure. We also got new books (of course).  Another great thing is I got some great teachers that love school like me and my mom. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


Today is my first day of school no first day jitters just excitement!  But then it all falls apart when one of the bullies from last that i don’t even know the name of (like the others, that told me my parents death was my fault.)  He marched straight towards me and i am filled with dread for about the millionth time and he whispers silently in my ear and says “ you're gonna pay for those two peoples deaths quit soon!”  I silently was screaming my head,NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  and went straight to class (luckily I had all my books and things for class) and asked to see my mother right away and that it was super important. Luckily she knew my mom, she gave me a hall pass to see my mom, and i said thankyou so much.  

When i got there and she saw me waiting at the door she and i went  into the hall and i told her what happened and she told the principal and then told me that i probably had nothing but the school keep there eyes open for any trouble. So i said goodbye and went back into class. but later when i want to the bathroom i found the words” you're gonna get it Carla  Weller” since i had my last name changed, do when i was done i told mrs.Spalding and she told me it was probably some prank but again i was told that she would keep an eye out for trouble and my heart relaxed.  Later when i fell asleep i dreamt of all the thing they could do to me.

Today at school i went to the bathroom and i thought i heard one of the gil bullie tell another bullie i was going to the bathroom as if they were keeping an eye on me and said it was time. Time for what? But now i realize what she meant when i walked in and heard tiny beeping from something small. Oh, no! now the bomb has gone off that i realized too late and………………… light is now exploding through the bathroom not just from the bomb but from…….. oh, no……….. me, im now plunging into darkness for about the  millionth time and i hear yelling from the halls from.. a girl yelling”why did you make it like that!” then a boy Yelled back “well i was told to make it like that!” then i hear them running.


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